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  1. Both lists are the same game; they ran out of room on the original trophy list and had to make another one for bikes. For whatever reason though, bikes content is not included in the season pass, so you have to purchase those separately.


    And just to note that although Bikes was sold as a standalone, if you actually played it you would find that it's the exact same game, but you would be locked out of the normal driveclub content.


  2. Just because Sony is no longer selling it, doesn't mean it's gone forever. As long as the code Gamestop gives you is valid, you will be able to redeem it. As for your other question, the season pass is all you need for the main list of the game. If you want to do the Bikes list, that dlc is sold separately in 5(?) packs.


  3. On 5/18/2019 at 7:27 PM, TheYuriG said:


    I don't even disagree with you, man. 

    I'm not necessarily in favor of allowing trophy deleting, but I'm not against it either. If a cheater really wants to go through that much trouble to make their time stamps legit, so be it. I really don't see how it affects me besides dropping me one place lower on the leader boards.


    Besides, there's almost certainly plenty of people on this website with fraudulent time stamps already. It's just something to accept. 


  4. ChaoticFox9900

    Defomers has autopop on almost every trophy if you do either the NA or EU version first. It's perfectly normal to unlock most of the trophies within seconds of each other, or even out of order. See:



    or any of the other top 50 times. And tell this jabrony reporting me to mind his own damn business while he's at it.


  5. What's the strategy to boost this game? I'm trying to matchmake with my boosting partner, and we're not having any luck. If we just try to use regular matchmaking, we get put in different lobbies and never find each other. If we queue together, we end up in the same room, but the game never starts. How are you guys doing it?


  6. I appreciate that they gave you a genuine response to your email instead of a generic copy-paste, "We're looking into it."


    Definitely buying this one when the physical version drops.


  7. Exploit doesn't seem to work for Infinite Play, can anyone else confirm?


    Edit: Nvm, the exploit wouldn't work for the first couple levels, but after playing through a few normally the glitch worked. Anyone else with this problem should do the same.


  8. Hey boys. Certified e-beggar here looking to get his "Storm Trooper" trophy without putting in the work, so hit me up if you're feeling charitable. Can also give you crates if that's your thing.


    Edit: Traded with T-Bone. Thanks fam.


  9. Spoiler
    1 hour ago, Redgrave said:
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    Also isn't saying he's a villain in the title a spoiler? He's not really revealed to be one until later on in the story.


    Perhaps, but it wasn't very surprising.



    I thought Ardyn was a cool villain because his ultimate goal was just to die. Which is why he fucks with the party during the second half and goes as far as to kill Luna, to give Noctis motivation to take his life. I only wish the game explained that better.



  10. 7 hours ago, Rolltribe77 said:

    I'm having a similar issue with the combat completion trophy. I have 100% and the orange mickey next to my combat rate and no unlock. The only thing I should have left to do is complete my item % to get my plat, but I don't think I will be finishing since it seems I got glitched out of my combat trophy.


    You could still try for it anyway. In my case, none of the completion trophies popped until my journal was 100% complete. I mean, the trophy for items still didn't pop, but it's worth a shot for you, especially since you're probably not too far off anyway.