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  1. Good evening all and welcome to the Member Interviews Signups! Unfortunately I do not have access to the already existing list, and so to help alleviate that issue for future host I've elected to have this thread posted so that the current list is viewable to everyone. Interview Candidates Alpha Group (40) Beta Group (20) Current Interviewee DoctorDrPepper See here What are Member Interviews? The Member Interviews are an ongoing community project in which a random member of the participating community is selected to be interviewed once every month. The interview process is quite simple, first we select a member randomly from the Candidates list above, and then allow the community to ask that member questions for one week. After that week, the chosen candidate will have two-three weeks to answer a set of stock questions and any additional questions asked by the community. Once answered, the Interview is posted up for the community to read, on the first Friday/Saturday of the month. We will then take a one week break before then starting anew.
  2. This should be updated now
  3. If you mean the thumbnail that is in the list overview as shown in the spoiler below, then this is not something we can change. These thumbnails are sourced from the trophy data packet the developer sends to Sony that get approved, and so the dev would need to update that image for us to update it on PSNP. This is, however, exceedingly uncommon to happen.
  4. After some looking into the matter, it would appear as though Tannenberg is an expansion of Verdun, but is also a standalone package in of itself. Either way, it can be treated similarly to other MMOs that have releases in this style, and so can be considered a series. The series will be named as 1914 - 1918 WW1. To touch on the mention earlier in the week. I would please ask those ambitious few that frequent the thread to allow for several days before making suggestions on newly released materials. Your request came within hours of the game being scanned in, and would have seen the suggested update once someone was available to do so. While we do appreciate the passing of information, please allow us time to tend to newly released materials before posting here.
  5. Hello one and all back to the Member Interviews 2021. Please welcome our second interviewee of April, @Yuna4353! Ever patient, they have stood vigil, participating and reading every interview update and thread. As a big fan of the community project, Yuna now gets their turn You may be asking, who is this person? Well, let's find out. Questions can be submitted starting now until April 26th, 2021. Yuna4353 has provided the community a snippet about themselves to help with coming up with questions About Me Hello everyone, my name is Yuna4353. I mainly dabble in JRPGS as my main genre (Final Fantasy, Persona, Trails you name it), I try to branch out into other genres but for me, I like longer games more than shorter ones because I can experience a world and its characters at it fullest. I am physically disabled that I have lived with my whole life (Cerebral Palsy, I cannot use my right hand at all so I only play games with one hand). School wise, for me, I plan on going into the education major to become a teacher the best I can. I can’t wait to answer your questions, and I am honored to have this opportunity. ________________________ Interview setup The setup for all PSNP interviews will be as follows: After the new interviewees have been revealed, the PSNP community will have 10 days to ask their questions. While the community is coming up with questions, the interviewees has the time to work on the 17 standard questions After those 10 days, those question along with the standard question will be sent to the interviewee. The interviewees will have another 7 days to answer as many of the questions as they want. The interviewees will also have the chance to complete a bonus side activity presented by the prior interviewee. Once the interviewees has finished answering the question, I will post the whole Interview in a new thread. How to be a Interviewee If anyone wants to be interviewed all they have to do is say they would like to be added on the interview signup thread. After that the member will be added to the list of potential interviewees. ________________________ List of questions Standard Questions How did you come up with your PSN name? What games convinced you get your PlayStation 3, Playstation Vita, PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5? What are your top 5 game series and why? What are your top 5 games and why? Which unreleased game(s) are you looking forward to the most and why? Do you have any other hobbies outside of gaming? Top 5 TV shows, Movies, and/or anime, why, and would you recommend them to people? Top 5 favorite music bands/group/artists/composers/ost? Your favorite platinum and why? Your least favorite platinum and why? Have you ever been tempted to switch over to the Xbox/Nintendo/PC gaming ecosystems? If you could have one game from any gaming generation be remade or re-released, which one would it be and why? How far are you willing to go for a platinum? If you could give Sony direct feedback of business decisions in the last year, and the latest console generation, what would you tell the,? What is your favorite thing about PSNP? What is your least favorite thing about PSNP? Is there anyone in the PSNP Community you would like to give a shout out too and if so why? PSNP Community Questions (updated periodically) What was your first Yakuza game and how did you get into the series? So for example did somebody introduce it to you or you just found it by chance? Favourite character in the Yakuza universe and why?! What was the first game ever that you remember playing and do you still have it? Cats or dogs or both or neither? Favourite season of the year? Favourite day of the week? Do you believe in ghosts, or phenomena adjacent to the paranormal? Have you had an unexplained experience you would classify as such? If you could switch two colours, so that colour A would turn into colour B and vice versa, which colours would you choose, and why? Do JRPGs have too much grind for grind's sake, or is grind one of the things that define those games as JRPGs? Have you ever felt sad right after finishing a good game with a great story and cool characters you had got in fond of? What was the first jrpg you really fell in love with, and why? Have you delved back into the older jrpgs of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras, and if so, as a younger gamer (younger than me anyways ) how do you feel about how they compare to the more modern ones? You are heading out on a long journey to save the world - and you are the main character! Which 3 Final Fantasy characters (from any of the games) will you choose to be in your party... and what role will you take? Healer? Tank? Support? I always personally loved FFX for the theme of self-sacrifice. What's the reason why you love it so much? What underrated JRPG gem would you recommend everyone to play? You are stuck in a castle guarded by the biggest, baddest Dragon ever and can pick 1 character from Final Fantasy, 1 character from Trails, and 1 character from Persona (see what I did there?) to come to your rescue. Who do you pick and what equipment do they have? How does this team function well together despite being from different games? What is the next platinum you will go for and why is it Star Ocean 4? Do you also like monster-raising RPGs (like Digimon)? Also, how did you platinum P3D and P5D with one hand? Respect. Bonus Questions By amazing coincidence (maybe?), the only other time I've ever seen anyone bring up having cerebral palsy in a gaming context happened to be once on the GameFAQs FFX board... the poster was inquiring about other games that lend themselves to being played with the use of only one hand... was that you? Do you see any progress in the industry with regards to accommodating any additional challenges your CP throws up, in regards to gaming? Do you find such assist modes etc. beneficial / necessary? Have you found there to be particular developers or games publishers that are particularly good, or bad, at implementing accommodations for players with additional physical challenges in their games? Do you mind explaining your personal experiences with CP and educating us all on the matter as someone who's lived with it?
  6. Surprise! The new interviewee is released today and it's none other than @Yuna4353.


    Exciting! Get your questions in while you can ;)

  7. Assuming these aren't specific game terms, there are several errors in the list. Bronce > Bronze Challangar > Challenger Chalanges > Challenges Portale! > Portal! non reachable > unreachable and also inconsistent punctuation (some descriptions end with a full stop, others don't) The developers website is entirely in German, so might be a mistranslation. Maybe it is intentional though, who know?
  8. We are getting near to the cutoff date for the questions thread of our first April interviewee. Ask @Stardroid your questions before it's too late!


    As is the case though, with this one drawing near to an end, the next one is soon to begin, wonder who it will be :ninja:

  9. I'm sure that @MikeCheck-- is thrilled to have some new VR games to play, and one that is sure to be an UR
  10. These have all been updated
  11. I appreciate the heads up, but this game was just released. It was going to be added to this series by whoever was first available to do so. The stage distinction is intentional and follows similar logic to Monster Hunter World and its expansion. FFXIV:ARR is only the initial release of content of that game and is a single game. FFXIV was named how it was by the dev team because it includes all four current games/expansions of the game. It is easily ten years of content, and this new list requires the expansions for the platinum. To reiterate, the PS3/4 list is named after the first initial release expansion by the dev team, Final Fantasy IV: A Real Reborn. The PS5 list is named Final Fantasy XIV by the dev team because it contains A Real Reborn, Heavensward, Strormblood, and Shadowbringers. 4 separate games equal to the first.
