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  1. Me and a teammate are prepared for the multiplayer boost, we are 2 with 3 additional PS3 (5 in total) with all the same connection. We are waiting for the time when the servers are deserted to start boosting, but despite that the servers are still crashing and impossible to move forward.. I read that the game can only support 2 stable servers at the same time. Anyone got the solution ?
  2. I learned that in 2019 apparently invasion mode was inaccessible for a period of 5 months, I don't think it's dead yet
  3. Thanks for the info guys, let's stay tuned
  4. I don't think I'm the only one checking this topic every day 😅 This invasion boss is blocking my 100% average.. I have a very good reason to be desperate 😩
  5. What gives me hope is that apparently in 2019 the boss invasion went away for 5 months, and came back. I sincerely hope that his appearance on March 9 was not his last..
  6. I contacted WB Games support again on Friday and they replied this: "Thank you for your feedback. I understand your concern about the Invasion tower mode. I will be sharing your comments with the proper team for further review. Reports and feedback such as this help us to improve Mortal Kombat X for all players and I appreciate you sharing your experiences with me. While the game team does review all feedback, please note that they are unable to respond individually, but take all feedback and reports such as this into consideration when designing future updates to the game. If you have any question or concern, kindly reply to this email and I will be happy to help. Regards"
  7. I have also contacted them via WB Games support and Twitter
  8. I contact WB Games Support on Twitter, is there a better place to contact them?
  9. If the invasion does not return, this will end my 100% completion and block it forever.. Great 😬 I have hope
  10. The game has not been offered for free to many players recently? Blocking the 100% would make no sense.. I only have this left to complete the 100%
  11. Still no information regarding the return of the invasion boss/tower ? I'm afraid I'll never be able to put the game at 100%.. I hope I'm worrying for nothing
  12. After a few years I recently managed to reach 100%, now I maintain it by playing 1 or 2 games at a time. I am currently on Dark Souls Remastered and Ghost of Tsushima in view of the new dlc.
  13. Great list you have too! very clean job
  14. The Tomb Raider series, if you want to make PS3 games the HD collections are very interesting 😁
  15. Hello community, I am creating this topic in order to be able to share my psn profile and to have the opportunity to see and meet other Completionist profiles. I have been on PSNP for almost 10 years but not being very used to the forum side of the site, I hope my topic will be relevant. I had my last 100% with Wolfenstein 2, very proud of the result and especially of my 100% average. I would like to see more players with 100% Profiles and encourage those who are progressing towards the 100% average. 🏆 🎮