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  1. Yes, the game was a bit too long. I think I probably would've enjoyed it more had I not played for long hours at a time, but rather completed a story arc or two at a time with some breaks in between. For instance, while I'm not sure whether the Irish DLC-arc was much better than the arcs in the main game, I enjoyed it far more than I did the last arcs in the main game, because I hadn't played the game in a while before starting it. Similarly, I'm looking forward to playing the French DLC now after months without Valhalla.
  2. My game crashes far more often than before the patch. It usually crashes every 1-2 hours. Never lost any progress and none of my save files have been corrupted, but it is really annoying getting kicked out on average every 90 minutes. Sours the experience so to speak.
  3. The game has crashed on me a few times, but not corrupted saves yet. Much prefer it over Odyssey and Origins. Far less mandatory busywork, as a matter of fact I'm constantly over-leveled, unlike in Origins where I had to stop to do side missions between a heap of main missions only to meet the lowest level threshold for enemies not to one-shot me. I also enjoy the new leveling system (just place'em wherever) and the lack of a gazillion different armour sets, many of which became irrelevant after a few level ups. Overall really happy with this game, but obviously looking forward to a patch to fix up some of the bugs and perhaps give us some quality of life-improvements.
  4. I struggled a bit with this, but this way worked for me: Instead of speaking to the dancing woman, I would dive into the water from where I spoke to Winchell and get to shore behind the large tree. From there, I would sneak around the left side (eastern side) of the tree so no one could see me and pick up the box. They would always discover me doing this. Then, I would turn back and cross over to the east side of the mainland and run with the box up towards the hilltop where Winchell was located. This time he had moved a little bit back to his provisional bed where he was cheering me on as I ran up to him. Here I had to place the box, and then I could speak to him (EDIT: The game also notified me that I had to put down the box at this location once I stood before him). Before, when I spoke to the woman and exited the nudist camp from the other side, he would not go back to his camp/bed and I would not be able to interact with him. Hope this helps. 2nd edit: Sorry, I didn't read your post properly, you say that the box isn't where it's supposed to be? In which case, I can't help you. I'll leave my reply in case someone else runs into the same issue I had where I couldn't interact with the quest giver.
  5. Before finishing the main story, the game only crashed three times. On the clean-up, however, boy did I feel the rage as the game crashed three times in a row trying to get from Pembroke to the Docks. Overall crash/freeze count: around 15, 12 of which came in my last hour of playing the game. Most of the time, fighting the enemies around seemed to do the trick, but the game was just taking the piss on my trek to the Docks. The fourth - and successful - journey was spent dodging forward in pure frustration.
  6. I've seen a lot of people taking it for granted that the games will be on Gamepass from day 1 once they release, but how feasible do you guys think that will be? A new TES and Fallout game would make bank if published in ordinary fashion. Besides, are you able to use mods with games you download through Gamepass? If yes, then gamepass will be a sweet deal for PC players whenever those games are published. But if not, then many PC gamers will have to buy the games anyway. Hopefully the games will be published on PS5, but I probably won't buy an Xbox even if they're not. I loved Skyrim, but a new TES isn't enough to justify building a PC or buying an Xbox for me. I'll just mope in a corner playing something else if that's the case.
  7. I made a completely new account (this one) for a few reasons. - A new name. For some people usernames doesn't matter at all, but for me they do to a certain degree. I couldn't find any peace in playing under my former username. - Incentive to replay a bunch of old games and getting their plat. Replaying the games on my old account just wasn't what I wanted, I needed the new account (and new username) to be able to redefine myself as a trophy hunter and gamer. - The feeling of a fresh start. I could decide which games to plat in which order, which also gave me control over my trophy milestones on this page. It gave me a feeling of control that my former self had stripped from my current self by playing shit games for two minutes, leaving a permanent 1/52 trophies unlocked on my profile. I would definitely recommend starting over if that's what you really want. Plats ultimately mean nothing, and if you're fine by it taking a long time for you having as many of them on a new account as you have on your current one, then why not? Besides, you'll get to revisit a bunch of the games you enjoyed. However, if you do decide to make a new account, make sure you really want it. If you end up creating several new accounts, leaving the former ones for perceived 'mistakes' only a couple of weeks to months in, then you'll just end up wasting a lot of time and indulging a gamer-OCD that won't give you anything but grief and headaches in the long run. Then you'll be better off just continuing on the account you're on.
  8. Just did this, and we did not need 5 of each. We finished the round with 9 large and 3 medium artifacts and the trophy popped.
