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  1. Thank you, just got my platinum trophy.
  2. I am going for the trophy " I'LL BE BACK " and I am not sure if I have messed up. In the chapter partners I did not find the deviant so it has skipped the interrogation mission, which is required for the trophy. My question is can I chapter select and continue from the partners mission or do I have to start the game again for it to count?
  3. Those spongebob games were incredible, hopefully they get remastered.
  4. Could you get banned for doing this?
  5. I wasn't going to, I was just curious. Just earned the jumped in trophy now.
  6. But the guys above were explaining how you could get the platinum with the servers down.
  7. So will the platinums still be obtainable after the server shutdowns?
  8. I have recently been playing a lot of for honor again. I am on my last trophy and it is active duty, I thought I should have the trophy by now because I have been deploying war assets every day for the past week and on top of that I have deployed a lot of war assets when the game first came out. My question is do your troops reset after every round/season?
  9. I have a question to ask. I am level 2 on the main menu but in a multiplayer match I am level 4. I have the weapons unlocked for level 4 but in the main menu it says I am still level 2. Does anyone know what is correct? Am I still level 2 or 4? Right now I am going for the trophy to reach the rank of general and I am confused to what level I am.
  10. My top 20 are: Uncharted 4 Killzone 3 Batman Arkham Knight Horizon zero dawn Battlefield 1/ Battlefield 4 Wolfenstein the new order Bloodborne Shadow of mordor God of war 3 South park stick of truth Ratchet and clank ps4 Call of duty modern warfare 2 Transformers fall of cybertron Motorstorm apocalypse Metro 2033/Last light Crash 1/2/3 Assassins Creed 2 Saints row 2/3/4 Infamous Second son Rocket league
  11. Does this guy know what site he's on?
  12. I never hated the futuristic stuff but I do prefer either modern or past wars. It looks awesome and I cannot wait to play it.
  13. The trophy popped for me when I won 4 games in a row, that's weird.
  14. For the off the hook operation, I have gotten to the point where I am starting to do missions that I have already done, is that normal?
  15. I was going into the DLC thinking it was going to be terrible, but I actually enjoyed it. I'm going to start the ps3 version soon.