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  1. Luckily I seem to have all the hard trophies done. This is really weird, does anyone know why they have done this?
  2. Ok thanks
  3. Hi, I have just received my first victory for noob by completing the towers of time challenges and as i went to equip it i noticed that there are 2 more and they are both unlocked in the krypt, I know you get one for impaling his head but how do you get the other one? Is there a chest that you can get it from or is locked behind another door of grinding?
  4. Crashed the ps4 or the application? Sorry I should have been more clear, people refer to it as bricking your ps4, I meant has that been fixed?
  5. Has the new patch fixed the crashing errors?
  6. Gears of war 2 if I had to pick one, but the whole trilogy is amazing, didn't play judgement and I thought 4 was awful.
  7. I am dying for bloodborne 2
  8. I loved playing this game, the grind for me was so much fun. I still play it now from time to time for new characters and maps. I was surprised they didn't increase it to rank 100 like battlefront 2015.
  9. Killzone 2 for me, I just need to complete elite and the campaign is 100% and the servers have gone offline. I'll definitely give elite a go though.
  10. Hi, for the trophies that require 10 wins, does it have to be 10 wins in 1 game mode or can I have 5 wins in one and 5 in the other?
  11. Hi, this is probably a really stupid question but I am just about to start darksiders 3 and I want to start it on normal to get the trophy, when I am choosing the difficulty level, I am given 4 options Story Balanced Challenging Apocalyptic My question is what is normal? Is story easy or very easy? If it is easy then balanced would be normal or if it is very easy then challenging would be normal. By the sound of it, balanced is probably normal, but I just want someone to confirm for me.
  12. Definitely glitched just prestige 25 different weapons and no trophy. I have a feeling when they patch it, they are going to make me do it all again.
  13. Thank you, just got my platinum trophy.
  14. I am going for the trophy " I'LL BE BACK " and I am not sure if I have messed up. In the chapter partners I did not find the deviant so it has skipped the interrogation mission, which is required for the trophy. My question is can I chapter select and continue from the partners mission or do I have to start the game again for it to count?