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  1. Just a quick thanks to every1 posting in "Most recent Plat" and "Latest Trophy", showing me awesome games I would have missed 😁

  2. So I guess I'll take everything I didnt get in Season IV with me for Season V... Sadly I had a kind of "lack of interest" since the last update I posted, not exactly sure why. However, Season V will begin soon so I'll try my best to get stuff done during Season V Little overview from what I achieved since I joined late in Season IV (Oct. 12th): Looks not that great but at least I got the plat for Murdered: Soul Suspect... I could have posted the Plat of Virginia (Oct. 7th) aswell if it wasnt me joining late Good Luck and have fun everyone during the next season and a good start into the New Year of course
  3. I decided to squeeze "Tales from the Borderlands" in my schedule because I decided to (try to) get Oxenfree as my Plat #10. So I started with it this week and got some trophies... Since Telltale Games are ez pz its only a matter of time and interest in playing until I get this plat. Maybe I get it til December 31st but it really depends if I want to play or not. For now I guess I'll set plating it til December 31st as my goal. After that, as stated above, Oxenfree... Will be hard (for me) because I have to really look for all these chat options so I dont miss anything trophy related...
  4. Screw these almost weekly sales (not really, I love em )
  5. #2 Murdered: Soul Suspect (Plat - 100% 49/49) (+40% +16) = Had some time today so I decided to finally grind through Murdered: Soul Suspect. Finally something I can brag about in this thread. I guess I'll do a mix between Oxenfree and Stories: The Path of Destinies next... I also bought Deadpool thanks to a sale some days ago but thats not actually a backlog-game... Or is it now? I think I have to get one more game from my list done before I start Deadpool.
  6. #8 Murdered: Soul Suspect Moving On Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 5/10 I think almost everyone here knows or owns this plat so I dont want to write to much about it. Overall okayish imo, storyline and stuff was interesting and kept me interested in it, ending was no shocker tho. Id rate Enjoyment higher if there were no demons (feels like they were implemented at the end to make this game at least 1% challenging but they are "flow-killer" imo) and because of the 242(!) collectibles... Overall I'm happy that its over but I dont regret playing this game either.
  7. #2 Murdered: Soul Suspect (Plat - 60% 33/49) (+8% +5) I'll take my time playing games obviously Should play more but I'm not that motivated to play more Have to grind during Christmas Holidays I guess but I think I'll plat at least Murdered: Soul Suspect til Holidays begin
  8. Just dont buy games on release (or at least not many games, I guess if one is really hyped for a game one can buy it on releaseday). Ive seen so many games lately which are on sale after a month... Plus, many games are buggy when they are released so you "safe some nerves" AND money if you dont buy games when they are released. Games are affordable when they are 1-2 months old. I know its hard for these guys who want to achieve the plat asap but if you dont want to you should handle buying games that way imho.
  9. Now Concrete Genie got me hyped... I could play stuff like this more intensive than any AAA title (besides Witcher 3 )
  10. I've started Oxenfree today which I actually would have added to my list beforehand but I wasnt sure if its too much... Well, its too late now I guess However, I think its should be an easy plat when sticking to the guide (at least I hope so, Id bet 10€ that I'll click something wrong somewhere and end up missing one trophy and have to do a 4th playthrough ) and this game is kinda relaxing... Also, people have stated that its somehow always "new" so I dont mind doing the 3 playthroughs for the plat atm... Got a little shock tho because after playing for 2-3hrs I wanted to quit and it said that the safe file was corrupted... Luckily I realized after restarting its not corrupted Other than that I havent done much in regards to my other games on the list... Kinda busy or not in the mood to search for collectibles in Murdered: Soul Suspect... However, I might continue playing it tomorrow... maybe... Btw, fun fact: right now I have 1337 unearned trophies
  11. I maybe get roasted for this but Id like to get a good Indie-Game from PS+ again I'm absolutly fine with these AAA Titles from Oct or the last months because I didnt own em already (besides Until Dawn) but Id like to get some Indie-Feels-Games again like Journey, Valiant Hearts or Never Alone.
  12. I assume that I'm allowed to join here since its written in the OP that one could join everytime... So Id like to post some updates: #2 Murdered: Soul Suspect (Plat - 52% 28/49) (+ 16% +10) After a while I started again to play the story a little and got some of the many collectibles ()... Guess I dont plat it this weekend tho due to Bundesliga and NFL. I guess I have to play it more intense soon... Atm I lost my interest in that game altough I really wanted to buy and play it... I guess its because I dont dig that kind of playstyle what makes it even harder to beat bosses and maybe I was underleveled. Seems like I just have to grind through this for the plat when I feel motivated to do so. I agree on the art style and the somehow strange skill system.
  13. Murdered: Soul Suspect Half-Truths and Whole Lies Helped the witness escape the police station and gained an ally
  14. Id like to join but I guess I missed the deadline for almost 2 weeks 😅 However, I host a similar challenge on a german PS4 board so I could copy and paste my goals in here and Id have double ambitions to fight my backlog I think I could already give some updates on sunday Well, depends on if you let me join or not then In case its accepted that Id like to join Id like to post my goals already
  15. Stories: The Path of Destinies The Rabbit was the murderer! Discover Lapino's little secret. Y u do dis Lapino?