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  1. Got it, thank you kindly
  2. Are the trophy updates through a system update? I’m in the US and nothing has changed for me as of yet.
  3. I was just on here and got a quick platinum and poof it says my account is now Private when I have not touched the settings at all. Any ideas as to what may have occurred and how to fix it?
  4. So it says I have built 1 of everything in the bridges menu but I have not rebuilt the items I did in the main story. I will try that and report if that’s my fix. I really appreciate everyone’s input and suggestions.
  5. I have at least one of everything when I look under Bridge Links for structures, but the trophy for Master Builder has not popped. I need some help with what I am missing. I appreciate any assistance ahead of time.
  6. I believe Episode 2 for DLC drops tomorrow, but I don’t see any new trophies in the DLC section. Any word on if they plan on adding more trophies with the new content?
  7. Awesome, I really appreciate this
  8. Nice guide. A quick and easy 100%
  9. I appreciate the offer to continue this event for me, but I would like quit the event at this time. I voted to keep it, but seeing how engaged people were in the other event was exciting to me. It now seems like it has lost its luster. I appreciate everyone’s hard work. I’ll catch you all on the next one. Doc
  10. Thank you very much! Nevermind on the Tokyo twilight please, I’ll take a look where I am at once we get closer with that one.
  11. I would like to join. I have added a few games below to start would it be ok to add more as we get closer? -P4 Golden -persona dancing all night -uncharted golden abyss -tales of hearts r -Tokyo twilight
  12. DocHolliday25 with cabin 8 with an update. Just got the plat for A Way Out. Going to hopefully finish up God of War next.
  13. Can my bonus game be Fallout Shelter please? Thank you for your help.
  14. Anyway I can add “ A way out” to my list of games to play? Am in camp 8. Thank you
  15. DocHolliday25 for Cabin 8 here. Far Cry 5 plat has now been achieved. On to GoW. Thank you kindly
  16. I would like to join if there is still room. far cry 5 madden 18 detroit god of war
  17. Not sure if the group is still going but I am having a hard time getting the cards back. Please add me and exchange cards if anyone can. psn Id: DocHolliday25
  18. I completed the tutorials to get the bronze trophy. Yeah I’m kind of panicking too lol If anyone has any ideas on this I would appreciate the help
  19. I am playing the game via PS Now on PS4 in NA. I went through all 4 stories and have the ending movies, but not the individual movies for each faction. I went through beginner just to get all of the stories done quicker. Does anyone have a solution on how to get the trophy or advice on things I could try? This trophy and 1 mil fame is all I have left as the movie collector will unlock the trophy for all items in the gallery.
  20. I completed the tutorials to get the bronze trophy. Yeah I’m kind of panicking too lol
  21. Yeah. I got the 2 in conquest as well as all the endings from the story, but I am missing all the movies under the 4 different factions
  22. This looks like a game right up my alley. I wish we had more info on release date
  23. I’m in! Sign me up please
  24. Yes, a pack of 5 XP boosts is one 1 in game currency now