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  1. As you say, it is not worth getting the maximum score in 2 mins. I will modify my map and the macro again and if I achieve good results I will publish both. Thanks for the clarification, I thought I could do 75 + 25 + 25 + 25 + 75 in less than 1 minute.
  2. i created a map and a good loop (ps4Macro) that do 60+25+25+60 in 1:40 mins. Need to do more runs to grab a good score (75+25+25+25+75 or more)
  3. Hitting .500 THIS!
  4. Im lvl 70 with only 5 pj with his 100%, all maps with "platinum score" and a few maps with "Time Run" (to hard for me). I have to do the rest of PJ and i think i can reach lvl 75 but need to do the last 20 lvl. its too time consuming this trophy. Really hope they add a new metod to farm XP.
  5. This was really hard... like all School 2 was the problem. Skate Heaven Venice Beach Bullring Mall Roswell School 2 I don't remember any game that made me so angry in such a short time, I just need the "easy part now". good luck to all and keep try it!
  6. i don't have the Plat, but i just give up with this im not too good to win 5 in a row even with that "quit method". But the game is fun for me and i play with my non-trophy hunters friends.
  7. When I bought my Ps4 and try RockBand 4 the old memories from rhythms games come back to me. So I play RB4 a few hrs a week just for fun with my e-kit. Its not the best game, I even can say its a expensive game, but is fun to me and at the end of the day hit that damn pad is fun as f..k
  8. i lost a 3 row win :C i give up for now
  9. I lost a 3 wins streak... well im going to take a break for that trophy for now
  10. Wait you can win on this game? Wow!
  11. Maybe in the future they will add new modes or events and this trophy could be more "easier" or eliminate the luck factor. This trophy should have been "reaching the final 5 times in a row".
  12. i do this the past month and a few thinks If you have the game on digital copy, YOU CAN'T DO THIS ON "PLAY A SHOW", rewards don't work anymore.on that mode. If you have a physical copy of the game, you have to uninstall the latest patch and play the game without updating. go to career mode and find some stage that let you pick 5 songs. This is the best way to do it. (don't matters if is digital or physical or you have the game on the last update) try bass/vox on easy, i dont' remember the exact songs that i used BUT i know two "adam's songs" and "miss murder". you can miss 1 or 2 note, but not on the middle of the songs. when the rewards "full combo" show on the screen you can relax and fail. Its hard, this trophy was the last one that i do. good luck!
  13. hell no! just NO! a lot of time invested, i don't wanna throw away this years
  14. Thanks a lot! I was looking for
  15. Skylanders Spyro's Adventure: new game on the list, that have platinum but it's not missable. At this point Activision its going to close more servers/online of legacy games. This is the last year i think so we have to see what happens on the next days/months