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  1. Mango knows more about it, but Sony has not formally released the new limitations outside of developer specific environments. Previously, the limits that pertained to points per list were as follows: 1230 points maximum (base game) Select downloadable games, including most retail PS4 titles which also received a digital release, contain a Platinum trophy DLC packs generally add about 200 points to the total Downloadable release: 315 points maximum We know that those limits do not pertain to PS5 lists however due to with how they changed how they were programmed. The only game to approximately hit the old limit per game trophy limit was Driveclub. Any game that would have exceeded the 128 limit was given the 'Additional trophies' list similar to Dead by Daylight and Hitman 2. We do know that some trophies in the new system are directly tied with unlocking new profile pictures as rewards
  2. Technically, they could continue but the working theory for the moment deems that it is unlikely due to the changes in trophy lists. I do agree though, would be great if regional stacking stops happening, makes GIT work easier in that regard. Some other changes to trophies is that there is no longer a limit of 128 trophies per list (but, it might still be limited, if it were, next limit would be 256)
  3. That is our understanding as of right now, yes. That doesn't mean though that a rerelease of the game 5 years down the road couldn't have another list though. It was mentioned, I forget exactly where, in that the way trophies are programmed is a little different which makes it incompatible with PS3/4/vita lists. With that said, it can be expected to continue seeing separate PS4 and PS5 lists for games in the coming year due to this.
  4. PS5 games, as far as it is understood to us, cannot have regional splits. This is our understanding at this time in regards to that. However, the list you have mentioned has been removed from the LBP series because it is, until proven otherwise, a developer list and so cannot be obtained by normal users. There have been requests to delete this list as we did with some other specific developmental test lists, but it will not be removed because the game does have an owner. To this end, you can consider it to be similar to Shooting Game. While it may be removed from the series, the list will remain linked tot he other versions of this game. PS5 cannot share a trophy list with other consoles, or at least, not in the way that you might expect them too. Technically, every PS4 game with the exception of a handful, can be played on PS5 and so you can argue that technically every game could get the PS5 tag, but we will not be doing this. Think of it akin to that of PSNow, in which you can use the service to play PS3 games on PS4, but we do not use that logic to tag those PS3 exclusive lists with the PS4 tag. In PSN's own store and server, the trophy list is only tagged with a PS4 tag and is what the tags generally go by with only a few exceptions. I'll talk with the team, there are several series that are pending right now that just need a more thorough look into before implementation.
  5. Welcome to Guide Headquarters 2.0! This thread has been made to help better keep up to date, communicate, as well as answer some long asked questions from the community. Additionally, feel free to ask for proofreading, advice and any manner of guide related nature in this thread =) Here are some quick links within the guide handbook for helpful topics as well: General Guidelines Porting Guides From Other Sites How do I Start Creating a Guide? Plagiarism Details, and How To Write Them Well Sentence Structure Spelling and Grammar Rules on Referring to Yourself Formatting Links Linking a Trophy Tables Multi-Columned Lists Images and Videos Tagging Trophies Deleting a Guide Bugs & How to Fix/Avoid Them Generally speaking, it is these guidelines in which the team weighs each guide against in their review Guide of the Year Awards At the end of each year the community votes for the guides they liked the most each year and the result are three winners who win cool prizes and so many great runner ups who get our love and appreciation. To encourage high quality guides and reward members for their hard work, PSNProfiles holds an annual Guide of the Year Awards. Every year a number of guides are nominated that have been published between last year's December 2nd and this year's December 1st that fall within a number of criteria. These guides are then voted on to determine the top three in each category and additionally, the top three overall guides get a shiny badge and the writers also receive a prize. The Categories Exceptional Walkthrough Guide: A well made, extremely helpful walkthrough of a game or overall trophy list. Exceptional Gameplay Guide: Anything that isn't a walkthrough such as a collectible guide or a supplementary guide Exceptional DLC Guide: Guides for pieces of DLC or patches that add trophies. Exceptional Niche Game Guide: These include guides for indie games and non-AAA games that don't have that many players. Exceptional Use of Formatting: Some writers make their guide so clean and organized it's like an artwork by making great use of headings, colors, images, etc. Exceptional Use of Original Content: Some writers go the extra mile and make their own videos, images, and combination of these within their guide. Exceptional Imported Game Guide: The guide creator has gone above and beyond in translating trophy titles, descriptions, and usually additional translation work within the trophy descriptions themselves. These are no easy task! The Guide Masterlist Trophy Guides DLC Guides Gameplay Guides This list will be updated