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  1. I only just beat it for the first time yesterday and it was incredible, at first I didn't like the controls but after about 30 minutes I didn't even think about them, everything about the game was amazing. I've only played 3,4,7 and 8 and in the weirdest order, apparently the ps5 versions of 2,3 and 7 are coming out very soon so I'm going to start 2 and I hear a lot of people saying its just as good as 4. I can really understand why people love this series so much.
  2. So im gonna have to start again pretty much then because im missing most of them
  3. I have four saves Mass effect 2 - Trilogy Gamer Profile Mass effect 2 - Gamer Profile Mass effect - Gamer Profile and then a trilogy saved data All of them are in my console storage and all of them have been restored but mass effect 1 and 2 still say start a new game and create a new shepard
  4. A while ago I had a power cut and lost my save on the mass effect legendary edition, luckily it was saved on the cloud and I've redownloaded it back to the console storage but it doesn't do anything, when I start the game It just says start a new game. I had completed mass effect 1 and made my way a little bit through 2 using the same character and I was wondering if anybody had a fix? The saved data is there and It even says saved data on it, It's on the console storage, cloud storage and even a USB drive but nothing changes when I redownload it to the console storage. I've deleted the application multiple times and still nothing. If anybody has a fix that would be great. Played on my ps5 through backwards compat btw.
  5. Is the trophy to win 8 games as 8 different heroes bugged for anyone else? I've won 10 games as 10 different heroes and no trophy.
  6. Just extracted for the 25th time and no trophy, really annoying Got it after 27
  7. Same thing happened with me got the tag for everyone surviving but did not get the trophy
  8. I have no option to import my save. Checked my online storage and the saved data isn't even there. Weird
  9. Haha so true
  10. It popped at 118.
  11. I've played 117 games but haven't got the trophy for 100 yet. Not sure if it's glitched or the stats are wrong, heard reports of people unlocking match related trophies late.
  12. Thanks. I had furious feet, I didn't think I was going to kill the boss because I wanted firepower, but furious feet made it much easier to not get hit by zombies in the previous rounds so I could go into the boss fight with extra lives.
  13. Finally did the final area, it comes down to luck. I got lucky with 1 first person mode drop every round and I got a helicopter on round 61 and a tank on the boss fight.
  14. Completely agree, I am on the final area and it is becoming very difficult, it all comes down to luck on what spawns your way. I was really hoping the final boss was going to have a checkpoint before it but it sounds like it doesn't so this final area is going to be tough. Tips would be really appreciated, also to the people who did this normal huge W. Such a pain in the ass doing it through checkpoints never mind 4 hours straight with no crashes or bugs. Just got to the boss took down 1/4 of his health, it was complete luck on my power ups. Annoyed but definitely doable. After playing for a few hours I have gotten to the boss a few times and I just can't get his health down at all, the zombies just don't stop and at this point I have nothing except maybe 2 or 3 lives.
  15. So I can just keep making little progress and get as many goes as I want?