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  1. Was busy with life so no updates for a while... Meanwhile I finally 100%ed TWD S1 (I only had to complete the 100 Days DLC), afterwards I started Earths Dawn on which I'll work on now. I joined a community challenge too so I maybe get more motivated
  2. Thank you Was kinda busy the last weeks but I got a lot of free time now... I started a challenge kinda like this on another (german) board a week ago to get me and other ppl motivated so I guess I'll get stuff going sooner or later. Even tho I'd work on Earths Dawn next, which I just bought like 2-3 weeks ago, I'd like to add the following games: Limbo (1st trophy: Aug '15) Mafia 3 (1st trophy: Oct '16) Murdered: Soul Suspect (1st trophy: Oct '16)
  3. Id like to join too if I'm allowed to with my <50 Posts I really need to work on my backlog and stuff like this keeps me motivated
  4. The Walking Dead: Season 1 Well, I had the plat for over a year but lazy ass me didnt want to start the DLC... However, I started it yesterday and now I got The Walking Dead: Season 1 at 100%, finally. Little bit short DLC but I guess it was worth it since some of the ppl will appear in S2.
  5. #6 Life Is Strange
  6. Plated Life is Strange that night At the beginning it was ok, got kinda chewy in the middle but got weird but interesting at the end The final decision was kinda hard to make... They are both bad imo but you have to choose one of em... Overall I digged the game (mostly because of E5) but gameplay was repetitive in the middle, 8/10 I guess I will play Earths Dawn now
  7. There are 3 trophylists of Ziggurat on psnp... why?

    1. Night Cast

      Night Cast

      Different regions.

    2. BlindMango


      You'll find there's multiple trophy lists for many games. It's just PSN and developers being completely unorganized with their trophy lists, lol - Instead of adding new regions or consoles to existing lists, devs just make new identical lists and Sony doesn't care to organize it =P

    3. slaaack1


      Ok, well, I updated my checklist with links to the trophylist but not sure if it was the correct one for Ziggurat... However, it doenst matter actually, its just confusing sometimes :D

  8. A ticket for the Banksy exhibition in Berlin
  9. Got some Rocket League trophys from the new DLC while playing. "Already" (for me its fast but one could complete it in like 12hrs I guess) halfway through Life Is Strange, but its getting kinda lame... Not the story but the gameplay. I'll end the game tho since I want to know the story and its a easy plat. I have to add the 2 ps+ titles besides Until Dawn to my backlog and I will buy Earths Dawn from sale soon, so I have to add this too.
  10. Was a little bit inactive for some days due to university and lack of motivation to actually start playing something. Got more free time now tho so I started Life Is Strange today. I really wanted to play it now so I seconded Mafia 3... Moreover I'm lacking of motivation to "restart" any game from where I stopped playing it some time ago... Needs so much attention and learning how to play it properly and so on... But I guess I have to deal with this and just do it some day to get stuff done. I stick to Life Is Strange for now tho. Already done with E1. Its a quick and easy plat too Actually not sure if I will restart some of the larger games for now... I kinda want to play some straight forward, not that time comsuming games which have a great story nonetheless at the moment. Lets see if I maybe feel like playing the larger games again soon... I definitely want to play them anyway, just not now
  11. Good Luck for you and have fun I realized creating a checklist is kinda addicting... or at least it motivates. Hopefully it works for you like this too
  12. Went through the storyline of Valient Hearts... What a ride... People said at the end they had to fight back their tears and so was it for me. Stunning game. Everyone who owns this has to play that game... Not even for "playing" but for learning about WW1 Its at 17/20 Trophies atm, not sure if I will 100% it because I'm struggleing with the Karl Trophy and missing the motivation to get all collectibles... Maybe I'll put it on the inacitves-list Not sure whats next, maybe 100%ing TWD S1 by playing the DLC or Mafia 3 or whatever I want to play next Pretty stressed with university atm tho
  13. Great Game with an interesting flip at the end. I especially liked the music... On the one hand pretty chilled, on the other hand somehow threatening. Kinda sad its just my 2nd 100% Game displayed here (Id have 6 (cute, I know) if there where no DLCs added afterwards ). However, I wanted that game since I came across a vid of it for the first time and I'm glad Ive played it.
  14. I just 100%ed The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. What a ride... Not sure whats next... Either Mafia 3 or Valiant Hearts I think. Maybe I play both if Id need a break from one of them.