occasionally as guides are published but not necessarily immediately. Finding Your Guides After creating a guide, it's placed in the "My Guides" tab in the Guides section of the site (see image below). You can get there by selecting "Guides" in the navigation bar at the top of the site, then selecting "Mine" on the right side by the search bar. This will take you to the My Guides Page. So don't worry about having to write it in one sitting. Guides Bounty Board Here is where games will be posted for games the community would like to see Here is a list of the games that have been suggested, thank you Saltyie for coming up with this idea. All of the games are listed in alphabetical order: Devil May Cry 4 Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis Disgaea 5 Disgaea D2 Dirt 2 Dragon Age 2 DLCs (Excluding Legacy DLC) Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Echochrome Homefront Hyperdimension Neptunia PP Infinifactory Katamari Forever Metrico Mugen Souls Z Need for Speed Undercover Nex Machina NBA 2K17 NHL 13 Oxenfree Text Walkthrough (Good, Bad, Silent Playthroughs) Pain Rock Boshers Serious Sam 3 BFE Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Silent Hill: Downpour Skyforge The Elder Scrolls Online The Treasures of Montezuma 4 Toy Story 3 Trine 2: Complete Story Way of the Samurai 3 Way of the Samurai 4 It is strongly recommended to check out and participate in the What guide(s) are you currently writing thread to know what people are working on at the moment and share what you are working on. It can be an invaluable resource to finding inspiration and assistance in your future works. How to Report a Guide As time goes on, our guidelines and expectations change. This too, applies to guides. If there is a published guide that you feel is not up to snuff in regards to the guidelines in Writing a Guide, or has fallen into an unusable state due to game updates or some other issues, please feel free to contact the outlined staff below and specifically mention the guide in question, the issue that is prevalent within the guide, and the resolution you propose to provide context to the issue. As a team we will appraise the issue and take actions according to what is believed to be the best course of action for the guide reported. Additionally, staff can be contacted via the PSNProfiles discord if that is easier to communicate with our staff. Commonly asked Questions How long does it take for a guide to be reviewed? A guide may be reviewed typically within a week of submission but may take longer depending on the availability of staff and current events within the staff schedule. How do I know if a guide is being worked on? It is recommended to first check the "What guide(s) are you currently writing" thread and see who is currently working on what. If you still are unsure, you may double check with any of the staff highlighted above. How many guides can be published for a game? Generally, we allow two guides per base game trophy list, and one guide per DLC. There are no limits at this time however for gameplay guides. The only caveat for trophy guides is that the subsequent guide must be equal to or greater in quality than that of the original guide. There exist in the masterlist some examples of publications that exceed these limits but are considered to be legacy guides before we formally established our rules. Are authors responsible for guide upkeep? All authors are expected to and are responsible for the upkeep of their individual guides and addressing concerns within their own comments section. It is strongly recommended to reach out to authors in regards to changes and updates but please do not harass members on subjective concerns such as difficulty rating. Please keep things civil. Can I import my guide from another website? Yes, you may import your guide from another website providing you own all materials and content of the guide in question and may need to update formatting to be in line with PSNProfiles guidelines. Can I import my guide to another region/platform of the game? No. While this was allowed in the early days, we as a team came to the decision that creating multiple guides for every trophy region/platform would over saturate the list of guides on site, and on that specific games guidelist.
  6. Updated @Neocarleen
  7. Don't forget the newest interview candidate has been revealed!

    Ask @Gotakibono all your worldly desires and curiosities ;)

  8. When the member interview project was approved to come back, what were your thoughts? Were you hopeful? What do you think could be done to improve the project?
  9. I'm pretty sure the PSP still has access to the Playstation Store, unless that was removed without a fanfare... if the PSP still has access to that, I cannot see PS3 losing sync support
  10. As an update, the new thread will be releasing sometime soon either next week or the week after. Between GIT updates, the database, getting everything ship-shape for PS5 and GotY2020 Prep, I've been pretty swamped. Please also look forward to a future update from the staff team. Best regards, Dreggit
  11. Oh my, I can't believe I missed that lol But even then, Serious difficulty should be a breeze for vets
  12. I may be a little excited for this game lol. I used to play these quite a lot. What is disappointing however is that there is nothing for Serious or Mental difficulty and so, is a very easy list. The hardest thing in this list is the gold medal survival trophy, but being that you only need to do one, it'll be simple to do. All in all, they could have done much more with the list and split it into three separate lists to have retained some of the more interesting aspects of the achievements that were released for Steam on the three games.