  12. Being that these are JP specific releases, and not western releases, the name is based off of how it is recognized in its original release in Japan, not a western release. We could of course call it, Nora to Ōjo to Noraneko Heart, or Noratoto, as those are also officially recognized names in Japan, but the name "Nora, Princess and Stray Cat", is the current name of the game and is also the sub-name that can be seen in either games title cards in their respective trophy lists.
  13. I've updated this list
  14. This is the fourth release, and the Arcade branch of the games has ten games, four of which have been ported. It might be possible that they also port their fitness, educational, RPG, and puzzle series as well. While it is unknown, there is a sizable chance of those ports because it is presently marketed for Xbox and Windows 10 releases. The arcade games are also marketed this way, and saw PS4 releases anyway despite not being a marketed release platform. Therefore, it would not be unreasonable to expect more to come after the arcade games...
  15. Hello one and all back to the Member Interviews 2021. Please welcome our first interviewee of April, @Stardroid! You may be asking, who is this person? Well, let's find out. Questions can be submitted starting now until April 19th, 2021. Stardroid has provided the community a snippet about themselves to help with coming up with questions About Me Hello, everyone! Stardroid here. My real name is Sam and I am a 30 year old Belgian. Before the pandemic hit, I worked at a restaurant as a waiter and at other occasions I would function as the second chef. Looking forward to reopening the restaurant in May! In my spare time, I like to play video games, watch film / series, read a book or just enjoy the company of good friends with good food. I like to think I am a simple man who doesn't want to make things more complicated than they are. In life one of my most recent notable achievements has been the loss of 50 kilograms in less than a year. I have been gaming from as early 8. I remember beating my father at Moto Racer or Tekken 2. My fondest memory as a child was completing FFIX in the middle of the night while my parents were asleep and I couldn't help sneaking down! I tend to enjoy gaming as an experience. Games like Limbo, Inside,Bound and Journey are among my favourite games because I was so taken by their atmospheres, it really left an impression. However, the vast majority of my gaming time goes to Final Fantasy XIV online. When it comes to trophy hunting, I often seek the thrill of the hunt. I enjoy overcoming challenges that I deem difficult for me and my profile has consisted out of these challenges for the vast majority of it. I want to complete a 100 percent profile with 100 games played. After that I will just casually hunt. As for the future, I am thinking of becoming a teacher in ethics. Ethics is something that has always interested me and I do have experience teaching it in secondary education. But for now, it's living day by day. And even though the pandemic is here for all of us, I have found some good things in it too. ________________________ Interview setup The setup for all PSNP interviews will be as follows: After the new interviewees have been revealed, the PSNP community will have 10 days to ask their questions. While the community is coming up with questions, the interviewees has the time to work on the 17 standard questions After those 10 days, those question along with the standard question will be sent to the interviewee. The interviewees will have another 7 days to answer as many of the questions as they want. The interviewees will also have the chance to complete a bonus side activity presented by the prior interviewee. Once the interviewees has finished answering the question, I will post the whole Interview in a new thread. How to be a Interviewee If anyone wants to be interviewed all they have to do is say they would like to be added on the interview signup thread. After that the member will be added to the list of potential interviewees. ________________________ List of questions Standard Questions How did you come up with your PSN name? What games convinced you get your PlayStation 3, Playstation Vita, PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5? What are your top 5 game series and why? What are your top 5 games and why? Which unreleased game(s) are you looking forward to the most and why? Do you have any other hobbies outside of gaming? Top 5 TV shows, Movies, and/or anime, why, and would you recommend them to people? Top 5 favorite music bands/group/artists/composers/ost? Your favorite platinum and why? Your least favorite platinum and why? Have you ever been tempted to switch over to the Xbox/Nintendo/PC gaming ecosystems? If you could have one game from any gaming generation be remade or re-released, which one would it be and why? How far are you willing to go for a platinum? If you could give Sony direct feedback of business decisions in the last year, and the latest console generation, what would you tell the,? What is your favorite thing about PSNP? What is your least favorite thing about PSNP? Is there anyone in the PSNP Community you would like to give a shout out too and if so why? PSNP Community Questions (updated periodically) I noticed the hidden message you have in your trophy cabinet, ever thought about doing other ones? Any ideas you've thought about doing? If you were at a karaoke bar (possibly inebriated), what song (if any) would get you to jump up on stage and start belching out those lyrics? Have any wacky or funny stories about teaching secondary education? What is one interesting thing you'd like share (doesn't have to be about yourself) that wasn't asked in this interview or addressed in the introduction? What type of food do you cook? What’s your favourite cuisine to eat? Are you spiritual? What’s your zodiac sign? Do you believe in their character traits? Do you believe in ghosts? Knack when? Name three things that you hate about Belgium and three things you love about Belgium. If you had to, where would you rather travel to and stay for a year? 1000 years back in time? 1000 years into the future? Next multiverse but 1000 years? What form of activity helped you lose so much weight? And do you still do it/enjoy it? Do you think that after you’ve 100% your 100th game will the completionist in you will still try and 100% each game you begin? I’ve always admired your collection of rare trophies and completion rate. What pushes you to keep trying, are you just a very patient person? Linking to that last one, is there anything about a tough game that would make you give up on it? As you’re Belgian, I have to ask you one of the hardest choices I’ve come across in a video game: Bacon omelette or Belgian waffles? What was the worst customer you’ve ever had in your restaurant? Any reason behind your tagline “the people look like flowers at last”? When will you touch 100% 0 unearned? Whats your easiest UR platinum ? Which Metroid game is your favorite, and why is Metroid Prime? Which is your favorite star (astronomically & famous person)? Do you like cyberpunk genre (in movies, games or other media)? Do you know who Sanji from One Piece is? Which continent would you like to visit? What cuisine do you like the most from around the world? If you could create your very own video game (complete with a several million dollar budget, talented game developers, etc)... What genre of video game would it be? RPG? JRPG? Action/Adventure? Racing? Puzzle? First Person Shooter? Third Person Shooter? Sports? Anime-related? Fighting? Visual Novel? What studio or developer would you want to create your video game (Rockstar, EA, Activision, 2K, Ubisoft, Capcom, Square Enix, Gust, Idea Factory, Bandai Namco, Kojima Productions, Konami, Insomniac, Naughty Dog, PlatinumGames, Vicarious Visions, Toys for Bob, Nintendo, Bend Studio, Japan Studio, Playstation Studios, Microsoft Studios, etc)? What would your game be about? What kind of world would it have? What kind of features and in-game systems would it have? Would it be a 2D or 3D game? What kind of visuals would you go for (photo-realistic graphics, cell-shaded, anime-style, cartoon-style, etc) in it?