  9. Mods are pretty alright, IMO. A long time since I played the game last, and replaying now with some graphics mods, a mod adding more patrols, one for adding more gold to shops for simplicity's sake, USSEP etc. makes the replay great and more immersive. Sucks with the limitations, as I'm sure there are a plethora of great and funny mods on Xbox, but hey - better than nothing.
  10. I was about to say the same - the Witcher universe. However, I thought about it for a moment, and I think it would likely play out like this: I grow up as a poor farmer's son in Velen. All my childhood is spent kicking dirt, losing friends to wolves in the forest and otherwise being poorly treated by my surroundings. Then, when I turn 18 my father dies and it's my time to shine. I will become the greatest farmer south of the Pontar, but a war breaks out and I'm conscripted to the Temerian Army. If I'm not ploughed in the arse by a Nilfgaardian sword, I'll probably end up cleaning the latrines for the Bloody Baron. Then Geralt, or you I suppose, come riding in on your majestic stallion. I spit in jealousy and defiance, bemoaning my sorry existence as the shit cleaner, wondering if I'll ever get to travel the world, maybe return to my farm, or even ever get to change out of my manure-covered shirt. One night I'm up taking a piss, and wouldn't you believe it, I see you walking there holding a demon baby in your hands, and before I'm able to put my snake in the trousers I'm being attacked by a wraith. The ghostly bitch scratches my shoulder before I escape, and the next morning I can't even lift a shovel. I have to use my one good hand to shovel shit, and by now I wonder why the gods would be so cruel as to allow me to survive not only the skirmish against the Nilfgaardians, but also last nights ambush by a ghost. What could they have in store for me? Then one day, the Bloody Baron spawns right in front of me. My good hand is covered in days-old shit, but I no longer care. Being a bit timid while facing this drunken monstrosity of a warmonger, I accidentally use my shit hand to pull my hair back. The Baron eyes me for a moment, but tells me to be at the stables come morn'. Yes! I think to myself, finally my time to go on an adventure. We travel east, into the bogs, and while the other men are restless and scared, I can't help but think of the greatness I'm destined to achieve. I was put in this band of miserable brothers for a reason. We meet you, fight our way through an army of drowners (and I'm kicking ass, btw. Actually took roughly 37% of the health off one of them before you came and slayed it), and after some dull conversation at an orphanage (why would anyone build an orphanage out there anyway?), a fiend spawns in the bog. Relax, Geralt, I've got this I say. I lift my sword and yell some local Velen-slang curses at the beast, and it turns to me. Then it charges and ... well, its antlers hit me. My lungs are punctured, I can't control my bowels. I'm bleeding to death, making the noises of a squealing pig for every breath I take. Right before I pass out into oblivion, I feel something on my face. It's your boot. While dancing around the fiend, slowly killing it without taking a hit, you actually stepped on my soon-to-be corpse. I die with the mud from your boots covering my face. Nah, I think I'd rather live somewhere else.
  11. You can heal with the swallow potion and by consuming food and drinks (you should pick up plenty of food while looting). You can also buy a perk that will heal you automatically during the day, not during the night though. And to refill potions, just meditate for an hour. I always have something like water equipped alongside a few potions so I can take a sip while out of combat to regain health, or if I'm taking loads of damage during a fight I will drink swallow and water/eat dried fruits at the same time to get more healing per second.
  12. Keep going, Ubisoft, I'm having a blast with this game. Let's try to reach 120 trophies!
  13. I support it. This doesn't seem to be a sudden impulse, but something you've been thinking about for some time, and as others have written: what's the worst thing that can happen? If it really grinds you down, just take a break and play new games and games you've avoided on your main and then offer a different type on blog post than the usual that follows in the wake of a 100% completion of a game. You've already got a lot of games, and you'll probably have a great time replaying a bunch of them on your new profile. Good luck. And what's the name of the new profile? Would be nice to check it out every now and again to see how you're doing.
  14. In 2019, I have bought the following games: Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Croft Edition - 358 NOK Battlefield V - kr 309 Deus Ex Mankind Divided season pass - kr 28 The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - kr 29 Kingdom Come Deliverance - three DLCs - kr 115 God of War Digital Deluxe - kr 256 Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gold Edition - kr 499 Cities Skylines season pass 2 - kr 318 For a total sum of: 1912 NOK (€191) That is more than I anticipated.
  15. Agreed, that's a game worth its price. A brilliant game for casually playing while listening to podcasts as well. I don't like sales on main games alone, like the case with Fallout 4 here. If I were to buy that game I would buy a type of "gold edition" with all the DLCs included, because a season pass is likely to cost as much as the main game on sale anyway. Fallout 4 with season pass was on sale in the summer sale, so I can't complain, but principally speaking I prefer when the upgraded versions of the games are on sale in addition to, or rather than, the main game alone.