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  1. I can say Final Fantasy XII, was to hard to me. I love the game in ps2 but now with no time to play long games and find everything was a pain.
  2. i really love the option, but I have some concerns; If they add the ability to delate any trophy. What happen if you are "hacked" and he delate ALL... we can return in back? I personality wanna this option, in my case i have a "chilean" account and some games (like Gravity Rush Psvita) don't have they DLC... soo i don't like it. i wanna delate it. its i great game but i can't get the 100% because in the CL PSN we don't have all the things like US PSN or EU PSN. Same with old game, now i have almost 1000 trophies hiden, only because i share my ps3/4 with my brother and he play the game for a few weeks and he sell it and buy a new one i know, i can create a new user to my brother but... i really don't wanna lol so... yes i wanna this option on ps5. hahahaha
  3. Since GH:Live was shutdown, the others games have a big possibility to be down too. In fact, GH:WoR and GH:5 have some problems with the lobbies. If you like or have those game. I think this is your last opportunity to grab the plastic music platinum
  4. I love music games, so...
  5. you are a hero with soo much courage, but maybe its time to go outside. *Like ultra rares* :V
  6. FF XII, its one of the games i play alot on ps2. i really wanna get a ps4 with that game
  7. Works fine! i got the F... platinum today!
  8. This is some of the games i respect: Gran turismo 5 Super Meet Boy MK 9 Last Hope Shadow Of The Colossus Rock Band Green Day Rock Band 3 Guitar Hero: Metallica Guitar Hero Smash Hits Guitar Hero: Van Helen Injustice Skyrim Lost Planet 2 RockSmith
  9. Dragon ball Xenoverse; too much grind and i don't wanna play it again :v
  10. #39 Rocksmith 2014 (PS3) Difficulty Rating 8/10 Enjoyment Rating 9/10 I like music games like GH/RB and rocksmith was another game i really enjoy , i think its the only game I bough some DLC. Now, its a hard game most if you have a cheap guitar (i think) the game sometimes does not recognize the sound, this is soo painful for guitar arcade games. the last 2 trophies the same, just repeat the same song over and over just for 1 mission. i play Blitzkrieg Bop 150 times But anyway, its a really nice plat and very happy with this 😙
  11. Rocksmith 2014 Note Track: Score at least 10,000,000 points in Hurtlin' Hurdles Is a mini game that does not teach you anything and very difficult, and sometimes the game does not recognize the sound well.
  12. @Jamescush147 L.A Noire, i wanna try that. some friends say me its a good game.
  13. A few days ago someone added me and asked if I can help. One day later I was playing with him and my brother comes to see how we play, and he says "WTF your name lol". I do not know why I never read his nickname @papanikolaou. That makes me laugh a lot.