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  1. I love music games, so...
  2. you are a hero with soo much courage, but maybe its time to go outside. *Like ultra rares* :V
  3. FF XII, its one of the games i play alot on ps2. i really wanna get a ps4 with that game
  4. Works fine! i got the F... platinum today!
  5. This is some of the games i respect: Gran turismo 5 Super Meet Boy MK 9 Last Hope Shadow Of The Colossus Rock Band Green Day Rock Band 3 Guitar Hero: Metallica Guitar Hero Smash Hits Guitar Hero: Van Helen Injustice Skyrim Lost Planet 2 RockSmith
  6. Dragon ball Xenoverse; too much grind and i don't wanna play it again :v
  7. #39 Rocksmith 2014 (PS3) Difficulty Rating 8/10 Enjoyment Rating 9/10 I like music games like GH/RB and rocksmith was another game i really enjoy , i think its the only game I bough some DLC. Now, its a hard game most if you have a cheap guitar (i think) the game sometimes does not recognize the sound, this is soo painful for guitar arcade games. the last 2 trophies the same, just repeat the same song over and over just for 1 mission. i play Blitzkrieg Bop 150 times But anyway, its a really nice plat and very happy with this 😙
  8. Rocksmith 2014 Note Track: Score at least 10,000,000 points in Hurtlin' Hurdles Is a mini game that does not teach you anything and very difficult, and sometimes the game does not recognize the sound well.
  9. @Jamescush147 L.A Noire, i wanna try that. some friends say me its a good game.
  10. A few days ago someone added me and asked if I can help. One day later I was playing with him and my brother comes to see how we play, and he says "WTF your name lol". I do not know why I never read his nickname @papanikolaou. That makes me laugh a lot.
  11. @crespino97 skyrim, Too long for me. Lol
  12. Mortal kombat oh man so much time, but excellent platinum to add in your collection.
  13. Ok the game is broken, the re-download and database does not works. I think this is my first game dropped. I hope no one has to go through this. :c