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  1. Good Luck for you and have fun I realized creating a checklist is kinda addicting... or at least it motivates. Hopefully it works for you like this too
  2. Went through the storyline of Valient Hearts... What a ride... People said at the end they had to fight back their tears and so was it for me. Stunning game. Everyone who owns this has to play that game... Not even for "playing" but for learning about WW1 Its at 17/20 Trophies atm, not sure if I will 100% it because I'm struggleing with the Karl Trophy and missing the motivation to get all collectibles... Maybe I'll put it on the inacitves-list Not sure whats next, maybe 100%ing TWD S1 by playing the DLC or Mafia 3 or whatever I want to play next Pretty stressed with university atm tho
  3. Great Game with an interesting flip at the end. I especially liked the music... On the one hand pretty chilled, on the other hand somehow threatening. Kinda sad its just my 2nd 100% Game displayed here (Id have 6 (cute, I know) if there where no DLCs added afterwards ). However, I wanted that game since I came across a vid of it for the first time and I'm glad Ive played it.
  4. I just 100%ed The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. What a ride... Not sure whats next... Either Mafia 3 or Valiant Hearts I think. Maybe I play both if Id need a break from one of them.
  5. Our lists beauty is the simplicity Done with Diablo III storyline, moving it to inactive games now. I want to play it more but it needs too much grind for some trophies or even good gameplay right now. One day, its time will come tho Feeling like Id like to start a complete new game now. Unfortunately I got too many games which I've bought and played for like <10hrs, so I'll choose one of these.... Maybe The Vanishing of Ethan Carter as stated above. Also, added my short personal rating for completed games (x/10), if anyone is interested in my "opinion" (no space to write my whole opinion) about the games
  6. Yeah, I already played that a lot but I stopped because of other games or university. Should play it again soon. I dont really care for the MP tho, so I guess I dont go for the plat too.
  7. I don't mind some grind if I'm into the game. However, stuff like Super Meat Boy is way too grindy for me I'll decide while playing the game... For example I'd plat The Witcher III but I think it will take some time "learning" Death March difficulty. Maybe I feel up to do it some day but for now I just want to play some games I'd have never played I guess Looking forward to Teslagrad and Deadly Tower of Monsters and other games too. Btw, little Update: Almost done with Diablo III storyline. I guess I will add an "inactive games" spoiler soon because I'd like to continue to play games like Diablo III but it needs a kinda huge amount of time to get the right gear to do rifts fast and so on imo. Not sure what to play next, maybe finish The Vanishing of Ethan Carter or start The Witcher DLCs or a complete new game... So many games to choose
  8. Sup, No fancy banner (yet?) but it doesnt bother me at all since this thread will be a kind of motivation for me to play through all my games. Mostly, I'm not a completionist but if I really like a game and/or its an easy plat Id try to go for it (already got 5 plats, sweet, isnt it?). However, I think playing through the game will be enough for me most of the time. Depends on if I do not miss out on decent stuff one does not see when only playing the story. The reason why I have created this checklist is that I realized its kinda sad that I end up playing Rocket League almost everytime I play on my PS4. I have some jewels from PS+ or bought in my "backlog" (like Journey, Until Dawn, Gone Home, ...). All in all I have ~90 Games, many PS+ titles and some bought ones. I'll add the list below. So I hope it motivates me if I can remove a title from my huge text block of games I have slightly/not played. I'm not sure how often I'll update it tho... Kinda busy with university atm and sometimes I dont want to play... We'll see Special thanks to @BillyHorrible for the pattern and the motivation Games I have played a little or a lot: Games in my "backlog": "Completed" Games: "Inactive" Games Abandoned Games: Thank you for your attention, have a cookie 🍪
  9. Well, I downloaded every PS4 ps+ game since March '15 but I just played like 5-10 of them I thought I'd never play these games anyway but I realised its kinda sad that I have like 90 games but always end up playing Rocket League... So I figured it would be interesting to play all these games I have never thought of to actually play em... There are some jewels in my backlog like Journey or Until Dawn At least I dont want to plat them all, just if I really like the game or its an easy plat
  10. Damn, your thread motivates me to create my own thread Got the same "problem" like you, sitting on ~90 Games (mostly ps+ games tho) but until now, I have only played ~30... The fact that makes it even worse is, that I have played half of the 30 games for <10 hrs So I have created a list that looks kinda like yours to get an idea of what I have and what I could play, what I abandon and so on... Maybe I open a thread to see my progress or I just keep it for myself Anyways, good luck and have fun working on your backlog
  11. So I am at lvl 36 atm, still wanting to join the guild For guidance sometimes or just playing alongside others I am GF but wanted to try out atleast the warlock aswell later
  12. Same for me IGN: SL4CK
  13. Looks cool, looking forward to it... Hoping its not too much Pay2Win ^^
  14. Why am I here when I have to finally start that 2k words essay ._.

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      Living up to your user name?

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      In the words of Shia LaBeouf "JUST DO IT!" :)

  15. #5 - The Division At first the game was really addictive, pretty nice game + it disconfirmed my opinion that DZ will suck Had some nice hours ingame with a mate (I recommend playing the game with 1 or more mates bc it will mostly be more fun and more sucessful than with random guys) Nevertheless the game became kinda annoying to me some time ago bc of glitches, bugs or nothing more to do / repetitive gameplay ... Guess I'm not that kind of hardcore grinder for the best gear (well, these glitches destroyed it anyways imo) Got some decent gear imo (got 174 atm iirc) but my mate kinda stopped playing too so its also done for me Looking forward to new content tho