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  1. Platted yesterday. in all my 3 total/partial playthrough just one thought: "FAR WORSE THAN ORC SLAYER!!"
  2. Other than screenshots, what happen to dowloaded/installed games when you delete your main user? they are console related i hope.
  3. Platted yesterday with no particular problems. Create your room, some wait. you can create boost sessions if you need.
  4. did you buyed them at the Leakey Cauldron after unlocked?
  5. thanks for tip. worked at first time
  6. same for me in world/country rank. i looked some pages before and after my position and ranking seems ordered but all entry have a green arrow :). Also there is some issue in navigation bar of these pages. i see only prev and next button, not numbes 1..8 as usually
  7. i have the Map-O-Matic. when i finish the challenge mode i can check. But as i said in the first post, this one is the only that i didn't take in first playtrough. hope i'm wrong
  8. i collected 27/28 gold bolts. the last is on Quartu (the one protected by electric barrier) When i returned to quartu before start challenge mode, the green button to disable the barrier was red!!! So i started challenge mode, but when i arrived in the fabric, the gold bolt wan't there!!! Main menu reports that i have all gold bolts on Quartu! but the total bolts is still 27/28!!! some help??