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  1. I'm dissapointed to read that Axiom Verge 2 is to be a Switch timed exclusive. Very much not a fan :(

    1. majob


      You'll get the game eventually, just not before Switch owners. Switch is where the money is for indie devs these days so they like kissing up to Nintendo a bit.

    2. Dreggit


      While that may be true, it's still disappointing.

    3. XchocomanX


      Gotta get that switch money buddy haha

  2. Presently: 466 'obscure' trophies 14% of my overall trophies 5 is the least with it being a 4 way tie
  3. Ace! Do you have the trophy screenshots that you can post please? I'm trying to narrow down the gaps for the guide that's being written and would like to have the verification
  4. You're over complicating it. You can pass the rooms crawling as though they're "red light, green light" games like so
  5. Wayforward confirms nothing is missable by way of collectibles (Though Sight Unseen is still missable)l as are speedrun screens) Anything that would be missed due to a game altering event will be relocated elsewhere
  6. For those wondering on speedrun times: Any% possibly 3hr 30min and under 100% possibly 4hr 45min and under - 5hr and under Neither of these runs were optimized but, I wouldn't think there'd be that much more leeway. In regards to the cards. Cards do not count towards your profile % secondly, for the collection trophy you only need 1 of ever card (you don't need to hit requirement to 'use' a card)
  7. Answered the Siren's Call Shantae and the Seven Sirens I won't say much as the games 1 day old, so I have no want to spoil, but as far as Shantae games go, this one went back to its roots in level design and progression both. With a fully connected world (no levels like the last two games) and some well made animations, Shantae and the Seven Sirens has been one of the most enjoyable platinums I've earned in a long time. While some might not like the speedrun trophies, I quite like them. 10/10 would play again.
  8. Very fun platinum, journey and all. Though, I am biased as I quite enjoy this franchise.
  9. We can only publish complete guides, however, if the trophy guide you would like to write a guide for is truly an in depth guide, you can instead write a gameplay guide for that trophy. Most commonly though, for a single trophy you could write it as a forum post in the game forum
  10. 1L200a6a.png


    Well, I guess I'm ready for Super MeatBoy Forever now :hmm:

    1. eigen-space


      Congrats! What an amazing achievement!

    2. DamagingRob


      Very nice! 

    3. MidnightDragon



  11. My experience with the game, presuming you are referring to the timed challenge, any action that would cause you to exit or pause the game will reset that clock. This includes using the PlayStation home button to go to the xmb. You'll have to solve those puzzles on the fly.
  12. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, seems to me you enjoy completing franchises, and this is the only Creed you haven't finished yet.

    Soon ;)

    1. MidnightDragon


      This week to be precise.

    2. Dreggit


      I've been waiting for awhile since I played it 5 months ago. Super pumped!

  14. I'll take the Kingdom Heart 3 dlc portion of the 100%. I just can't seem to find the will to play it
  15. Hello @Merco! No one of late has been working on a guide for this game. If you have any questions on how to write your guide, you may contact me or anyone else on the Guide Team.