  16. I've applied the changes above The original suggestion was done, so to tie the two subseries together. As for the reverting of those changes, you'll need to ask Grave, since it was done without everyone's input
  17. Welcome one and all to the second half of the March interviews. This time, you get to see a surprise twist in this interview! Exciting! Please welcome @DoctorDrPepper and let us get this interview underway! DoctorDrPepper Standard Questions How did you come up with your PSN name? So after my xbox account was stolen I needed to make a new one to keep playing 360 games. At the time there was a free Dr. Pepper avatar picture offered on the xboxlive message place and I was in medschool, so I thought DoctorDrPepper was funny and I'd just use that picture. Eventually a few months later when I switched to PS3 and had to create a PSN ID I figured that Dr Pepper avatar was on PS3 too so I went with the same name. It was not but I was stuck with it and it just became funny enough that I've rolled with it ever since. What games convinced you get your PlayStation 3, Playstation Vita, and PlayStation 4? I actually won my PS3 for free at PAX 2008. Used it solely as a blu-ray player till my switch. Persona 4 Golden is the reason I bought a Vita but I still play it constantly. Got the PS4 at launch because I knew how hard it would be to get later so I snatched it up from a Wal-Mart on launch day. How I got a PS5 was funny too. The day they announced the launch date I was watching that stream at my office eating lunch. The second they said the date I got in my car and drove to the Gamestop that's down the street. They said they didn't have it in their system but to come back tomorrow and it would probably be available. About two hours later when I was at work in between patients I got a phone call from the manage of that Gamestop who knew me since I come in all the time. He said that pre-orders had just opened up and were sold out in about 3 minutes but he held one for me if I could get there right now. I left my office with a patient in the waiting room telling them i had a quick emergency, drove to Gamestop, pre-ordered it and the games I wanted and drove back to finish my day. While all my friends were hunting and still are for one, I picked mine up the day it came out with no problems. What are your top 5 game series and why? Top five series in no order are: Persona - I love the combination of life simulator and turn based rpg plus the stories and character are so well written. Zelda - The GOAT series that I've been playing as a kid. Only one or two bad ones. So a solid percentage of the game that really made the adventure genre. Mario - And I mean the main platforming Mario, in both 2D and 3D. I'll play every Mario till I die. Donkey Kong Country - the only platforming series that can rival Mario. Resident Evil - Only been into it for a while, never played it as a kid, but now something I constantly look forward to the next piece from. I love the horror and the themes of the giant evil faceless corp twisting science to it's own end. What are your top 5 games and why? (Interchanging 1 and 2) Persona 4 (Interchanging 1 and 2) Persona 5 - Honestly I can't choose which one I like more. P5 has the better gameplay, music and style. P4 has the better story and characters, but also I sometimes go back and forth on that. I don't know if I favor one more than the other due to recency bias or liking it longer. So really, in my eyes, they're tied. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem - I love lovecraftian horror stuff and no game has ever done it better than Eternal Darkness. The sanity meter stuff freaked me the hell out as kid playing this game alone at night. The bath tub scene is something I'll never forget. Donkey Kong Country - Infinitely replayable, always fun. Probably my favorite platformer ever. Even the mine cart stages. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Seasons - Top down 2D Zelda is my favorite Zelda, and this was the pinnacle for me as a kid. Plus it was two games in one with a sprawling story that changed depending on what you played first. Blew my mind as a kid. Which unreleased game(s) are you looking forward to the most and why? Resident Evil 8 village is the biggest one just because of how close we are too it. RE7 was so freaking good and I can't wait to see what they do with it next. Far Cry 6 because I love Open world shooters and far Cry has been solid since 3. Also Giancarlo Esposito is the best in the business right now for playing layered villains. Horizon Forbidden West just for how much I loved the story of Zero Dawn and want to see where it goes. God of War Ragnarok for that story and gameplay as well. Please keep the Leviathan Axe in it. The return mechanic was super satisfying. Also I wouldn't mind a The Division 3 if that's in the works. Do you have any other hobbies outside of gaming? Accidentally already answered this but, pro wrestling, reading, exercise and weightlifting, cooking and LARP. Also I have a podcast with some friends from Mega64 and some friends from Australia called Gaming Cult Podcast. Check us out wherever you listen to podcasts. It's weird as hell. Top 5 TV shows, Movies, and/or anime, why, and would you recommend them to people? Top 5 Movie in order: Hackers - My favorite movie of all time. Cheesy as hell, but super rewatchable. Saw it as a kid stuck with me. Hack the Planet. The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift - I'd put the whole fast saga here but I usually just say TD as it would be cheating, just put them all. Tokyo Drift is the closest we'll ever get to a Persona live action movie. Blazing Saddles - Mel Brooks is timeless and this is the best comedy ever written. Hot Rod - The Lonely Island didn't write this but it's soaked in their style. Love it. Newsies - Best musical of all time. Top 5 shows: Newsradio - Best sitcom ever made. Although I do qualify that with I stop watching after Phil Hartman's farewell show after his passing. I just can't watch after that. I get sad. Mr. Robot - 4 seasons packed tight of the best drama TV has ever seen. Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC) - I could rewatch this on loop forever. Reno 911 - The State is a classic but this show is pure improv masterclass. Jackass - That was a formative show for my teenage years that probably defined what it meant to be a teen in the early 2000's. Not really an anime fan but I'll say I have watch and like Cowboy Beebop for it's style. DBZ when I was in 8th grade because everyone watched it. My Hero recently because some friends turned me onto it. There's this one season show called Keijo about girls competing in a sport when they try to knock each other off platforms using only their boobs and butts. It's not a hentai I swear. It's absurd but taken hyper seriously and that's what's funny about it. I'm throwing one more in for me which is top five best franchises: Fast and Furious - Best movie series ever made. The continuity is flawless. The Marvel Cinematic Universe - I love every single thing they make (Minus Guardians of the Galaxy 2 which I found not funny and too reliant on bad writing and jokes) because of how much everything weaves in and out of the bigger picture. I love continuity. SAW - I love horror where things are games or trap and also once again great continuity and callbacks. Star Wars - With the exception of 7,8, and 9, I love star wars. I love the originals, I love the prequels, I love the shows, I love the games. I just wasn't a fan of the three new ones. But Madalorian might take a spot on that top 5 shows one day once it's done. On Cinema at the Cinema - I needed a place to put this because it's an entire universe of web shows and specials and podcasts and a movie and so much lore. Tim and Gregg made something special that I can't wait to see return soon. Top 5 favorite music bands/group/artists/composers/ost? Best band is The Aquabats. Loved them since high school, will never stop loving them. Seriously the best band in the world. Then probably Weird Al, Kesha, and The Arctic Monkeys. Buckwheat Groats forever. Favorite video game soundtrack is Persona 5 everything, so P5, P5R, P5D and P5S. Your favorite platinum and why? So as a point of pride it's Plants vs Zombies on Vita for my perseverance. I was originally playing it on xbox when I got hacked so I never finished it. Then I got it on Vita on PS+ but it glitched before I finished it and I had to delete my save and start over. a couple years later I tried again and the same thing happened. Finally in 2017 when I started hardcore platinum hunting I did it all a fourth and