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  1. I maybe get roasted for this but Id like to get a good Indie-Game from PS+ again I'm absolutly fine with these AAA Titles from Oct or the last months because I didnt own em already (besides Until Dawn) but Id like to get some Indie-Feels-Games again like Journey, Valiant Hearts or Never Alone.
  2. I assume that I'm allowed to join here since its written in the OP that one could join everytime... So Id like to post some updates: #2 Murdered: Soul Suspect (Plat - 52% 28/49) (+ 16% +10) After a while I started again to play the story a little and got some of the many collectibles ()... Guess I dont plat it this weekend tho due to Bundesliga and NFL. I guess I have to play it more intense soon... Atm I lost my interest in that game altough I really wanted to buy and play it... I guess its because I dont dig that kind of playstyle what makes it even harder to beat bosses and maybe I was underleveled. Seems like I just have to grind through this for the plat when I feel motivated to do so. I agree on the art style and the somehow strange skill system.
  3. Murdered: Soul Suspect Half-Truths and Whole Lies Helped the witness escape the police station and gained an ally
  4. Id like to join but I guess I missed the deadline for almost 2 weeks 😅 However, I host a similar challenge on a german PS4 board so I could copy and paste my goals in here and Id have double ambitions to fight my backlog I think I could already give some updates on sunday Well, depends on if you let me join or not then In case its accepted that Id like to join Id like to post my goals already
  5. Stories: The Path of Destinies The Rabbit was the murderer! Discover Lapino's little secret. Y u do dis Lapino?
  6. I'm starting Stories: Path of Destinies now. Hoping I can hang on to this since it has some trophies that require grinding (I'm not a fan of grinding (because actually I'm no trophy hunter but Id like to go for some easy plats )) or could be difficult for me... On the paper it should be an easy plat #8 tho.
  7. I maybe pick South Park and Shadow of War up later this year but for now I'm good. Not picking stuff up at release anymore since price drop and bugs got me angry several times... God, I should have waited some months and pick up Mafia 3 for like 19,99 and all patched instead of 59,99 and buggy at release Not so interested in AC or Evil Within for now... Maybe I'll buy Wolfenstein in a year when its on sale but I have to buy Wolfenstein 1 first... Maybe it wll be on ps+ soon (I hope so )
  8. Yeah I could do that easily but the collectibles holding me back from doing so a little... Since its an easy plat Id go for the plat but I'm not in the mood to watch youtube video while playing the game to get every collectible... But Id have to play the whole game again to the point where Id have missed a collectible :/ Well, I installed Stories: Path of Destinies which I had on my backlog since it was on ps+ (Dec '16)... Playing through the story in this game is done fast since it has 25 different storylines (one has to play through for plat) So maybe I'll choose this game as kind of an alternative to not go on the inactives list 😂
  9. Getting my completion percentage to 30%... Then going for 40%... Then going for 50%... Lets see how high I can get it. Will take a while tho since I'm not that kind of a tryhard completionist or even trophy hunter I just want to play more games right now and dont stick with Rocket League and AAA titles (and maybe get through at least the story of some of my backlog/started games)
  10. #7 Virginia: The Game Decent game. Thats all. Its okay that I bought it but it would have been okay if I didnt. Its interesting, that its story is true (kinda I think) but its overall okayish as I have stated above. Nothing really happend what will be kept in my mind like stuff from Life Is Strange (#6) so if you want an enthralling story you might have to check out some Lets Plays before to see if this game fits for you. The fact that the characters dont speak and theres no conversation at all in this game makes it on the one hand interesting due to feels expressed through facial expressions and music but on the other hand somehow... quiet. You have to do a second run for 1 trophy but thats totally fine. I started to understand some story related facts during my second run. Its an easy plat tho (60%+). I picked it up during sale for 3-4€ so actually I cant say anthing bad. Decent game for a decent price.
  11. I'm struggling a little starting to play my games again... Its hard to get back at it again On the other hand, I played through two games I recently bought, does this count? No? Ok, I maybe finally start Murdered: Soul Suspect or Mafia 3 or any other game from my backlog soon 😅
  12. TESO: Tamriel Unlimited So many trophies I wont achieve because I dont dig the game after I played it for like 10hrs 1 year ago :/ Maybe I need to play it now again but not sure if its still active, plus it doesnt feel like an online mmorpg sadly
  13. I'm starting to worry more about my completion rate. However I'm not a real Trophyhunter, I'm too lazy for grinding. But Id like to try to rise my completion... Started at 23% this year and I'm now at 27% (I discover some gem-games doing this too because I play more game more intensive ). Sadly, some years ago I only got like 1 Trophy of a game just to have it displayed... Now I have some old 1 out of x Trophys earned games on my profile which rate my completion down. Not sure if I start playing em again. My Goal is 50% for now, I voted for 60-80% because imo one should not be "forced" to complete every game. If one would realize a game sucks it should be abandoned imo. I know its hard for some people around here but thats it for me, so I aim for 50%. That will work for me for now.
  14. Machinarium Picked this up at the recent games <5€ store update because I wanted to buy something and it seemed to be interesting... and it was. I realized its totally relaxing for me to play small point and click/indie adventures. They most likely have a decent story too. However, I used a guide a lot because I found some puzzle to be kinda hard... Well, I dont often play puzzle games, I guess thats one fact why I suck at em... At least I dont "regret" buying this game for 3€, its okay for its reduced price of 3€.
  15. So I actually started today (Mafia 3) but I've only done 4 easy Trophies so nothing storyrelated... Its been a while since I stopped playing Mafia 3, I need some time to get back into it I was kinda inactive on playing PS4 since I've posted here or I've only played some Rocket League so I dont think I will complete any game within a month... Fortunately one only can be marked as inactive here after 2 months without a completion I will complete one of these listed games soon. I kinda stopped playing Earths Dawn and I want to take a break from Rocket League so plenty of time for the titles mentoined above. However, I just picked up a little game called Machinarium which I'll play now but I think it will be done within this week.