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  1. Hey boys. Certified e-beggar here looking to get his "Storm Trooper" trophy without putting in the work, so hit me up if you're feeling charitable. Can also give you crates if that's your thing. Edit: Traded with T-Bone. Thanks fam.
  2. Can confirm for slippery climb.
  3. Another game where the Vita gets shafted. A big missed opportunity there.
  4. I'm putting this in its own thread for some more visibility (and hopefully some help). Basically, the deal is that I can't get "Item Collector" to pop no matter what. Now, I have gotten every other trophy in this game, including "Record Keeper", but this last trophy refuses to pop. Is there something I'm missing? I have Mickey ears for Items in the Game Completion category in-game, but is there something else? Any info is appreciated, since I seem to be alone in this.
  5. You and me both, buddy.
  6. You could still try for it anyway. In my case, none of the completion trophies popped until my journal was 100% complete. I mean, the trophy for items still didn't pop, but it's worth a shot for you, especially since you're probably not too far off anyway.
  7. Yeah, man. For all intents and purposes, I have done everything to get the platinum, and have a 100% complete journal (minus the in-game trophies). I guess within the next few days I'll try doing a NG+ run, but I'm feeling pretty disheartened atm.
  8. I have both keyblades, so that's out of the question. The NG+ idea is worth a shot, but since it's under the same save file, whatever flag affects the trophy might already be set and I'd hate to do another playthrough for nothing. I have a save file where the only 3 items I need are the recipes from Flick Rush. I've tried reloading that file and re-completing my item category multiple times now, but no luck.
  9. Nah man, I have a complete journal. If you check my trophies you can see I have the gold trophy for full completion, but I'm still missing the one for just items. I guess my only hope is to wait for a patch.
  10. Having the same issue right now with the item completion trophy. Currently working to get back where I was from that last save, will report back to see if it pops this time. Nope, turns out I'm just locked out of this trophy. Guess I'll have to wait for a patch or something. Fucking beautiful.
  11. You can add more players from the pause menu. Just drive your kart into Player 2, and you'll take his flags. You only need one controller for this particular trophy.
  12. I wouldn't try to finish Far Cry 2 if I were you. One of the most boring FPS games I ever played.
  13. Let me in on this. I only have Kingdom Hearts I and II done, but I'll probably finish Birth By Sleep before September. Doubt I'll play Chain of Memories any time soon. Edit: December