final time and finally got the platinum. I earned that one after everything it put me through. Your least favorite platinum and why? Not counting crappy cash-grab plats like My name is Mayo or Little Adventure on the Prairie, the worst had to be Rage 2. That game was busted and broken to hell. Barely playable. Repetitive and not at all fun. And those stupid bug drones and their system of being untraceable and randomly moving to another location if they are spotted and not blown up. Hate that game. Should never have let a friend talk me into buying it. Have you ever been tempted to switch over to the Xbox/Nintendo/PC gaming ecosystems? Xbox - ha ha ha hell no. Never again after what they did to me. Nintendo - I'll still play the big games when they come out but if its not a Mario or Zelda or something like that, I don't really care. PC - no interest really. If you could have one game from any gaming generation be remade or re-released, which one would it be and why? PERSONA 4 GOLDEN IN THE PERSONA 5 ENGINE TODAY PLEASE. Would love a PS5 remaster of Alpha Protocol. I never got to play the Legacy of Kain series but I've always heard good things so a remake of that would be sick. How far are you willing to go for a platinum? I grinded out 20 to 25 extra hours of Yakuza LAD for the true final millennium tower. I bought a shitty android tablet on sale at Walmart to platinum Ticket to Ride. I have a Gamefly account just for renting stuff like My Riding Stables: Life with Horses. I imported a Japanese copy of Control and a European copy of Persona 5 Royal just to get to platinum two of my favorite games of the PS4 generation again. So pretty far, I'd say. What feature (besides backwards compatibility) do you think the next console generation should have? I mean a year ago I would have asked for exactly what we got with the trophy tracking percentages of collectibles. We just got the PS5 so I don't think this question really applies anymore. But please change back the trophy menu to the scrolling down instead of the cards horizontally. I dislike it. And I miss themes. Corn Love Forever is the only theme I used for years and sometimes I turn on my PS4 just for that smooth jazz and great corn footage. What is your favorite thing about PSNP? Stat tracking, leaderboards, guides, and the community. What is your least favorite thing about PSNP? I miss the community events. There hasn't been a big fun one since the Monster Hunt. I platinumed a lot of games I never would have due to the fun events like Monthly madness, @eigen-space's Gaming by Numbers, the various holiday ones, the spelling ones, the #stayhome at the beginning of quarantine was a great one. @Stedde has been doing his monthly ones but the competitive edge is running thin. I like the fun weird ones. Like when @FielVeredus did one based on the Thai new years Songkrang festival was GREAT. Bring back the just for fun with weird themed events where it makes me find games to fit I'd never think of just playing. Is there anyone in the PSNP Community you would like to give a shout out too and if so why? First of all @Dreggit for putting it together. @B1rvine for the Christmas Scavenger hunts for the last two years. The MOST fun I've had on this site. I'll take first one year dude. @eigen-space, @Dr_Mayus, @SpaceCoresDad, @XX_FTW, and anyone else who has ever run one of the events I'm talking about, and everyone who asked a question. Y'all are what makes me come back to check these boards every day. PSNP Community Questions Taking into account Dr Pepper was previously owned by Cadbury and Easter is two weeks away, what's your least favorite Easter candy and why is it Cadbury Eggs? Cadbury eggs rule. Black jellybeans the worst. I once saw a category in Jeopardy for "Pokemon" and peed a little from excitement and knew all of the answers. If you were on Jeopardy, what category would stimulate this sort of response for you? I just like answering any and all trivia. Nothing would make me want to urinate myself though. But I guess if they ever did a wrestling trivia category on Jeopardy I'd get those all easily. And Human anatomy, but that's just because I know it all. The only subjects on Jeopardy I don't like and almost always get wrong are usually the arts questions like painters, classical music, poetry, stuff like that. But gimme science, history and geography any day. If you were in a zombie apocalypse and were surrounded by thousands of zombies with only a knife and an AK-47 which of these cheat codes would you put in and why (You can only use one)? Infinite Ammo Unlimited Stamina A cheat code that turns your knife into a light saber that incinerates everything it touches to ashes (one hit kills) Unlimited stamina - That's what finally gets anyone killed in the zombie movie. Eventually you gotta stop and they don't. As someone who had to Google "LARPing," how did you get into that hobby, and what was the best LARP that you were a part of? Was listening to Dan Harmon's Harmontown podcast and some guy they brought on stage from the audience. He talked about larping and it was up here in the PNW. Found it was close enough to drive to. Went on a total lark cause I was bored. Fell in love with it and never looked back. That guy from the podcast is now a friend of mine. Who is a really interesting side character (from any video game) that you think deserves their own game (and does not have one already)? Make a spin off of FF7 remake as a beat'em up starring Tifa. She was the most fun to play in that game. Ever visit the Spruce Goose museum? Meant to a couple times when I was in med school, up in Portland, but other stuff kept coming up and then moved away. What is your most favorite and least favorite Dr. Pepper flavor? So I don't actually drink very much soda. But that Dr. Pepper and Cream soda was really good. Least favorite is anything diet. I hate how they taste. Have you ever been to a Pro Wrestling match? If yes, what was the most epic fight you’ve been to? Yes been to a ton of shows. Most fun to watch was Kane vs Shawn Michaels in a ladder match. But anytime I get to sit at ringside and yell at the wrestlers (in a fun not mean way) and they react back is great. As long as you're not a jerk and know it's all for a fun experience they're cool. What type of cuisine do you like the most to cook? Japanese. Love making curry and katsu chicken. Also I love to BBQ. Always down to grill a some burgers or a steak. Also Italian is fun. A lasagna is a thing of beauty to put together then eat. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 1000000000000% extrovert. I have several introvert friends and we've talked about this before but I just can't wrap my head around being introverted. The idea is so alien to me. I love being a center of attention and just getting out there and doing whatever seems fun at the time. One time at PAX me and a friend jumped up on the Let's Dance stage when they were doing demos that no one was paying attention to and started a straight up dance party. Let's just say that 2020 has been a terrible year of being locked inside and not getting to do anything. Why did you start streaming? So on and off like a couple times a year when they baked it into the PS4. Called it Office Hours because at the time I had better connection at my office. Then in 2019 I started doing it a little more regularly because some other friends started too. Made affiliate right before quarantine started just streaming once a week. Now I do it every Monday because it's fun. Not trying to go big, just doing it to do it. If you could write a slogan or put a picture on the visible side of the moon, what would it be? What’s your go-to pizza topping? Pepperoni and Pineapple. The GOAT pizza. Not up for discussion. Who’s your all-time favorite wrestler? All Time Roddy Piper. The best on the mic, the best heel, the best man to ever set foot in that ring. Current is Kenny Omega. He's the best wrestler alive today, with Okada and Daniel Bryan like right at he same level but I like Kenny a bit more. If you didn't like Dr. Pepper sodas, would you jump into Coke, Pepsi or Mountain Dew? Once again, not actually much of a soda drinker. It was more just a name for the joke. I do like Dr. pepper, Root Beer and Mountain Dew though. But also big shouts out to Razzleberry Peace Tea. Someone at Peace Tea corporate please contact me for a sponsorship. What kind of weightlifting did you practice? Typical gym routines or do you have a functional training programming? Six day program. Three day cycle repeated twice with a day off. First day Chest and Tri's. Second day back and Bi's. Thirds day Shoulders and legs. Abs every day