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  1. Vanquish - Tactical Challenger is only 20 brutally hard minutes - but not many can do it. Insanely difficult. Call of Duty Classic - Hardest shooter I've player to be honest. Silent Hill 2 - 10 star run needs to be just about perfect Shadow of the Colossus - Hard Time Attack 3 Call of Duty World at War - Veteran is challenging, esp Heart of the Reich and Relentless. But it is definitely Vanquish, when I finally cleared challenge 6 it felt amazing.
  2. I have: Master Slasher's trophy - Demon's Souls I love Demon's Souls but it took me 40+ hours of backstabbing the BP Skeleton until it finally dropped. I was just unlucky. Big Tournament - Borderlands The Mad Moxxi Underdome large Rounds 20 waves of 5 rounds or some crap. That was a horrible experience. Don't have Warlord - Far Cry 2 Level 30 1,000 + hours? I don't think so. All missions successfully competed - Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 I'll never have the skill for that.