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  1. feel your pain, I got lost too. A lot but that is also the charm of the game! Hope you enjoy it till the end
  2. Forma.8 is actually a nice game, played it on the PSVIta and bought when I already platinumed it the physical copy from Limited Run Games.
  3. Finished DriveClub ( @Caju_94 inspired me to pick it up again). I had some trophies left from the main game and loads from the DLC. I obtained the platinum which made me strike this game through although technically I am not finished. Still DLC trophies. So will get a couple of them every when I feel like racing. Amazing game, should have gotten more love. Happy to add 1 point again and finally I am in the '+ 'again 😁 Also kind of back into this event again. I was a bit gaming tired and even starting up the PS4 or PSVIta was already too much . But need to start finishing what I started with two purchases ahead (FIFA20 and Borderlands3). It is good to see new people joining this event, it kind of motivates when others are finishing their games on their list! Current Status year 2: New Game Points: 9 Platinums/100% Obtained: 9 Games Bought: 0 Available game points 1 PS4 Games 5/15 PSVita Games 4/15 Possible add on games
  4. well done! Last of Us I just finished the story, great fun. Looking forward to part 2 which will come to the PS5 (if I may believe the rumors) .
  5. me too, I have put it on my backlog list straight away. Haven't played Heavy Rain so cannot judge
  6. @Edunstar84what about uncharted 2? Nice and easy. I need to get back on track. Was on a holiday and didn't spend a lot of time on games. Need to finish COD Declassified, 2 (annoying) trophies left. I think that is my theme the coming week(s): finsh what I have started. Just to get those strikes through in my list 😁
  7. Hellblade is a nice game, you will enjoy. Plat is easy.
  8. Finished Mafia III. Think this game deserves more love. I know that there were problems when it was released but the patches did their work. It is you average open world game, strart with nothing an work you way to the top. In this case; get your revenge. The music is great (I love the '60/'70 music era), the dialogues are more than average, the story is good and the brutal take-downs are awesome. Sometimes the streets feel a bit too empty and the police is invincible (read: loads of respawns). Needed almost 3 runs as I messed up but it didn't feel like working 😊. I will keep an eye out when the DLC gets some good discounts. So that brings me back to 0 (after overspending last year). Apart from Sekiro I have nothing really high on my list so I just go back to my already owned games). I made some slight adjustments, @Caju_94inspired me to pick-up DriveCub again. So that one made it to the list (and Unravel is now removed for the time being). I just wnat to work on 15 games per console each.... Current Status year 2: New Game Points: 8 Platinums/100% Obtained: 8 Games Bought: 0 Available game points 0 PS4 Games 4/15 PSVita Games 4/15 Possible add on games
  9. @Caju_94 I still have to finish some trophies for Driveclub. They will take the servers offline so it might be wise to do these soon. It was a very enjoyable experience indeed.
  10. PS plus for May; Overcooked and What Remains of Edith Finch , are you guys putting these on your list?
  11. Got the platinum! Although I will keep on playing this game for the coming months, too much fun. Note that some of the trophies (and the game) are buggy. It took me ages to get a simple trophy like ' A Friend in Need ' . But hey, that is the life of a trophy hunter 😁. Again one done of the list! Current Status year 2: New Game Points: 7 Platinums/100% Obtained: 7 Games Bought: 0 Available game points -1 PS4 Games 3/15 PSVita Games 4/15 Possible add on games
  12. I think I found the solution to this trophy (and how it is intended to be). The revive method didn't work, nor joining the call. This is how it popped up for me: - made a PSN party with a (clan) friend => not in-game party! - he died and called for help - I got a signal (you can put you incoming calls on 'friend and clan only' - but strangely he didn't show on the map (no icon nothing), so I used the matchmaking option for SHD calls in the tab - I automatically (and instantly) got connected to the game session of my friend, found him lying on the ground, revived him and seconds late the trophy popped This will work with a clan friend but I am pretty sure it will also work with a friend from your friends list This was my last trophy so glad it is over!
  13. Great post! We are flexible with points and I think your calculation makes sense. Year 2 has started and we kind of keeping track ourselves. So maybe an idea to repost your list with the titles you want to play/finish?
  14. Congrats! Sekiro......wonderful gift!
  15. Ah that would be great if people still play or want to help. Will start this game soon.