and Elliptical every day, but less time on leg days. Not trying to be a bulked out monster but being a chiropractor requires a lot of strenuous activity. Gotta stay strong and limber. Does chiropractics be more alike to physiotherapy or to traumatology, in your experience? Chiropractic Medicine is basically biomechical treatment for pain that is cause by non-invasive injury. I'm really more akin to a mechanic that works on joints. But I have to know everything that all doctors know so if someone comes in with a problem I don't deal with I can diagnose it and get them to where they need to be. In the last eight years I've diagnosed three appendicitis cases, two kidney stones, a case of meningitis, and someone actively having a heart attack that they didn't even realize. Got them to the emergency room and they were able to save him. The number of games you've played is remarkable. Can you explain a bit your cabinet and your rarest trophies? Through the magic of remote play and the fact that a lot of time at my office is waiting for patients either get here or get done with therapy before I see them I get to play a lot of shit games through the day. I know many people don't like the rise in the Raitalaika specials if you know what I mean, but I just like to make the numbers go up. Plus most of the shmup ones are really fun. I have 11 ultra rare plats. In rarity order from most rare to least they are, Titan Souls, which was a personal challenge to myself just to see if I could do it. Injustice 2, because I got lucky with the cat call before they fixed the towers. Lost Sea, which was just a damn fun but long as hell rogue like. Alpha Protocol, I don't know why this is rare but it rules and everyone with a PS3 should try it. Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time which I think is from the PS+ effect. The Escapist, which I get, it takes some real weird setting up to do some of the trophies. Civ 6, because it's Civ 6. Amnesia Collection due to PS+ and the all collectibles trophy. Metal Slug anthology for difficulty alone. You Don't Know Jack because of the online portion. And lastly the Ricky and Morty VR game because of that god damn battery charge game. Screw that minigame and whoever invented it. Name 3 games you still remember longingly form your hunt, and 3 others, that you honestly never wanted to play if you knew beforehand that they were so bad. Every game I've mentioned already (with the exception of Rage 2) could go in that first part, so let me shout out three more games I haven't mentioned. Dishonored on PS3 - because ghost glitched on me at the end and I didn't wanna run it again, so I put it of and put it off for 7 years, until last September when I finally sat down and platinumed the game that had been on my account unfinished the longest. Fallout 3 - Another game I was in the middle of when my Xbox nightmare occurred. I never went back and then 8 years later I bought it on PS3, and said I am gonna conquer ever part of this game and see what I was missing after all this time. A fantastic game. The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners - is the #1 reason to own a PSVR. As much as I love Astrobot Rescue, that might have worked as a normal game. S&S is what I wanted as a kid when VR was the "future" or games. Three I never would have started if I had know what it entailed (Rage 2 for sure but out of games I haven't mentioned yet) Bound by Flame - Everything I saw said it was a subpar game but not that hard to plat. The game is damn near unplayable. It controls like shit and runs worse than anything I've ever seen. Abandoned it after an hour. Outer Wilds - Everyone i know talked this game up as the best thing ever but I had space flight. I bet the actual mystery of the time loop rules but I absolutely hate flying that spaceship and to get the platinum that landing on the sun trophy looks far beyond my capabilities. Bought it without research because of all the good press. My own fault. Maybe one day. Star Trek Bridge Crew - This one isn't the game's fault. I bought it to play and plat with friends. They promised we would do it together then they bailed on me. I would love to go back and plat this game but I got no friends to do it with. Which game character do you most identify with / are you most like. I don't really "identify" with fictional characters much. I wanna see where the story takes them so I feel pretty disconnected in that aspect from them. But the one whose journey I wanted to see play out the most was Jin Sakai from Ghost of Tsushima. That game is probably the best open world game of the PS4 generation. Is there a game that doesn’t fit the answers to any of the other questions, but you just want to gush about how much you love it anyways? I FUCKING LOVE DONUT COUNTY! PLAY THIS GAME! IT'S SO FUN AND CHARMING AND THE MUSIC IS FIRE! Are you aware that here in the UK, one of the supermarkets has its own brand DrPepper knock-off, called.... wait for it.... DrThunder? Yeah we have that too in Walmart. Like every supermarket has it's off brand soda with a Dr. Something line. Here's a photo of a bunch of them I found on google: What are your top 5 WrestleMania events? Michaels vs Razor Wrestlemania X ladder match. Edge vs Mick Foley Hardcore match Wrestlemania 22. The Danie Bryan Saga Wrestlemania 30. Michaels vs Taker series Wrestlemania 25 and 26. TLC at Wrestlemania 17, the one where Edge spears Jeff Hardy while he's hanging from the belts. What are your favorite things about WWE going on right now? Nothing. I don't watch WWE anymore. I'm all into AEW, New Japan, Impact, Shimmer and Tokyo Joshi Pro. Shouts out Maki Itoh. Cutest in the world. I should probably start finding a way to watch ROH again too but they are harder to find online. Which is your favorite game song? Beneath the Mask - Persona 5 Do you boost yourself with soda every time you play, or all day, while working too? Nope, just water mostly. Not really a soda drinker. Y'all really like to talk about soda. Which was your hardest subject at medicine school; after taking it, do you like it or would you never want to know nothing about it onwards? Orthopedics. Learning all the tests and having to know them by heart, and there was a lot. Honestly now I use about 10-15 them the most but I had to know them all in case one day someone comes in with something weird and I need to know that one little piece of info. Also the guy that taught my pharmacology class was an asshole. Secret Twist of the Month, chosen by @Rally-Vincent--- Howard's Deed by @DoctorDrPepper =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= I used to play games from Todd Howard, Till he took Xbox's money, that coward. Because I roll with Sony, And he's a Microsoft crony So I can't wait to see Bethesda devoured. Please look forward to next months surprise twist activity that will be privately chosen by March's interviewee's _______________________________________________________________ Let us give thanks to all that participated in asking questions to our interviewee
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  19. scanned in this DLC, they are now on PSNP for both versions @Ac3dUd3-
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  21. There's a misunderstanding on the naming origin of the game. 'Soccer' as it is known in the US, was originated in England when the Football Association abbreviated the name to 'Assoccer' that was then further shortened to 'soccer' in roughly 1863, or there about. This was done so to bring a further clarification between the 'Football Association' and the 'Rugby Football Union.' The name of soccer was, at one time, widely recognized in the EU and England and was growing in popularity during the World War II era. However, at some point after the war, there was a growing opinion that the perversion of American culture influences on the game created a derogatory prestige against the British in the early to mid 1980's. This grew rapidly to the point where the term 'soccer' was mostly unrecognized in the 90's and has since been 'football' in most EU countries as the correct referencing name to the game. The US actually did try to add 'football' to the name, but it was too confusing and wordy for the governing body of sport. It was once called the United States Soccer Football Association, and was formally changed to US Soccer Federation in 1975 to simplify and remove confusion. If anything, if anyone were to blame, should you be looking to point fingers, it should be towards England for popularizing the term originally. But in the end, I think it is more productive to celebrate the game and not get crossed up in a name.
