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  1. As far as the speedruns, while I sometimes speedrun trophies, I follow more traditional speedrunning rules, which don't necessarily meet up with conditions for platinums/100%'s. My own speedrunning occured only after I got the platinum because the game was so fun I suppose I could try to run the game on another account to get the new 100% record once the trophies are syncable, though, maybe not because I don't really have freetime to spend 3-6 hours playing games for tecord attempts anymore
  2. I made an edit to that post as you can see now to clarify. I was going off some community information but decided to check and saw it wasn't true, and so made a correction. You still need to recollect all the cards, please disregard that. All else I said though is true though
  3. I was the first one on PSN and PSNP to get the platinum on the initial release, as far as my speedruns, I typically did any% runs and my best time was 1hr 39 minutes. Not an amazing time, but not an awful one either. A new 100% could be made for PSN though, by way of category I mean for a leaderboard. A 100% trophies =/= 100% speedrun in a traditional sense. worth knowing is that the trophies in the base game can be earned in the new modes, so you can still 100% the game in two playthroughs. In theory, due to this, and with strats I knew when I used to speedrun this, the 100% (two playthroughs, one being 100%, the other any%) could be earned in 3 1/2 - 5 hours for a casual speedrunner that knew the game well, and 4hours (likely less since time is saved in beginner mode with bosses becoming a joke on beginner. So maybe 3 1/2 for a serious speedrunner as a limit). Keep in mind the above times are for speedrunners in mind, it is unlikely most of the PSN playerbase would hit those times naturally. Disregard the card note. I was going off some information from the community. I checked on another account and it does not hold true, you would still need to recollect all the cards for the all cards trophy @Optinooby
  4. I'm not the best person to ask about difficulty because I used to speedrun this game quite a lot. Let me instead explain the game modes. Beginner - Infinite Auto-Potion, some invis platforms are permanently visible, you start with 100 damage per hair whip. Damage scales from 100, 120, 140, 160, 180. Basically makes the game a joke. Challenge - Things are, well, more challenging. More damage taken, some tweaks to the world and so on. Ideal for someone who wants a more traditional challenge. Full Deck - You start with all cards unlocked and that also means easy money for duplicates. If beginner is easy mode, and base game is 'normal' mode, this would fall between them in terms of difficulty since cards can also trivialize the game. Rule Breaker - Technically would be easier than Full Deck, since having all cards active is kinda bonkers, but you have to actually recollect all the cards too, so this is better to play casually. As far as trophy hunters, if you want the easiest pairing, then you would do Beginner & Full Deck. If you do this, time would be dependent on however long it took you to go through the game on the any% run. Beginner will understandably be easier due to not being able to die. Regardless of mode selected, damage received in beginner, full deck and rule breaker should be the same as normal mode. I'm not 100% sure for beginner though because I played on challenge mode.
  5. I will update tomorrow
  6. I already got the trophies, but they don't sync yet. Anyway, these are game mode trophies, so you get locked into the gamemode on that playthrough, meaning this will take 2 playthroughs for the DLC
  7. The trophy list was originally named "Trophy Set" in the datapacket sent to Sony. So when we scanned it to PSNP, the forum name is automatically set to match whatever that datapacket reads as. The only exception is when a title starts with a non-romanized text, such as kanji. Once these forum names are set they cannot be changed.
  8. Tubby Bones alludes the hunt for Krieg, but will the posh boneman evade the next Valut Hunter? :stalker:


    If you want to see my perfect Krieg file, here's a video. You can also see the the approximate amount of "x" for every challenge in the campaign here too.



    1. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Praise be to RNGeezus' name 🙏🙏🙏 


      Hopefully He and the Status Godz bless you with your Tubby Chubby Skeleton 🙌🙌🙌

  9. I've just completed a perfect file and have yet to see one. It is bewildering the trophy is so common
  10. This is not an exhaustive list, however below are 300+ support links and error codes for PlayStation hardware. Notably, Vita and PS3 hardware codes are largely absent due to the support pages being removed. You can add to this list, however it is preferred that a support link is also provided. This is not a troubleshooting thread. This is only a record of errors and relevant support pages. PlayStation 3 PlayStation Vita PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5
  11. It's NA/AS and EU for PS4. The CUSAID is shared between NA & AS clients, EU is unique
  12. The way that games DLC is grouped was changed after one of the sites major updates. In 2013, it was separated as you describe here, but in 2014 it became what it is now. Either way, this is not something that the GIT team can change, and only Sly could provide an answer.
  13. The guide is under an investigation and is a private matter at this time.
  14. https://pudding.cool/2020/04/music-challenge/ quite an interesting data experiment.

    1. eigen-space


      I thought I was going to do well. I did not lol

    2. Dreggit


      It was quite fun I think. pudding.cool is an interesting site to look into if you like data information. Here's another article if you're interested Can data die?.

    3. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      That was quite the interesting read! The data is very intriguing to me, being someone who is very much into music from most genres, even stuff older than me as well as brand new stuff.


      Very curious how some songs are still known by the younger generations versus others, despite how popular they may have been at one time 🤔

  15. There is only one game left to see from Cotton, Rainbow. I can't speak for difficulty, but these are pretty old games. The reboot and Boomerang are based off the original game. For those unfamiliar, here is the release date timeline for these games: Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams (1991) was then later ported to the X68000 and Reboot is supposed to be based off that version. Cotton: 100% (1994) was the second game of the series and later ported to Playstation 1 in 2003. Panorama Cotton (1994) was the third game of the series and was only re-released this year in 2021. This one is apparently quite rare since only 4,000 copies were made in '94 (alleged). Cotton 2: Fantastic Night Dreams (1997) was the fourth game of the series. Nothing special of note to say though. Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams Boomerang (1998) was a remixed version of Cotton 2. I've never played this one though. The one here is supposed to be based off the Saturn version. Rainbow Cotton (2000) was the fifth entry of the series and the first fully 3D one. It is unknown if this will be released like the other ones because this installment of the series was deemed a "spectacular failure" Hopefully that was interesting