  13. There was a small delay, but it's now here, and so, hello one and all back to Member Interviews! It's time for our next member interview, today we have the mysterious and alluring @Gotakibono! You may be asking, who is this person? Well, let's find out. Questions can be submitted starting now until November 23rd, 2020. Gotakibono has provided the community a snippet about themselves to help with coming up with questions About Me Well, hello there. I'm Gotakibono, an Irish guy who's been around trophy forums since the year dot. In that time I've manged to play many games, meet many great people and have a lot of fun collecting those wonderful virtual trophies we all know and love. I don't have a particularly favorite genre of videos games, but I am drawn towards story driven experiences and engaging gameplay. I started collecting trophies in 2008 (I feel so old even typing that, like my fingers are going to turn into dust instantaneously) after loading up Uncharted: Drake's Fortune after downloading a patch which caused weird pop-ups with a cool noise to show up on my screen. After figuring out just what the hell these trophy things were, I never looked back. Growing up I wouldn't have much access to a wide array of games, so I had to be picky with what I got. This lead me to really soaking up each and every game and shooting to achieve 100% completion. Collecting trophies seemed like a natural evolution of how I enjoyed playing my games during my childhood, so here I am 12 years and 131 platinums later! Trophies haven't changed my purchasing habits, as I only really enjoy getting trophies in games I really love, but I feel like trophies definitely add to the experience and I love going back once I've finished my first playthrough to clean up the trophy list. Outside of trophy hunting, I have a small Youtube channel in which I post personal retrospectives and opinions on video games ( https://www.youtube.com/c/Gotakibono and I'm working as a freelance photographer. My other hobbies are playing drums, guitar, reading and always forgetting which bin goes out on what day. Interview setup The setup for all PSNP interviews will be as follows: After the new interviewee has been revealed, the PSNP community will have 10 days to ask their questions. While the community is coming up with questions, the interviewee has the time to work on the 16 standard questions After those 10 days, those question along with the standard question will be sent to the interviewee. The interviewee will have another 7 days to answer as many of the questions as they want. Once the interviewee has finished answering the question, I will post the whole Interview in a new thread. How to be a Interviewee If anyone wants to be interviewed all they have to do is say they would like to be added on the interview signup thread. After that the member will be added to the list of potential interviewees. List of questions Standard Questions How did you come up with your PSN name? What games convinced you get your PlayStation 3, Playstation Vita, and PlayStation 4? What are your top 5 game series and why? What are your top 5 games and why? Which unreleased game(s) are you looking forward to the most and why? Do you have any other hobbies outside of gaming? Top 5 TV shows, Movies, and/or anime, why, and would you recommend them to people? Top 5 favorite music bands/group/artists/composers/ost? Your favorite platinum and why? Your least favorite platinum and why? Have you ever been tempted to switch over to the Xbox/Nintendo/PC gaming ecosystems? If you could have one game from any gaming generation be remade or re-released, which one would it be and why? How far are you willing to go for a platinum? What feature (besides backwards compatibility) do you think the next console generation should have? What is your favorite thing about PSNP? What is your least favorite thing about PSNP? Is there anyone in the PSNP Community you would like to give a shout out too and if so why? PSNP Community Questions (updated periodically) The list below contains the question from the PSNP community: What is the worst thing about video gaming? Do you miss ps3trophies.com? As an Irishman, how worried are you about the Brexit and its implications? What's your favorite song to play on the drums? What's your favorite song to play on the guitar? (I know, creative genius) You have both Spyro 1 and Spyro 2 platted, so when will Spyro 3 follow? What is the best-looking car in the world and why is it the Fiat Multipla 1.6-16V Active Plus? Is Thierry Henry the most hated man in Ireland considering the 2009 World Cup play-off handball, or is it Paul McShane? How many tears have been shed over the FIFA 10 100%? Toga, in your opinion, what is the earliest acceptable date to begin decorating your home for Christmas? Considering you're not Bono, are you by any chance Larry Mullen jr., and if so, does Bono always wear weird sunglasses? Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human, please rank these three games from worst to best explaining why. When the member interview project was approved to come back, what were your thoughts? Were you hopeful? What do you think could be done to improve the project? Have you played Roblox? Knack 2 when? Last year my family and I took a trip to Ireland and made a loop around the northern half of the island (Belfast, Derry, Donegal, Galway, and Dublin). We had a great time and would like to come back to visit the southern half sometime. Any recommendations for can't-miss locations?
  14. It was decided that unreleased trophy lists would be excluded from series, otherwise you could never finish the stage the unreleased list was in. Further, understand that an ongoing database overhaul is in process. As far as Tutorial Shooting game, the only two owners are game developers and I will reiterate that it is not legitimately possible to obtain such a game publically. As far as regions not being linked, as disclosed in prior updates, this is part of the database overhaul and foreign games are the last part of that process.
  15. The new Member Interview participant is revealed on Wednesday :jaymon: wonder who's it gonna be :hmm: