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  1. I will stick to Plus essentials for now, first need to clean up without getting tempting diving into all kind of games.
  2. Hello fellow completion hunters! Time is flying! Almost Summer! And 1,5% off of my year goal.... Battlefield 2042 - PS5 Extracted 50 data drives from Hazard Zone and now I only have 25 extractions and T1 vehicle mastery badge left. I think I still need around 7 extractions to get to 25. Annoying that the game doesn't keep track on that. So playing the game with a focus on these two trophies. Zombi - PS4 Got the platinum! It is actually an UR plat probably since the hardest difficulty also has perma death as an added bonus 😠. But after two runs you know where the zombies are so it is more than doable, you can even by-pass this perma death by saving regularly on an thumb drive. This is one of those game I never thought I would go back an finish if it wasn't for this event. It is not a bad game just very dated. No progress Far Cry 5 + DLC (3/4) - PS4 Drive Club + DLC (1/8) - PS4 Steamworld Dig - PSVita Current Status Plans for next week - (re-) start a game - Continue grind on BF2042 - PS5 Happy trophy hunting everybody!
  3. get well soon!
  4. Hello fellow completion hunters! I had a good week of gaming. Sly Cooper Thieves in Time - PSVita Got the last trophies and platinumed the game after 5 years.....super enjoyable game. Lot's of humor and nice game play. My list of unfinished PSVita game is getting smaller and smaller! Battlefield 2042 - PS5 The majority of my gaming time went into BF. Last update added some extra content like a map, specialist and weapons. Finished the T1 trophy for weapons and still have the T1 vehicle and two Hazard Zone trophies to go. Extracted a couple of times, super enjoyable to play it. So trophies come eventually.... DriveClub + DLC (1/8) - PS4 Got the majority of the achievable trophies of the DLC done, still a couple left. Didn't purchase all the DLC content so lot's of unachievable content left but this one is nicely boosting my completion rate. Zombi - PS4 No progress Current Status Plans for next week - (re-) start a PSVita game - Finish Zombi - PS4 - Continue grind on BF2042 - PS5 Happy trophy hunting everybody!
  5. Hello fellow completion hunters! Sony has put out new firmware for PS3/Vita and PS TV. When I did update my PS TV I apparently hadn't synced for a long time and got a trophy popping for Steamworld Dig. I re-started a couple of games this week, something I rather not do ; playing too many games in one go, I rather concentrate and finish one by one. So next week will be all about finish what I restarted.... Far Cry 5 + DLC (3/4) - PS4 Finished the Zombie DLC. Got one trophy left; new game +. Hard call if I will be putting in 10+ hours to get one trophy but getting this at 100% is also nice.....any advise? Sly Cooper Thieves in Time - PSVita Played this game during my business trip. I had collectibles and some specific trophies left. Think the cleaning lady must have been puzzled seeing a PS TV connected to the hotel TV .... 😃. The 8-bit mini games are pretty frustrating. Some developers need to be more creative than putting in some old crap. Zombi - PS4 Re-started this game just before I left. Not a bad game although the platinum is ultra rare. Seems that the highest level has a perma-death so maybe that is why. Steamworld Dig - PSVita As said did get a trophy weeks ago and now it is on top of my profile again. Something I really need to finish too. Battlefield 2042 - PS5 Grinding grinding grinding..... Current Status Plans for next week - Finish Sly Cooper - PSvita - Finish Zombi - PS4 - Continue grind on BF2042 - PS5 Happy trophy hunting everybody!
  6. I feel your pain with this one. I loved every Far Cry, including this one but I got so much trouble with the fishing challenges that I gave up. I did platinum it a couple of weeks ago and the DLC are great fun to play!
  7. Now I get it..sorry. So you combine started with non-started. Interesting exercise. And thank you for offering it but I stick to my plan for now otherwise I get real depressed.....😒 I try to concentrate on all that I started and made a list of non started games I would like to play. Once in a while I throw a new game into the mix. Good thing is that during the last 2 years there were not so many cool releases. So the list stayed within certain boundaries.
  8. 99.8% completion is something most here can only dream off! oef hope it is not severe! All the best for your daughter!
  9. Hello fellow completion hunters! Sunday update for me as I will be traveling next week. Will take my PSVita AND PSTV with me so hopefully I have some time for gaming. Metal Gear Solid HD : Snake eater - PSVita Replayed the game to get the Kerotan trophy. Glad I did it as it seems that you have to get them in one playthrough. Trophy popped with nr64. I think the two I did hit with a RPG in my first run didn't count, seems that more people had that issue. At least I got a game from the backlog done and the first PSVita game for this year. Overall a pretty good game! Battlefield 2042 - PS5 Grinding grinding grinding.....especially Hazard zone is though as sometimes people think they are Rambo instead taking it slow and tactical. If this continues I need to find myself a proper squad. Far Cry 5 + DLC (2/4) - PS4 No progress Current Status Plans for next week - (re) start a new game - Continue grind on BF2042 Happy trophy hunting everybody!
  10. so close to your goal already! Well done! I also have enslaved on my list, searching for a complete version as I understood it had the DLC on it but only came out in the US. But it is clear where Guerilla got their inspirtaion from when they created Horizon series... congrats!
  11. thanks for the feedback. I just do a rerun and hope that I missed one of the early levels 😁
  12. I am certain I got those one as I checked with the mic gadget But maybe it is not possible with the RPG?
  13. Hello fellow completion hunters! Sorry for not giving my regular Monday updates but work was taken a lot of time (damn!). Business travels are picking up again. Metal Gear Solid HD : Snake eater - PSVita I did get used to the controls, most of the time..... Have finished the game but must have missed a Kerotan (a green frog you have to shoot; super strange collectible in the middle of a stealth game 😃) somewhere. So I have to go through it again as the game doesn't say which one I am missing..... Battlefield 2042 - PS5 After I saw all the updates they have pushed through, I did return to this game. Work was one part of my trophy hunting going a bit slower, BF was the other. I am just enjoying the game although I knocked out 2 trophies along the way. Improvements are real but were too late to save the game and the community. nevertheless I am really enjoying it again although I wished we got some new maps! I have 4 grindy trophies left for the platinum. This will be my long term platinum goal this year Far Cry 5 + DLC (2/4) - PS4 No progress Current Status Plans for next week - Finish MGS 3 on the PSVita - Grind on BF2042 Happy trophy hunting everybody!
  14. same here.....pure luck if it pops or not
  15. Hello fellow completion hunters! Last week I was doubting between starting Elden Ring and finish an already started game. Since I haven't finished any Vita games this year, I did choose the latter Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - PSVIta Espionage on the handheld! I don't know why I never finished this one but within a couple of of minutes in the game I did remember; the clunky controls..... This time I was determined to finish the game. So after some challenging first couple of hours I am now kind of adjusted to the way you control Snake. It is actually not so bad, it is just different although the developers made some very illogical chooses. Anyway; loving the game, the story line and even the long cut scenes. Knowing that the original is from 2004 (!) I only can take my hat off for the quality of this game. Current Status Plans for next week - finish MGS 3 on the PSVita Happy trophy hunting everybody!