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  1. I just find this game mode so boring to play. I'm constantly yawning and not having any fun at all. Really surprised they put the hardest trophy in dead ops and not the campaign.
  2. I am playing the ps4 version through ps5, does anyone know if it can brick my ps5 still? I wanna play the game but I am not risking it.
  3. I installed mortal kombat 11 on my ps5 and my stats are not there, even my ps4 stats are gone. I have them all in the settings of my console but when I start the game on ps4 or ps5 I'm level 1 with nothing unlocked. Does anyone have any solutions?
  4. Guys I just did it, can't believe it, been trying since Wednesday OMG. Never give up, you can do it. Play what you are comfortable with, like I said I have been trying since Wednesday. Take regular breaks, I started rogue company to take a break, been playing that most of the day and I decided to get back on fall guys and 5 hours later I did it. Never give up and good luck.
  5. Just won 2 games, lost, then won 3 and lost to a team game wtf.
  6. Does anyone know if the win still counts if you get disconnected? I've won 2 races and right after them I got disconnected.
  7. Apparently you have to get the spatula before leaving the house for the first time. A lot of people seem to have the same problem so it should hopefully be fixed in the games next patch.
  8. I just need the spatula that squidward gives you for jumping around, thats the only glitch I have encountered.
  9. When you're in sculpt mode do you level up faster by pressing X faster?
  10. What is the fastest way to level up? Just sit in sculpt mode spamming X?
  11. The last of us part 2 Cyberpunk 2077 Doom eternal Watch dogs legion Going to pre order predator soon aswell and PS5 the first minute I can.
  12. Killzone trilogy Resistance trilogy Motorstorm trilogy Simpsons hit and run Battlefield bad company 2 Battlefield 3
  13. Does anyone know the location of 1st archive six - vision?
  14. Luckily I seem to have all the hard trophies done. This is really weird, does anyone know why they have done this?
  15. Ok thanks