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  1. Most of the main vendors have Challenges that require you to complete bounties for them. In the Tower, you can find the following Challenges from the vendors: Zavala: Complete Vanguard bounties Shaxx: Complete Crucible bounties Banshee-44: Complete Gunsmith bounties Hawthorne: Complete clan bounties and earn clan XP The Drifter: Complete Gambit bounties Some vendors will cycle in and out of offering bounties for you to complete for Challenges. Make sure you look at the map of the Tower to see who is offering a reward for completing one of their Challenges. There are also a few Challenges (gold icons) that can be seen when looking at the Director: Vanguard: Complete Strikes, Nightfall, and Nightfall high scores Gambit: Complete Gambit matches Crucible: Complete Crucible Core matches and Crucible Rotator matches Flashpoint: Complete activities at the destination Also, there are also Challenges for various raids and other end-game activities like dungeons.
  2. It’s been like this for a while. Bungie has already acknowledged this problem and are looking to fix it, so I think it will be patched in next season, which will be in a week or two.
  3. Yup, it doesn’t matter if your power level is more than 1275, you will still be capped at 1275. I finished this week’s nightfall GM which actually was not that hard if you have good weapons with decent mods and teammates to practice (I used a sniper rifle from the raid and ikelos SMG, along with Anarchy as an exotic weapon). I think we finished the nightfall on our 7th or 8th try. Now, all I need is to wait for Bungie to release another update to fix the problem of ahamkara bones for me to be able to collect, so I can get the seal for the trophy and get 100%!
  4. Sorry for the late reply, forgot to turn on the notifications of this topic. The glitched trophies are related to time trials. I already found the answers to my question, which I will share with you. Yes, they are glitched/unobtainable, but only on EU version, which means you can get the platinum on NA version.
  5. Took me almost an hour, I used Raiden’s combo to get hits from Predator, which was quite easy.
  6. I saw 4 people who already got the platinum, so does it means that the glitched trophies are already fixed?