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  1. You basically just said "If it didnt look shit would people still say it looks shit?" lol
  2. pretty much what I expected they'd be when the game first came out, great excuse to replay a wonderful game though
  3. It's a shame they listen to the vocal idiots. there's always one or two dumbasses in every community that have to make 20 or 30 posts over and over again on the topic like anyone should care about their moronic opinion
  4. Enjoying it a lot so far myself, the pacing is slow but the payoff is HUGE when everything gets going
  5. Valkyria Chronicles want it so bad
  6. Have you explored the new warp point you can access in one of the canyon maps with the master orb?
  7. Free Realms Ragdoll Kungfu
  8. I should take some pics of mine, a cool friend of mine picked up the japanese collectors edition of Rorona Got the Totori nendoroid too
  9. I've been playing it quite a bit, almost have the platinum now, cant say too much stands out that I'd advise other than make sure to raise the affection of ALL the characters, not just the ones you like
  10. I hugely recommend Valkyria and Ar Tonelico, those are awesome games Atelier Rorona and Totori are good too but they arent quite traditional RPGs