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  1. is on fire and is playing more then ever. A shiny platinum is his ultimate goal, but paying for a DLC, no way!
  2. After looking into your profile i would say you are more a game collector than a trophy hunter :D. I would recommend to delete some 0% games you dont like to play and i even heard that its possible to delete 0% ps3 games with the ps app. Tomb Raider (Multiplayer grind needed, still on but you never know) Deadly tower of monsters Tearaway Unfolded Day of the Tentacle (Use a guide, 45 min to plat) Journey
  3. There is a big shortcut for this pursuit/ in da trunk in general. My time was 1:00,49sec, so not even close to 1:18. Have Fun
  4. I used this playlist too. I've made a little excel sheet to track my and his times. He managed to finish the game in 15min 38sec. So its not a problem if you sometimes cant reach his times... All in all the game is not Easy to Plat. You should like such Games and try not to throw your controller away
  5. There is a much easier way to do this. You need one friend. Start a quick game (or what its called in english) in pro clubs and you have to make sure that only you two are going to play this match. Should not be a problem. Then, one is a keeper and the other a striker. The Keeper has to foul the striker and let him score his freekick. Easy and quick. Have Fun
  6. Did it the same way as KRIEGLERR. I tried for 6 hours. Before i got the trophy i configured the aggressivity skill from the goalkeeper. Maybe this helps. Good Luck
  7. I just got the trophy. It worked just fine. Start Fifa 15 till the normal menu. Go to ps4 settings and change the date to 4/11/2014 10 o clock. Berlin Time (dont know if the time matter) Then bakc to fifa and to match day and change the team to USA MLS chicago Fire. Matchday will update and bring you a match. Beste regards
  8. i just boosted the thophie "The Invincibles" and here is a quick guide how i and my friend made it. Create 7 new PSN accounts, go in FIFA and create a new EA account. Now you have 8 acounts. Your Partner has to do the same. While you dont get any freetoken anymore (maybe one) you have to get some coins. Just go to a game currency Site like "mmoga" and transfer 30000 coins to every account. I recommend "player action", fast and easy. So you will need 2 x 100000 coins, more or less. Its not that expensive. Then get a paper and write down a tournament tree with 16 players/accounts. Make sure your Primary Account will get to the end. Remenber, you cant play two times against the same account, therefore the 16 accounts. In game, score a goal and the pretended loser can quit after 10 minutes. Dont transfer 100000 coins to one account, you might get banned by ea ;-). Hope this helps. Best Regards, Mr. Ericsson