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  1. True bigrake1 was just saying cause some are saying delete friends but the way I done worked for me 😁
  2. Ah I see cobraMJD it's cause people were saying you'll need to delete some friends that's all bro 😁!! But this method I done works for the Boston glitch though 🀞!!! The one in the building
  3. I have the pivot glitch in Boston aswell it's frustrating (Edited) Just got it 😁 No need to delete friends Method... What I done was,, transfer my data and profile to my alt then started on the game,, it will say invalid data when try load save profile,, so do save 2 then start game .. Then went back to my main account and then went on multiplayer quit out then went back and it's came up with all my game unlock stuff then went in my game and it moved !! I also had all my pivots around it before done the method ,, I done this at the 24 hour mark 🀞! Hopefully this helps 😁!!
  4. Hey guys I've just spoke to someone from rockstar they said it's a Sony issue than Rockstar games ... I think we should all email Sony 🀣🀣!! and get this sorted πŸ™Œ!
  5. Yous are all legends here πŸ˜πŸ‘!!! thanks will be trying these
  6. Wow so that's still possible 😯😯!!! heard it got patched 😯!! Thank you so much but
  7. TheCoffeeFiend I haven't got him yet but was wondering how you do that 😯😯!!
  8. I done mines on the ring with the double decker just kept changing lanes when got nearer to the tail end
  9. This trophy is glitched for me and had several times trying to do it and still not unlocking anyone know a work around of fixing it ??
  10. Cant wait to play this game πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ probably have the scottish accent πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!!!
  11. Hey i was wondering i could buy a game on the uk psn store and platinum it then buy the same game from the usa store and platinum it cause i was thinking i could do bully and sleeping dogs... Please someone help