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  1. I've been so hooked into Tales of Xilla that I forgot that I also had Dragon's Crown.

    1. KingBaku


      lol it happens, im so hooked on A Realm Reborn that i havent played anything else in a month :P

    2. MatthewNPC


      How is "A Realm Rebon"? I never got into Final Fantasy's MMORPGs.

  2. If you wish to add me on PSN feel free! Just let me know who you are so I don't get confused.

  3. The Last of Us is such a good game.

    1. MrsB


      I agree! The story really got my invested emotionally. :)

    2. DracoLionheart


      I second that notion, you can tell that Naughty Dog took there time to tell a good story instead of rushing the game out like a lot of companies do now a days. =/

    3. JoeTootell
  4. FEZ looked like such an interesting game but I will never support an immature child.