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  1. When you're in sculpt mode do you level up faster by pressing X faster?
  2. What is the fastest way to level up? Just sit in sculpt mode spamming X?
  3. The last of us part 2 Cyberpunk 2077 Doom eternal Watch dogs legion Going to pre order predator soon aswell and PS5 the first minute I can.
  4. Killzone trilogy Resistance trilogy Motorstorm trilogy Simpsons hit and run Battlefield bad company 2 Battlefield 3
  5. Does anyone know the location of 1st archive six - vision?
  6. Luckily I seem to have all the hard trophies done. This is really weird, does anyone know why they have done this?
  7. Ok thanks
  8. Hi, I have just received my first victory for noob by completing the towers of time challenges and as i went to equip it i noticed that there are 2 more and they are both unlocked in the krypt, I know you get one for impaling his head but how do you get the other one? Is there a chest that you can get it from or is locked behind another door of grinding?
  9. Crashed the ps4 or the application? Sorry I should have been more clear, people refer to it as bricking your ps4, I meant has that been fixed?
  10. Has the new patch fixed the crashing errors?
  11. Gears of war 2 if I had to pick one, but the whole trilogy is amazing, didn't play judgement and I thought 4 was awful.
  12. I am dying for bloodborne 2
  13. I loved playing this game, the grind for me was so much fun. I still play it now from time to time for new characters and maps. I was surprised they didn't increase it to rank 100 like battlefront 2015.
  14. Killzone 2 for me, I just need to complete elite and the campaign is 100% and the servers have gone offline. I'll definitely give elite a go though.
  15. Hi, for the trophies that require 10 wins, does it have to be 10 wins in 1 game mode or can I have 5 wins in one and 5 in the other?