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  1. Are you looking forward to the new Member Interview format?

    1. Xenoblast91


      Yes! I've been waiting to be an interviewee the last months LOL. Anyway, I should wait a bit yet xD

  2. Today's the final day to get your questions in for @Rally-Vincent---!

    Speak now or forever hold your peace!

  3. 4 days left to ask @Rally-Vincent--- your worldly desires!


    Get your questions in before it is too late :popcorn:

  4. 2020's final interviewee will be revealed in just a few days. I wonder who it'll be :stalker:

  5. Surprise! The interview is one day early :P


    Enjoy :pimp:

  6. Guide masterlist has been updated to include all recent guides.

    @Gotakibono please do not forget to check your inbox ;)


    Some specific long-term projects are nearing the halfway point

  7. Don't forget the newest interview candidate has been revealed!

    Ask @Gotakibono all your worldly desires and curiosities ;)

  8. The new Member Interview participant is revealed on Wednesday :jaymon: wonder who's it gonna be :hmm:

  9. Check out the new interview featuring @YaoiGod!

    Stay tuned for the next candidate reveal :ninja:

  10. I'll be back from vacation on Monday

    1. MidnightDragon


      Hope you’re having fun 

  11. A reminder that the one and only @YaoiGod is accepting questions for their interview until Oct 17th!


    Get 'em in before you lose your chance!

  12. I am looking for someone who is more fluent in Japanese than I am, if you have an interest in helping me fact check some things, please DM me. I will issue you a test to gauge your knowledge and then explain what I would have you do.

  13. New Interview Questions thread :o


    1. Lorajet


      OOOO!!!  This is GREAT!

  14. New Member Interview Candidate released on Wednesday :D

  15. Come read @Rick_Sanchez's interview!


    1. PermaFox


      Excellent read!

  16. 5 hours left to ask your questions @Rick_Sanchez! Speak now or forever hold your peace!



  17. Good morning everyone, today is the final day for question @Rick_Sanchez


  18. Only a few days left to submit questions for @Rick_Sanchez!



  19. Just a reminder to everyone that the latest interview is live!


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    2. Dreggit


      All candidates are contacted directly via a private message from me, but yes, I can update it tomorrow, I'm just catching up on a lot of site updates

    3. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      Sure thing. Thanks!

    4. Dreggit


      Should be up to date now

  20. I apologize in the delay in updates and other background things. These will continue without further delay, there unfortunately had been life issues that came up that took priority

  21. The new Member Interview questions thread is up! Who could it be? What mysteries await in their life? What strange otherworldly questions does the community have for them? Find out in


  22. The @Honor_Hand Interview is released! Huzzah! Please enjoy the interview and delve into the world that is a Cat lover's paradise.


    1. Honor_Hand


      It's my time to shinnnneeee!! :dance::dance:


      Thanks for the help @Dreggit :D

    2. Dreggit


      Thank you for taking the time to answer alk the questions :D

  23. @Honor_Hand's interview will be released at the end of this timer, please look forward to it!



    1. Honor_Hand


      Excellent. Happy to be back and in full force. Being part of this interview was a joy, no doubt. Never had so many questions thrown at me at once, lol.


      But for real, it was fun coming up with answers for each one of them. Hope you folks enjoy your time reading my answers. :)