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  1. Having recently returned from mourning and settling the various difficulties that come with such a loss, let us tighten these ropes and get sailing again shall we?


    As I understand there have been a vast many unhappy with guide review times in my long absence and others that feel some specific people are getting special treatment over others in terms of reviews. Then, let's try to clear out all items that have been grossly pending for some time...


    Additionally, member interviews have been on hiatus for some time, but would those potential participants be willing to wait until the authors that have waited overly long see their answers?

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    2. OverlordOfRacing


      Glad to see you back man! Here for you always bro.

    3. Xenoblast91


      Really late, but of course. I'm sorry and hope you find peace at the face of loss. I don't mind to wait, more than willing to have the better results for the interviews. 

    4. Dreggit


      Things have notably been rough on my return, but I will be starting interviews again this week on either Friday or Saturday