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  1. Happy that I am not the only one...that DLC is super boring....
  2. Hey fellow trophy hunters, Some good news: I finally managed to get my hands on a PS5! I have the version with Spider Man Morales/Ratched and Clank. Now I need to divide my time even a bit more..... Astro's Playroom + DLC (1/1) - PS5 The first PS5 game I have played. It is actually a showcase of what the controller can do. It is a nice platforming game giving you the history of PlayStation. Amazing how many products I have bought from them....Not a hard platinum at all, just very enjoyable. DLC too. I made myself a promise to avoid backlog; every time I start a PS5 game I will be making sure to get to the 100%....apart from avoiding more backlog, adding a 100% PS5 game helps reaching my overall completion goal too 😎 F2011 - PSVita Picked this up again. Two trophies left of which one is super hard. Getting the Gold medal time on every track, is giving me some pain. At least I got the rest of those unearned trophies out of the way. AC III + DLC (1/4) - PS3 After finishing this game , there is so much left to do. I am doing 2 hour sessions not to get bored. Finished the first SP DLC in between getting to the remaining trophies in the main game. Long project but step-by-step getting there. Current Status: Happy trophy hunting!
  3. wow congrats! amazing achievement!
  4. Hey fellow trophy hunters, Small Summer update from me. After having loads of issues I finally was able to restore everything on my PS3. I haven't lost anything in terms of save files/progress so glad that is okay again. Did lose a lot of time with it though. I am hardly making any progress during this time of the year. Other things are eating up time (motor cycle for instance). I am more into picking some game, play for a couple of hours and than pick something else up. Not so great for finishing up 🙃. I did achieve a 4% increase and still have 2.16% to go with a couple of months ahead. So my goal should be achievable. Decided to add to the report only games that I either have finished (plat or/and 100%) or when I really had enough and this is as far as I would go. Current Status: Happy trophy hunting!
  5. thanks, will keep this in mind for next time Everything is working now, AC too so I am back!
  6. yes, it is September 16th the database rebuild didn't work but I did a whole system restore. That seems to do the trick and I am currently downloading games again. The trophy list has at least synced U just need to get into safe mode to do this repair things ....looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel ...
  7. hello fellow completionists hunters Just needed a place to vent a bit. I am at 80% of completition with AC III on the PS3 and now suddenly the game doesn't want to start anymore. It is a digital version and I thought that buying the disc would help. Well, the game starts but I did get 'cannot sycn the trophy list' clue. Now it looks like my trophy list will not sync anymore (error code 80022D05). I just contacted Sony to see if there is a solution. On top of that simple trophies of the MP of Max Payne 3 will not unlock for me either..... Why is it so difficult to have glitch free games and working consoles? Getting these trophies are hard on their own but this makes it insane. Anyway; for now I just take a break until the issue of the syncing is fixed....before I break something 😡
  8. Got similar issue as synching out of nowhere doesn't work anymore. It will just not go beyond 12% and I get a error code 80022D05. Tried the following already: - disconnect from power - resetting router - comparing trophies with another player any suggestions what I can do?
  9. Thanks for this! Always good to see the 'official' stats Guilty on the 36% too, last months have been hard in terms of progression. Might just do a bit quicker game in between as AC III is really tedious to complete
  10. Morning all Last weeks have not been great in terms of trophy hunting. The weather has been great and I did spend most of my time outdoors. When I did play some games it was mainly FIFA21. Need to get a bit of motivation (or better: planning) back to get me going. Summer is never great in terms of progress but still I do want to finish some stuff. AC III + DLC (0/4) (PS3) Finished the main game, got 100% sync and I am now working on the additional content. That is a lot ....I mean the game itself is actually not so long (10 -12 hours0 but the rest is.....A LOT. Dead Nation + DLC (0/1) (PSVita) Having a hard time on Grim , Vita is not great in terms of brightness and you get overrun quickly. Status Plans for next weeks: - Work on AC III Happy trophy hunting!
  11. I think it is not so hard to replace a stick, you might want to check the internet on it
  12. same boat; most games I want are postponed or were an ultimate disaster (cyberpunk ...). At least it does help me to finish games I started in the past
  13. funny update mate and I can totally understand that she want to let her character die...that's spirit! Great playing with your kids! When my two sons and I are in a squad in BF we are almost unbeatable......thanks to them 😁