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  1. I'm slowly getting through the game and trying to get platinum on every trial, but I feel my motivation waning and have been settling for golds recently. Anyways, here is my platinum run of Native Fortress:
  2. There are definitely some that look like they will be difficult, which is fine. I can see quite a few trophies that could potentially not support the current team objective, but I guess that will only really matter if there are a healthy amount of players grinding for trophies. With that being said, some of the character specific ones look to be fun. I wonder if they'll make me be that guy grinding for trophies and not playing the objective!
  3. Hey there, In regards to the Warmonger trophy, second wave battles do count but the training tent battles do not. Getting Warmonger on hard difficulty will be tough as those fights will leave you pretty battered and second waves will be very challenging. I did my first playthrough blind on normal difficulty and managed to get a fair chunk of the trophies but most notably missed High Spirits & Warmonger...it sure felt like I did 40 battles, but I must have been just short. My second playthrough was on hard and I attempted those 2 trophies along with the others I missed the first time...I quickly realized I was not going to get Warmonger and I misunderstood how High Spirits worked, so I had those 2 leftover. My third playthrough was on easy and I decided to keep track of my battles and had no problem hitting 40 battles and keeping my morale up. Hope that helps.
  4. PSN: Rakerburn Feel free to add me.