  22. I've scanned in this DLC, thank you
  23. Welcome PSNP! Welcome back to Member Interviews. I know it has been a long time since the last one, but unfortunately a lot happened that needed to be dealt with. However, @LoveInHell has been incredibly patient to wait their turn. Let's not keep them waiting and get this interview underway LoveInHell Standard Questions How did you come up with your PSN name? Actually… I didn’t come up with it. I used to be very active on a site called GoSuperModel when I was still in middle school. I think I may have been 9-10 years old then. There was a girl on the forum named LoveInHell that was very artistic, she made cute drawings of people’s character on the site. I looked up to her and wanted to draw just as good as her. When I got my first Playstation when I was 11, I couldn’t come up with any good name so I named myself LoveInHell. Ever since then, I pretty much claimed it. Sad to say I was never the “creator” of this name buuut it’s mine now, haha. What games convinced you get your PlayStation 3, Playstation Vita, and PlayStation 4? I never really wanted the PS3 for specific games. I saw my uncle play a lot of games and wanted a PS3 because of him, I thought it was cool and wanted to be just as good as him. My dad got me a Playstation 3 with the Move Controllers as a gift for my birthday, played loads of Dance Star Party and Fifa 11. Then I moved on to shooters like Call Of Duty, Brink, Homefront. Next was the Assassin’s Creed games, especially Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood multiplayer. I’d pretty much play whatever my uncle was playing, after all I was still a little kid in middle school, I didn’t know much about games and was just following whoever I was looking up to. The reason I wanted the PS4 was because of Until Dawn and Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. I had seen gameplay of Until Dawn and was hooked, I had to play it. My mom bought me Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 on the PS3 but that was a horrible experience… The PS4 version was so much better. Then I got a Playstation Vita last year because I have to take public transport a lot to go to school and in case I go on vacation, mainly for traveling reasons. I wanted to be occupied while traveling, a handheld console was the perfect thing for that. First few games I got were my favorite childhood games on the PSP: Tekken 6 and Grand Theft Auto Liberty City. What are your top 5 games and why? I was never able to even make a top 3 until last year. Nothing was impressive enough to be my absolute favorite but I finally got this: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game of The Year Edition – Ever since I played it in 2017, it’s been my favorite game of all time. It has every mark checked. I have never played such a perfect game in my life, oh yeah I’m a huge fan of this game. It’s just so perfectly balanced and well executed; the story, the characters, the environment, everything. Everything that you do in this game, has an impact on almost the whole world. The lore is incredible, the thought behind every single detail is impressive. If you love RPG, fantasy and “choice matters” type of games, then this game is for you. If you like a good story, then this is it. Exploration is great. As if the base game wasn’t already amazing enough, the DLC makes it truly complete. They treated both DLC’s the same way they treated the base game. I have such a great respect for this whole game and love it with a passion. Can’t believe that till this day, little secrets are still being found in the game. Subnautica – I wanted to try something new: a survival game. It was an amazing experience. I figured out that I really love exploration in games and the thrill of survival. Survival doesn’t speak to me unless there is a scary part of the game, “not knowing the unknown”. That thought is truly scary, “not knowing what is there”. The more I played this game, the scarier it got because in order to progress in the game, you have to start diving deeper and deeper to the point everything around you is pitch black. You can’t see anything around you and all you can depend on is listening to what is around you and look at your compass. Navigation is very important and oh boy, if you went the wrong direction it usually meant baaaad territory. Next minute, you’re being jumpscared in the darkness, not knowing what direction to go to. I enjoyed every single minute of playing it even though I was super scared, haha. The Forest – Same reason as Subnautica. Figured out I loved survival and horror mixed with it, I expected the same experience of this game but on land. Instead of being in an ocean with all sorts of unknown alien creatures, you’re in a forest with cannibalistic survivors. You must explore dark caves and find your way out, find items to proceed properly. Again, the thrill of “not knowing what’s there” is present in this game too. You’re in caves, you don’t know what to expect, you don’t know where you’re going to at times. Navigation is important. Loved every minute of this! Which unreleased game(s) are you looking forward to the most and why? Hogwarts Legacy (PS5) – I don’t own a PS5 yet and it’s probably going to take me a few years to decide to get one. But seeing the games in development for PS5 is very exciting. I love Harry Potter, I can not get tired of the movies, no matter how old I get. I used to play the Harry Potter games on the PSP but somehow lost them when I was little. I was beyond excited to hear when a new Harry Potter game was being made and we’re so close at the release date! Seen some gameplay and it looks great so far, the only thing I hope they will add eventually is coop (2-4 players). This would be so much fun to play with friends! Subnautica Below Zero (PS5) – Subnautica is in my top 3 games played, of course I am excited for the Below Zero extension. I am not going to get it on the PS4, it is worth the wait. I have no doubts it will be fantastic. Hopefully they also add coop to this game (2 players). Horizon Forbidden West – I loved playing Horizon Zero Dawn, great experience and something else. It was new, it’s unique and it was eye-opening for gaming as a whole. I feel like Horizon Zero Dawn became an example of how amazing games can be, it was a step forward in gaming back when it came out. Ever since then, it felt like a series of amazing games came out, graphic wise, story wise, character wise. It was an example. I have high hopes for the second game, I’m just a bit worried about the story; I hope it’s not too similar to the first game’s story. “Saving the world” type of story. I also hope we will see a proper character development. Do you have any other hobbies outside of gaming? Not necessarily hobbies… but I enjoy baking and drawing on the computer. I have yet to find something I love just as much as gaming. Top 5 TV shows, Movies, and/or anime, why, and would you recommend them to people? Just a little warning, I like “trashy” dramatic tv shows, haha. Got a bit of a dark humour so some of these will contain that. I love drama movies, realistic movies, fantasy, it’s a bit of a mixture. Awkward – this is a MTV tv series about a girl named Jenna that goes through a lot in high school. She’s an awkward girl that ends up having a secret relationship with the most popular guy in school: Matty. But she’s sick and tired of being hidden and ends up “breaking free”/coming out of her shell. A lot of funny scenes happen in the show, many, many awkward moments that are just hilarious. I think it pictures high school life pretty good but exaggerated in a funny way. I recommend this show to people who can have a good laugh with rather dark jokes, awkward moments and like a bit of drama. Marriage Story – honestly one of the best, if not THE BEST, drama movie I have ever watched. It’s about a married couple that are going through a divorce, they have a child and are trying to cope with it. They don’t want to give a hard time to their child, they want to maintain a healthy relationship mainly for the sake of their son. In this movie you see the perspective of both parents, what they think of each other and how they express it. There is an amazing scene that made me cry my eyes out cause of how well acted it was. You can literally feel the emotion of a certain scene so well, it’s hard to stay composed. Great acting like that, it’s hard to find. The way how the movie started is how the movie ended, and again started crying my eyeballs out. I recommend this movie to everyone who like dramatic and realistic movies. It’s not really a sad or happy story, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions (not only in the movie, in real too, it can really get to you if you’re as emotional as me ;-; but it’s all good) Black Butler – this is an anime series about a little boy that made a contract with a demon, his butler. He made the contract to avenge his family’s death, he took over the mansion and is running the family’s company. His butler has to follow all orders the boy, Ciel, gives. It’s a horror and comedic anime, but it also has dramatic episodes that for example shows the trauma of Ciel so if you’re sensitive for extremely traumatic experiences (avoiding spoilers here) then I wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re fine with it, then I do recommend it if you also like dark and a bit of silly humor. Top 5 favorite music bands/group/artists/composers/ost? The Weeknd – I don’t want to be one of these people but I’m going for it, I knew him before he was famous. Listening to his songs, I knew he would make it and be big in the music industry. He has an incredible talent: singing and writing. His songs always bring some kind of philosophical message and I love it. At first, he reminded me of Michael Jackson, even now he just gives that vibe. He got the moves, he got the voice (quite high pitched), he has that gift of bringing forward a deep message. His songs can be quite sensual as well, a lot of them are about love, sex, money, relationships, drugs, friends, society. He’s an artist that wants to educate via his music. Not only are the lyrics that get me, it’s also the beat that makes it perfect. If you’re interested to listen, these are a