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  1. The trophies are just in the order of a standard Kana table. Similar to putting English letters in alphabetical order.
  2. Fastest time is already 2 minutes. Quite a shame for all the aspiring weebs out there.
  3. Just confirmed these Scrat PS5 lists myself NA: EU:
  4. Oh so that's where this thread is going huh
  5. Stop worrying about how other people spend their time and just focus on yourself, man. You can come up with all the rules you want and people will still find the fastest way to the top.
  6. Damn homie, I don't know if you had to go that far. I just recently boosted this game with a group of 15, there still seems to be people out there that want it done. But if you just needed an excuse to own five Vitas, hey more power to you I guess.
  7. Well gosh, we certainly wouldn't want that!
  8. I don't remember this game ever being given away on PS+. Are you sure you aren't playing a demo of it?
  9. I believe I've said this opinion in this thread before, but I'll repeat it anyway since there's eyes on it again: If you care about this game, contact Ubisoft. Don't wait for someone else to do it, you do it. Right now. Submit a ticket on their website, contact @UbisoftSupport on Twitter. This game broke on Xbox 360 as well but they got that up and running again just fine. They aren't fixing it here because they either don't know, or they don't think there's anyone left to care. We don't need to rally a thousand people to make this happen, just let them know politely that there are real people who still want to play this game. Ubisoft is very good about supporting their legacy games, they can do this.
  10. No reason to apologize, I appreciate you for doing it. Cheers
  11. With all the attention they've been giving to the PS4 port recently, and considering that we know another update is on the way for PC, this will very likely be addressed in a future patch. Still, it's probably best to contact Re-Logic about it just to be sure.
  12. May I suggest a series page be created for Clannad? Stage 1: Stage 2:智代アフター-its-a-wonderful-life-cs-edition
  13. Does the link direct to the wrong post? It worked on my phone fine. I meant to point to the Essentials PL disc. Sorry about that.
  14. Unfortunately buddy, I don't have any secrets to share with you. I just happened to get lucky and find a copy of that 2-in-1 version on eBay. You could also try looking for the Polish Origins disc shown off in this post. Sorry, wish I could help more.
  15. It can be difficult, if you're deliberately choosing to make it so. Here's what you do: 1. Do the Yokozuna glitch. It only works on version 1.00, DLC may or may not be required but you want it anyway 2. Buy the DLC. The extra modifiers you get from it will make your road to a Triple Star License that much easier 3. Speedrun the campaign on Normal or something. Don't waste your time doing the optional shit because you need to come back to all of it on Expert anyway, and it only unlocks when you see the credits 4. Play in four-player splitscreen all the time. Not only will this eliminate three extra opponents from the race, you'll gain passive EXP on those characters which will again help towards your Triple Star License 5. Clear every hard ghost in time trial. The Yokozuna glitch will let you skip the expert ghosts, but you still want to beat most of the time trials to contribute to your license. After beating the campaign it should only take you a lap or two on each course to do this 6. Grind out remaining modifiers on the Dream Valley Ring Race, the same one you played for the "Link Chain" trophy good luck gamer