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  1. Just putting this here in case anyone had cleared all 4 ramps across multiple lives, like myself, and was confused when the trophy did not pop.
  2. I attempted to go for the 'I Love the 80s' trophy today. I found the ones on the employee of the month board, but I could only find three of five of the plush bears. Does anyone know exactly how many bear locations there are? I've seen 40, 62 and even 100 in numerous different guides, but none of them show a bear in every location that they claim the bears can spawn. Also, I heard that the bears only spawn one at a time, meaning that I'd have to go over every spawn location again every time I find one. As for the 'Batteries Not Included' trophy, do you need to complete the Easter Egg to complete this? Because if not, that would make going for the sticker pack trophy a lot easier. If anyone can confirm these, that'd be appreciated!