couple of my favorite songs: “Tell Your Friends”, “Wicked Games” “Reminder”, “Angel” and “Acquainted” Miso – she’s a singer that also makes songs of mainly love. She sings about someone she seems to be close to or wants to find. She’s not very well known. Her songs are calm and the lyrics again tell a story and have a deeper meaning. Her voice is soothing and perfect for these type of songs. Here are a few of my favorites: “Take Me”, “Blinded”, “Lost”, “Only U” and “Castles”. Bring Me The Horizon – I don’t listen to them anymore but I will always remember them. They will always have some kind of place in my heart because they pretty much saved my life and sanity in a very dark time in my life. Listening to their music when I was going through a depression made me feel understood, it made me feel like I wasn’t the only one. The song that made me love them was “Can You Feel My Heart”, they sing, they yell, they scream, they almost talk in the song, all of the emotions they brought in the songs, I could feel every day. I related to their songs so much, it truly kept me going. It was an escape of the horrible times I was going through. Even though they don’t know me, they never will, I am forever grateful to them. If you like metal, I recommend this band to you. Their lyrics also have a deep meaning. These were, and kinda still are, my favorite songs from them: “Can You Feel My Heart”, “Sleepwalking”, “Shadow Moses”, “And The Snakes Start To Sing”, “Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake” and “The House of Wolves”. Your favorite platinum and why? Subnautica – even though The Witcher 3 is my all time favorite game, that doesn’t mean it’s my favorite platinum. Subnautica was a fun platinum to get because every time you had reached a different area, you would get a trophy and you know your exploration was going in the right direction. The trophies force you to go to places you want to avoid, the trophies force you to go to these areas so you can make the right equipment to keep diving deeper and deeper, unraveling more of the story. It was a great journey! Your least favorite platinum and why? Blind Men – this game is incredibly boring. I’m not that picky with games, I will try anything out and I don’t really end up disliking a game. I just think “it’s okay I guess”, that’s the worst thing that can happen. But this game… was just horrible. I like visual novels, this was not a good one. The story sucks, I couldn’t care less, the characters looked boring, I just skipped through everything and got the plat. And it bothers me how now my profile says this is my fastest achieved platinum… Oh God, even the plat picture, it’s hideous. Have you ever been tempted to switch over to the Xbox/Nintendo/PC gaming ecosystems? Yes. I thought about switching over to PC before I got into trophy hunting. I did a bit of research and it’s just too much hassle in my opinion. Gaming PC’s are so expensive, I can simply not afford it. First the PC, then all the PC parts to have the best gaming experience, then to buy the games. I can’t be bothered. Once I got into trophy hunting, it never occurred to me again to completely switch over to another gaming system. I do own a Nintendo but Playstation will always be my main gaming console I think. If you could have one game from any gaming generation be remade or re-released, which one would it be and why? Alice Madness Returns (PS3) – I would love to see a remaster of this game on the PS5. It will most likely never happen but imagine. A horror Alice In Wonderland game is just awesome, simple. I loved the world and combat, I have good memories of that game on the PS3 and enjoyed every moment of it. Underrated game too. How far are you willing to go for a platinum? Not that far. I just want to have fun. As long as it’s not very tedious, I can handle it. Collectibles are fine, I have the patience for that. I’m fine with a 100-200 hour plat, 1000 hours though… Heeeeell noooo. What feature (besides backwards compatibility) do you think the next console generation should have? 8K gaming will be the next thing, I think. Don’t get rid of disc driver consoles! Technology keeps advancing but I am happy with the quality of the PS4 Pro. I don’t feel like much need to be changed for the next console generation. Maybe better subscriptions. What is your favorite thing about PSNP? The community, the help, the guides, the layout. I like almost everything about this site. It’s nice to see that people help each other on the forum, even when it’s not related to trophies or games at all. What is your least favorite thing about PSNP? The site needs better maintenance. Many members have requested certain features to add to the site multiple times, a lot of them were never applied. I think these things are ignored, we’re lucky that @HusKy made PSNP+. Thank you. Is there anyone in the PSNP Community you would like to give a shout out too and if so why? @Superbuu3 – you’re my best friend, thank you for brightening the days. Always having a laugh and having interesting conversations. You’re awesome and I’m very lucky to have met such a good friend as you. Also your trophy cabinet is funny, it needs more recognition. @DaivRules – when I read your comments, you always say very intelligent stuff and I feel like I’m learning from you just reading your posts. Then you tend to be humorous as well, I like it I like it. Thanks for being a good mod, you’re cool and your dog is super duper cute! @Dreggit – thank you for helping the guide writers so much, for making the most detailed forum posts explaining something important for the site. I appreciate your efforts in making this site a professional and fun place. @AJ_Radio –Your point of view is always interesting to read on the forum. You have a way of thinking that not many people think like and it’s interesting, even when I don’t agree. You tend to make a discussion worthwhile to discuss about, I also feel like I’m learning whenever I see a post from you. @Helyx – you’re hilarious. You have made some funny comments before that made me laugh out loud. You seem like a cool dude. PSNP Community Questions Which is your favourite season of the year? Spring. Everything comes to life, nature starts blooming again. Everything becomes beautiful outside. The best time outside is towards the end of Spring when transitioning to Summer. What was the most epic boss battle you've ever encountered in a game? Warning: Dark Souls 3 DLC spoilers! Do you have any plans for your 100th platinum? If so, what is it and why? I’m not someone who plans at all but in honour of The Witcher 3 I decided to make that my 100th platinum and 100% it again. It’s my all time favourite game and will gladly plat it again. Experience it all over again and maybe try and play as a bad Geralt (main character, I failed so many times to do that cause I suck at choosing evil options lol). What is your favorite anime/manga franchise? Hokuto No Ken (Fist of The North Star) What is your favorite anime series? Black Butler If you could create your own anime/manga franchise, what kind of world would you create, what kinds of characters would you have in it, and what type of genre would you make it? I would make a post-apocalyptic world and everything would be about survival. The world would look rather grey, empty, destroyed, humanity failed type of thing. I would create different groups, like factions. These factions would be allies, enemies and have betrayal. I would want psychological aspects, kind of like the Nonary Games. Main characters would be quite serious but I would want 1 or 2 goofy characters to balance it out and sometimes the serious characters would say something hilarious out of the blue. The main thought would be: who can we trust? Who do we side with? Betray or not? Ally or not? Mind games would play a big part and I would want a shock factor that blows everyone away that they want to keep watching. The genre would be psychological, action, comedy, historical, military, post-apocalyptic and tragedy. It’d be a serious anime but also funny. Most importantly, who is your top waifu/husbando of choice? If you have more than one, please list your Top 5! I can’t help but fangirl over Kenshiro from Hokuto No Ken when I see him, lol. I don’t have a top 5, he’s the only one that I think is husband material. Wow, not only is he sexy as hell but he will always be there to rescue you and make you his priority. I just wish he would stop being so serious all the time. Like damn crack a joke and laugh, Ken. He’s always having a pokerface. But yeah, he’s badass. Which is your favorite FotNS character? I can’t pick! It’s hard to choose between Kenshiro, Shu and Toki. They’re my top 3. Kenshiro is such a badass character, wow his fighting style is awesome. I like his mysterious character, he doesn’t show much emotion like he’s always focused on the objective and wants to do the right thing. (Spoiler warning about Shu!) Shu is too precious, it broke my heart when he died under the pyramid and I still cry every time when I see it happen. That whole pyramid scene is depressing and cruel, I literally hate Souther I’m glad he’s dead. It is a horrible scene, Shu did not deserve any of that. Toki is also too precious and has a big heart, he’s so selfless. His goal is to just heal the sick and live the low life, he’s awesome. While Kenshiro is like husband material, Shu and Toki feel like big brothers. They’re all awesome characters. Worst game you've ever played? Blind Men. Most disgusting video game moment? I saw my uncle playing this game. It’s a scene in Dead Space 2 where you have to do something to your own character’s eye and it was so disgusting and disturbing to watch. I never forgot about that. Which culture/food would you like to try first, since you want to travel to different places/cultures? Interesting… There is so much to choose from! I think I would first like to try Korean cuisine. I’m not a meat lover, I eat chicken sometimes and I prefer to eat vegetarian food. I feel like it will be a challenge to find vegetarian restaurants because when I look at food videos in Korea, there’s always a lot of meat dishes. Will have to do proper research before traveling there one day. You have the choice to move anywhere in the world and