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  2. On the topic of Psychonauts, I believe Rhombus of Ruin should be moved out of the "No Stage" category and put into Stage 2. The game is set directly after Psychonauts 1, and the events of it are referenced frequently in Psychonauts 2.
  3. Thanks a lot for this, it was very useful for calculating remaining materials towards the end of my grind!
  4. This is a glitch that is exclusive to the PS3 and Steam ports of Symphonia. With it, you can access negative values in the Tech Menu and equip skills that belong to other characters, ones that were cut from the game (like Lloyd's Aurora Slash), or ones that are glitched to all hell. Unfortunately, it seems that pretty much any Tech applied in this way will either crash the game or do nothing at all. However, there is one exception to this, and that's the Mystic Artes. Once a character's Mystic Arte has been unlocked, you can find it in the glitched Tech Menu and equip it like a normal skill. This is especially useful for getting Colette through the Advanced Singles Coliseum, since she has the hardest time with it. Here's a small gallery of the glitch being performed: Imgur Link So here's how it works: You must have at least 7 Techs unlocked to fill out one page of the Tech Menu Using the D-Pad, scroll down to the very bottom of the Tech Menu Using the Right Stick, push down once, then push up until your cursor is on Tech #0 Use Left and Right on the D-Pad to cycle through the negative values Things to note: DO NOT use a Mystic Arte during a Unison Attack. You will crash the game. You still need to unlock a Tech to be allowed to use it. You can find future Techs in the menu, but equipping them will do nothing. This applies to Mystic Artes as well. The order in which the glitched menu is organized is seemingly random. If you can't find your character's Mystic Arte, either rearrange your party or try equipping the spell to a different slot. Values past -30 don't seem to offer any interesting results, so I wouldn't bother checking past that point. And that should be everything! Let me know if if there's anything I forgot to mention, or if you discovered anything cool on the glitched menu!
  5. Just want to get this message out there because there's conflicting reports online about the glitch being patched in the PS3 version, and the trophy guide makes no mention of it at all. I can personally confirm that if you leave the final dungeon after receiving the Derris Emblem, and immediately go back to talk to Zelos's butler, he'll give you the title even if you didn't fulfill the requirements. For the record, I was actively trying to get the title and did talk to most of the women in the game, but I never rebuilt Luin and I somehow missed a person in Ozette so I couldn't have gotten the title the correct way. I've also seen people online mention how they got the title only after completing one town, so I'm not sure what the specific requirements for this glitch could be. Anyway, just wanted to give people a bit of hope about skipping this title, because it's one of the most annoying in the game.
  6. Perhaps try deleting the game from your PS4 and installing from the disc? I just played this game on the old disc a couple days ago and could access the old version just fine. I had never played the game on my PS4 before then.
  7. Yes
  8. I managed to get Beaconator and Where Have You Been by going into a singleplayer world and spawning everything in creative mode. It worked first try there.
  9. I decided to take your word for it and buy a copy for myself, and sure enough this version does work. Thanks a bunch!
  10. Bikini Bottom - "A Wall Jump in the Bucket" Check to see if you actually collected that spatula. In my case, the game automatically marked it as collected even though I never actually grabbed that one.
  11. Both P3D and P5D are on sale right now, but I can't find this P4 stack anywhere. I know it's included as a bonus with the bundle, but I can't find a listing for that either. was it removed from the JP store, or is the code included with physical copies only?
  12. Both lists are the same game; they ran out of room on the original trophy list and had to make another one for bikes. For whatever reason though, bikes content is not included in the season pass, so you have to purchase those separately. And just to note that although Bikes was sold as a standalone, if you actually played it you would find that it's the exact same game, but you would be locked out of the normal driveclub content.
  13. Just because Sony is no longer selling it, doesn't mean it's gone forever. As long as the code Gamestop gives you is valid, you will be able to redeem it. As for your other question, the season pass is all you need for the main list of the game. If you want to do the Bikes list, that dlc is sold separately in 5(?) packs.
  14. I believe any version with English is going to be the worldwide stack. If you want the AS stack, you're gonna have to put up with playing in Chinese. I did it myself, and it really wasn't any harder than playing in English.
  15. I don't even disagree with you, man. I'm not necessarily in favor of allowing trophy deleting, but I'm not against it either. If a cheater really wants to go through that much trouble to make their time stamps legit, so be it. I really don't see how it affects me besides dropping me one place lower on the leader boards. Besides, there's almost certainly plenty of people on this website with fraudulent time stamps already. It's just something to accept.