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  1. I started a new game and remade the game "100%" for the second time and it's still bugged. Patch 1.04 did not correct the problem.
  2. You said everything!!
  3. I have the entire Far Cry collection at 100% except Far Cry 5
  4. Im Criminal Mastermind I have the entire GTA collection at 100%
  5. Tomb Raider — Earn all six unique Tomb Raider platinums. There is only Lara Croft Go that I have not done, I consider it a mobile game and I refuse to do it on PlayStation
  6. Personally I am very satisfied with my profile, full of games that I love, I approach 100% complétion.
  7. I hope with all my heart to see one day the Socom trilogy with combined assault. With trophies it would make things even more beautiful. Socom belongs to Sony so I do not know what they expect for published on PS4.
  8. Sublime your trophies list, me my goals would be to get 100% for 2018. I am currently doing FF14 precisely, very long indeed but you will get there I'm sure, the same for me FF14 was my first MMORPG. Good luck for the following friend.
  9. I begin to think it will not happen in March...
  10. - Far Cry classic - Far Cry 2 - Far Cry 3 and Blood dragon - Far Cry 4 (100%) Primal not for now ^^