take everyone you love along with you. Where would you move? Or, would you stay where you are right now? Haha, I don’t think anyone of my family would like to move from this country. I would just take my bags and move to England, live a happy life and go on visits whenever I can. What's a game you'd like to get the plat for, but don't have the skill/time to do it right now? It doesn’t have a platinum trophy but I’d like to 100% Iconoclasts. I really enjoyed that game but there is one trophy I can’t do: “One Hit Wonder”, you must beat the game on Challenge Mode which means you can’t get hit once. If you get hit once, it’s game over. I attempted this but I’m just too bad and gave up. Most anticipated PS5 game from the stuff you've seen? Horizon Forbidden West How did you find out about PSNP? I was looking for a trophy guide and PSNP was the first site that popped up, I liked the layout and it was clean to look at. Then I saw the forums and liked what I was reading so I made an account. I’m glad to be a part of this community. Do you have any gaming goals for your profile for the next year? I don’t usually set goals but I think reaching 80 platinums would be cool to get by 2022. I’m also slowly increasing my profile’s completion percentage, if I would reach almost 45-50% then that would be cool. Try to decrease my unearned trophies. What's your favorite animal? I love cats! Favourite cat breeds are: Maine Coon, British Shorthair and Scottish Shorthair. Who has better chances of conquering Earth: Aliens who are technologically far superior, but small in numbers, or Aliens who are technologically inferior, but far outnumber humans? I think aliens who are technologically inferior but outnumber humans. This is a tough question because if their superior technology is like UFO’s kidnapping a thousand humans in a few seconds then we’re screwed, lol. What game or games are so good, yet so under-played, you always want to recommend them? It used to be The Witcher 3 but since the Netflix series blew up, the game got the recognition it deserves. I haven’t really thought about it before but looking at my list, I feel like We Happy Few deserves more attention. The concept of the game is so interesting. It pictures a world where people need to, and have to, take drugs to stay happy. When someone doesn’t take their “Joy Pill”, they become depressed and are hit with the harsh reality. We Happy Few portrays a society where drugs is a necessity. To make a game like this is quite courageous. If you could live in any video game world, which one would you chose? Stardew Valley, enjoy nature, enjoy life. What’s your favorite font? Billion Dreams and Athena from the site Dafont, I use these quite often as a title. Agency FB is good for like an introduction, I used it for my CV for example. Which character is your profile pic? Why? Both my PSNP and PSN avatars are drawn by Ilya Kuvshinov. He’s an artist I used to follow on DeviantArt, I like his artstyle. I was surprised to see his art in the PS store, very pleasant surprise and of course I had to buy one. I tend to go for profile pictures that represent me: PSNP avatar shows a woman that looks strong willed and feminine, PSN avatar shows a woman with short hair and is again feminine. When I chose the PSNP avatar I had long hair, when I chose the PSN avatar my hair was cut that short. Now I thought about changing my PSN avatar but my profile is way too pretty now to change it. Matched the background and colours. Your username has a philosophical meaning and maybe a theological one. Are into those kind of things, or you don't care at all? Like I said in question one, I did not create this name. I have thought about it though, what even is the meaning of “LoveInHell”? If there is a hell, then I don’t believe there is love in hell. In hell there are only horrible things, love is not existent in hell. To me, the username just sounds nice, it suits me for the following reason: I have a sweet and not so sweet side of me. I am a loving person but I can also turn into flames when angry. I can be extremely angry and still love a person so much. It’s like a struggle as love and hell (hell = hate?) are opposites. What is your stand on relationships and advice to single people looking for one? Best advice I can give is to not try to look for love. Don’t force to find someone. Live life and meet people on the way, I believe that only that way you will find the right person. First get to know someone very well, get to know their good and bad qualities. When you click with someone, you will both feel from each other there is a spark. Never rush into things, take it slow and never trust someone fully. Everyone hurts people, intentionally and unintentionally. Don’t expect a fairytale from relationships. Healthy relationships have ups and downs, strong relationships will get through the hard times together. Communication is KEY, always. I feel like a lot of relationships fail because people don’t know how to communicate and be honest to one another. Being in a relationship is wonderful if you’re with the right person - your significant other is supposed to support you, not bring you down. My opinion is to think long term. If you can (or you actually) live at an Asian country, would you prefer to be in a cosmopolitan, high-tech one (like Japan or Hong Kong) or into a more rural, spiritual oriented type (like Thailand or Sri Lanka)? That’s a difficult question because I love technology but I dislike crowded places. I would want to live somewhere peacefully, where it’s modern but calm. An open minded place, lots of nature but also familiar with high tech. I think Japan would be a good place to live, just somewhere peaceful, not in the centre of everything. Who used to be your main character(s) in Tekken Dark Resurrection? Anna and Lili. I don’t know how but I used to do sick combos with Lili on the PSP, I suck at fighting games now. The only two moves I remember from Anna is the one where she turns around, jumps in the air and hits the opponent with her ass and the one where she grabs the opponent and just smacks them in the face like 5-6 times from left to right, lmao. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you everyone for asking questions and participating in this interview. Please join me soon for the next interview
  24. With the PS5, a dev can add tracking for any trophy, providing they want to. If a dev has done so, then PSNP will pick it up, and track what the PSN API tracks. I don't know how accurate it is though on PSNPs side of things since I do not own a PS5. As far as I know, the tracking can be a numerical sequence, or a percentile tick.
  25. As far as FFXV itself, I do have mixed feelings with it. It does have a Final Fantasy-esque kind of story, of which becomes much clearer with the whole of the DLCs. Though, the game does suffer in pacing issues that are rather unfortunate. The combat is great for beginners to aRPGs, but not so great to someone adept with them. It is passable, but never really feels as though there is much risk involved. Items are too easy to come by, and can be used with little to no consequence. Heck, getting a game over in most cases is kind of a achievement haha. Magic, while different in this game, is absurdly broken. It can defeat anything in the game with little to no problem providing you understand how it all works. The world itself is amazing to explore and get lost in. It is a great deal of fun to see something and also climb it. Like the arches in the second region. There aren't many games that allow you to climb set pieces like that. However, the game also walls you frequently. Not allowing you total freedom, and actually just gives the perception of freedom, having invisible walls all over the place. Still, it is a beautiful game, and the environments are great. One great dissapointment is that you cannot explore the regions later in the game, and are only allowed a glimpse into them. A lot of care went into side activities, such as the photo system, fishing and meals. The food looks amazing, and some others look disgusting, lol. The food is maybe the best looking food I've ever seen in a game though. The fishing is also really fun, at least, it was fun to me. I want to get the VR game but cannot justify spending the miney on VR for just one game. The early game dungeons are really fun. You can tell a lot of care went into their construction, and most of them tell a story in the environmental clues that exist in each of them. A misstep in the game, is treating the player to several interesting things, and never allowing you to explore it. Such as the ruined world in the penultimate chapter. I would have rathered been allowed to explore that destroyed and ruined world then be forced into a car to progress the story. The original endgame is rather lackluster, and the additions made in the Royal Edition helps a bunch, but does not save it entirely either. Most endgame dungeons involve diving into a decending tower/cave/dungeon of some description with the same copy/paste assets and patterns for almost all of them. The best base game endgame treat is the platforming dungeon in the top left corner of the map. It's a wonderful change of pace and has a fascinating theory involved with it if you ever care to look for it. Many don't like the platforming in the game, but I found this dungeon as a big treat and a great break from the sameness that the rest of the endgame suffered from. The DLCs... are interesting. Each has a different way of playing the game, some are better then others. The best is probably also the one with the worst trophy of the game (involving snowmobiles) because it allowed you to explore a new region of the world you otherwise were not allowed to. Honestly, the game might have sold better if it wasn't a Final Fantasy game. It's good, yes, but I would not personally say it is great, or even approaching the best of the series. It is worth a play though, all the same. In the end though, a game should be able to stand on its own, and not need its DLC to be a complete package. There will be a day in where buying this DLC will not be possible anymore, as evidenced with recent PS3/vita news. You should not need DLC to make the base game story make more sense.