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  1. Back from traveling but didn't had much time for gaming. Nevertheless made some decent progress. FIFA18 - PS4 - 79% => 79% Division 3 in FUT right now, still two promotions to go.... Lego Lord of the Rings - PSVIta - 31% => 100% This one has been sitting on my profile for ages. Found it a good game to accompany me on travels as you can do very short bursts of gaming while not losing track. Very simple straight forward platinum. All the important scenes of the movies came by so that made think of revisiting the actually movies again, Assassins Creed Odyssey + DLC (4/6) - PS4 - 85% => 91% Finished the first DLC of the ' Fate of Atlantis" campaign. Really nice story-line, some usual AC twists of course. But all in all a very enjoyable ride. When I tried to start the 2nd instance of FoA the game couldn't find the starting mission. Strangely enough my console stated that it was installed. Had to re-install everything manually and than it magically worked 😏. This part plays in the underworld of Hades, It did make me think a bit back to Dante's Inferno but with better controls. I have reached the last mission (it is stated like that) so first going to do some clean-up before I finish up. Current Status Plans for next weeks: - continue playing FIFA 18 - continue Atlantis DLC of Assassins Creed Odyssey Happy trophy hunting everybody!
  2. It was a test, testing if somebody is actually reading it 😏. ..... But seriously, thanks for pointing that out! Changed it. Super helpful! Thanks! Will make a note of this for when I start the game (hopefully before this Summer)
  3. Had a pretty decent week in gaming. My next update will be in 2 weeks as I have some business travel upcoming and not a lot of time to game anyway. FIFA18 - PS4 - 66% => 79% Did the career mode and women's cup trophies and have played a decent amount of FUT matches. I am right now in division 5 so still have 4 promotions to go + the journey. Slowly getting there as I only play 2 or 3 matches in a row. Full Throttle - PSVIta - 0% => 100% Big fan of Tim Schafer's games. Already played Grim Fandango, Broken Age and Day of the Tentacle. Old skool point-and-click games with super funny dialogs/characters. This one was in sale so I couldn't resist. I had some big laughs... Assassins Creed Odyssey + DLC (3/6) - PS4 - 85% => 85% Started the DLC of this game. Mental note to myself; finish DLC straight away! It did cost me some time to get adjusted to the game play/controls again. Got my butt kicked a couple of times before getting back into to the flow. I didn't pop any trophies but I have played a decent amount of the first DLC of the Fate of Atlantis. Loved the surroundings and the game play in general. I know some find the AC series to repetitive but I am big fan of it. They put a lot of effort into the scenery and story line. Current Status Plans for next weeks: - continue playing FIFA 18 - continue Atlantis DLC of Assassins Creed Odyssey - might pick-up an unfinished PSVita game Happy trophy hunting everybody!
  4. Oh wow...Infamous 2 is on my backlog list too, could you direct me to that mission?
  5. That is actually very clever. Will make such a list too before I lose track on them....
  6. Those look perfect @Squirlrulerand thank you for keeping track for another year!
  7. oh well, not a bad game to redo anyway... ☺️. Time is my only constraint ....
  8. Question on Origins; do you need to play the DLC with the build up character from the base game? I lost my save file....otherwise I have to start from scratch again...
  9. I always learn something in this tread! These are two games that are in my unfinished backlog too. @wolfenstein: you play the last chapter also in higher difficulty and than the game ; thinks you did the whole game?
  10. First update of the year! I am going to use the same template as I used in the previous events, with an update on either Monday or Tuesday. As stated in my opening post , I will have limited game time during the next 2 months or so. Nevertheless I still can make some good progress but I have to pick my battles. So I am not going to focus on long(er) games right now, just games that either short/I can play in short bursts or take on some DLC. Also planning to pick up some short games from my ' non started backlog' . The Walking Dead Season 1 - PS4 - 89% => 100% Totally missed that this game had a DLC. Unfortunately after so many years I felt hardly any connection with the game content anymore. Lucky it was a short one and it is my first 100% completion game of the year. Spirit of the North - PS5 - 1% => 100% Decent indie game but with crappy jump controls. Pretty simple puzzles but nice music/environment. This year I am trying to play more games from the premium subscription. FIFA18 - PS4 - 64% => 66% Happy that I got the last pro club trophy done this weekend. Found a good boosting group. What I have left now should be doable, whereas getting into division 1 with FUT feels like a big grind. Other than that I am playing Rainbow Six Siege, I still need 1 trophy but I am hoping it will come. Will only post an update on that game once I finally got that. Current Status Plans for next week: - continue playing FIFA 18 - start Atlantis DLC of Assassins Creed Odyssey Happy trophy hunting everybody!
  11. i like how you do the table with the colours for attack on completion and was just wondering how you did it?Β 

    1. gladiatorrrrrrr


      to be honest; it is a manual process. So I am using a simple excel and manually make the changes. There are not so many so I didn't think of automating it

  12. πŸ˜€ that is a strange start ...
  13. Thanks for the reply, not the answer I hoped for πŸ˜‡ I guess this will stay a platinum not 100% on my profile...
  14. I lost my save game, does anybody know if you need the main game progress in order to play the DLC? Or can it be stand-alone?
  15. Oh God , don't mention the backlog of unplayed games! I have a large list. Will try to tackle a couple during this year. But my physical Vita collection alone contains of 150+ backlog games... Oh well.πŸ˜„