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  1. Personally, I didn't have all that much trouble with [email protected] Veteran. CoD Classic is harder especially the Battleship Level. However, Mile High Club is the single hardest out if them all to do legit IMO - so in that case I kind of agree that MW is pretty underrated difficulty-wise. One-shot-one-kill took a few attempts (except getting the last collectible on that level is pretty tough), I had more trouble with Heat and No Fighting in the War Room myself.
  2. This trophy glitched on me as well. I checked the journal and it had all racket bosses as flipped except the two scripted kills. I did see a glitch on that run and also the second flip attempt where the gambling racket in southdowns was given to Burke in the game but in the journal it was given to Vito. I reloaded my save from PS+ and tried again. Same thing. This time I assigned it to Cassandra and it stayed Cassandra in the journal. I continued to play on and it popped on the 15th sex racket boss in the French Ward. I hope this can help, but it at least worked for me. It may also be cumulative and pop when you flip a boss that potentially glitched on the first run - nobody knows. But the kill one for me was not cumulative - I had to do that one in one run.
  3. Agony. I still have to go back and give it another try - but the 3-4 hours I stumbled around it was painstakingly boring. I also couldn't see anything at all - I had to pump the gamma all the way up on my 4K and STILL couldn't see. Also very boring, unfair and no real point to it. No amount of Gratuitous Demon Boobs makes up for that. Also Duke Nukem 3D Anniversary - Really dated I know - But I hated it. The inpatient is also pretty bad - surprises me as until Dawn Rush of Blood was insanely good.
  4. Vanquish - Tactical Challenger is only 20 brutally hard minutes - but not many can do it. Insanely difficult. Call of Duty Classic - Hardest shooter I've player to be honest. Silent Hill 2 - 10 star run needs to be just about perfect Shadow of the Colossus - Hard Time Attack 3 Call of Duty World at War - Veteran is challenging, esp Heart of the Reich and Relentless. But it is definitely Vanquish, when I finally cleared challenge 6 it felt amazing.
  5. I have: Master Slasher's trophy - Demon's Souls I love Demon's Souls but it took me 40+ hours of backstabbing the BP Skeleton until it finally dropped. I was just unlucky. Big Tournament - Borderlands The Mad Moxxi Underdome large Rounds 20 waves of 5 rounds or some crap. That was a horrible experience. Don't have Warlord - Far Cry 2 Level 30 1,000 + hours? I don't think so. All missions successfully competed - Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 I'll never have the skill for that.