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  1. Sort by points and look from the last page backwards. https://psnprofiles.com/games?order=points&page=323 You can further refine it to be platform specific. Trophies have point values, and non-Platinum games generally have less points than a standard Platinum game, and so are conveniently almost all grouped in this fashion. 98% of the non-Platinum library can be browsed in this way
  2. The games with a 9000+ GDBID (Game Database ID) are re-releases. A popular trend as of late, but less common back then. It could be that the 9k IDs are complete editions, and the older 7k IDs are original EU/NA releases. The two 6k IDs are JP and an unreleased AS version. 9k IDs would be RR (rereleased) NA/EU. I don't have the time to check to see if they are complete editions or not though.
  3. Please continue to DM me these updates. I am very busy with my new job (and a wonderfully great job it is!), but can still maintain these updates. I've just been unavailable lately due to more pressing obligations, but can still process metachanges. Mango has said in the past that these will not be changed back to their original names. For reference, below is his explanation in regards to why the change occurred. I've processed this update
  4. やった! Congrats on 7,000,000 Ikemenzi :highfive:

    1. ikemenzi


      Thanks! Next is level 2000!

  5. The rarity on PSNProfiles is relative to the community. All that this means for Lichtspeer is that the majority of users who have those trophies are not on PSNP. There are also cases where PSN has a higher rarity than PSNP if the game in question is hacked via CFW, like with Attacking Zegeta 2 in where there has only ever been 1 trophy solved on PSNP in the community but people on PSN globally somehow have all trophies (likely through CFW).
  6. Bounties are not added and should not be petitioned in that thread. The guides on the bounty list are highly requested items and get a reward attached to them if it gets enough curation to merit a bounty. We don't add them whenever someone asks for a guide to be made because there would be thousands of guides on that list, this is why there needs to be enough community support to warrant its addition. You can pitch the case for the guide to gauge support from the writing community in the server.
  7. There never was a trophy guide published or submitted for review on PSNP. All actions are audited and there is no record of anything pertaining to a trophy guide in system history between now and 2013. The only guide ever published on PSNP was the trophy walkthrough Published 14th January 2019 by optimusmart and Optinooby. Please do not spread misinformation that we delete guides. Removal of any guide on PSNP is an extreme action that is rarely done and only typically occurs under legal reasons.
  8. This would not be implemented. Time and difficulty are subjective to everyone and we would not take away tools from authors.
  9. As a general public announcement, after review, the game My Name is Mayo 3 is allowed to have a guide written for it, but is limited to only having one guide published in this rare case. Please be mindful if you choose to write a guide as we will only publish the first publishable one submitted.

  10. While I would have loved to continue the Member Interview Project, I unfortunately have taken on more and more responsibilities annually to the point in where I can no longer manage this project. I hope the community greets our new host with a warm welcome and open arms and may we see new Interviewee's for many months to come =)
  11. If my time seems to have diminished, I have started new work :)

  12. What better time to enjoy the latest Guide courtesy of @Jelloycat?
  13. @zizimonster @iKurisu_TH, when the PS5 came to the site, language options were broken due to a change somewhere in the new API. Sly would need to fix it, but that's for the trophy list, not the title as far as I know. The name of a game is how it should display regardless of title or language since that is what it is registered as in the database. If we named something "Untitled Game" in the database, it would always be listed that way since that's independent of the language translation of trophy lists as far as I know.
  14. The rarity leaderboard was discontinued because the community could not agree on a method of calculation for leaderboard rankings and led to a rather large argument about it that was heated from time to time. A great many discussions have spawned for some way to "fix" the leaderboard somehow but no suggestion has ever been agreed on and the closest one to being implemented, the Ribbon System, was deeply contested.
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      We love to see it!

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      Thank goodness staff guides aren't eligible for GOTY!