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  1. Found a social chest at Ile à Vache (837,136). Active for another 1 hour and 20 minutes. EDIT: Also found a white whale at 674,315. Active for about 5 hours.
  2. It's a great game and absolutely doable without coop. However, it will require quite a bit of grinding - some of the upgrade material is hard to come by. By playing offline, you'll also have an easier time with the world tendency. I'd encourage you to play it.
  3. I didn't encounter any issues as I played it a few months ago. I know some other people (at least one) who had some trouble around the same time, although not game breaking so I'd say it's fairly safe to play.
  4. Cities Skylines have a trophy which requires one to play for 1001 in-game nights, which on the high speed took roughly 170 hours or so (if I remember correctly). After earning all the other trophies I still had many dozens of hours left. However, for some reason I don't like leaving the Playstation on overnight, so I would turn it on around noon while I was studying for exams in December and let it run for a few hours while I was reading. Quite soothing, really, to have it play in the background like that.
  5. I got the Dark Souls III platinum a little while ago, which means that I've platinumed all games. That'll make me a Legend.
  6. The Witcher 3 Without a doubt
  7. You should definitely give The Witcher 3 a chance - there are only two difficulty related trophies in the entire game that may bar the platinum trophy for you, but beyond those (play the game on hard and on very hard) the other trophies and all of its content are easily achievable/playable in a world filled to the brim with great content. And, as rdhight said: This is true for many games, but not for Witcher 3 - before playing it, I was also reluctant to play on hard mode just for trophies, but I decided to give it a go, and it was worth it. Playing on Death March (very hard) made the game even more fun and enjoyable, as it forced me to use a wider range of the combat system while not being unforgiving and only for people who know the game through and through. It was achievable by playing a little more defensive, and spending some time brewing more potions and making more bombs. And even if you don't feel like putting in a Death March playthrough, you will still be getting roughly 75 trophies by playing through the game on easy having a great time (if you enjoy an Eastern European style RPG, which you probably will). P.S. I am not paid by CD Projekt Red to promote their game, even though I mention it in about every third post I make or so. P.P.S. Roughly 75 trophies if you buy the GOTY Edition (79 trophies in total), which you should, because the expansions are amazing. P.P.P.S See the P.S. _____ Generally speaking, I have no horses in this race. Like Valyrious, I enjoy some hard games and some easy games (just played What Remains of Edith Finch here the other day, and loved it!). Some games I push through a hard mode just for the trophy, like Bioshock 2 whose hard mode was not something I enjoyed in particular, and other games, like Lords of the Fallen, I can't finish, I just didn't like it and won't spend - what? - 30 hours just to get the plat. And that's fine. Overall, I'm happy that I played Lords of the Fallen (also glad I didn't pay for it), because it made me love the Soulsborne games even more. Very few people judge. Most of us don't care if your trophy list is filled with easy games only or many unplatted games. Play the games you enjoy until you don't enjoy them anymore and leave them. Just don't avoid games because you fear that they will be too difficult, or because you think you might not be able to complete them due to a hard mode trophy. If you enjoy the game, you will often find the motivation to play through it on a hard mode or spending time to grind, and in other cases the game will be worth playing without platting. As a final statement, I will say that the important thing is that all the content is available to all in most games (exception for games that exist for their difficulty and are meant for those who really want a challenge), not that the trophies are achievable to all. And I'd like to add that most trophies are achievable to most people in most games. I've never been a very good or efficient gamer, though I have yet to encounter an ordinary game that is too difficult for me. I feel like most games do offer a trophy list that is achievable to most people, given that they put in some extra time to find collectibles, play through the game several times for different outcomes etc, or playing through an extra time a bit slower and more meticulous to complete a hard mode.
  8. Thanks for the comment, I attempted this challenge for about 90 minutes before I gave up and decided to check what ze internet had to say, and actually beat the challenge on my first attempt after this. It's also a much faster method. I would get close to the end where only the gorgons remained, and they would methodically grind down my health pool - probably around 10-12 minutes per failed attempt. This method took 5 minutes at the most.
  9. The SoulsBorne series, no doubt. Difficult, aye, which is a point of confusion for some: how could it be that a supposed difficult series has such a high platinum %? A loyal and somewhat hardcore fanbase, some'll say. A system for summoning that makes the bosses far too easy and that allows for trading items important for some of the more grindy trophies, other will decry. Regardless, the difficulty is real, as many of us can attest to. I still remember the first time I met the Capra Demon in Dark Souls, how I couldn't look at my own dog for a couple of days in fear of lashing out at the poor mongrel (you know why, tell me I'm not the only one plz). Now the difficulty isn't the only reason why I love the games, although it certainly plays a central role. The worlds of the SoulsBorne games are amazing, the way they feel, and that is affected by the difficulty of the games. The first time I played through Dark Souls from start to end I really did feel like the world was cold and abandoned, harsh and unforgiving, and despite being the Chosen Undead, it didn't feel much like in the heroic tales. No matter how powerful I was I always felt like a poor sod whose only strength was his perseverance, I could never match Ornstein in grandness, Seath in intelligence, Gwyndolin's curious and mysterious past - they all had something to them that I could not match. I was just a guy who for some reason were able to best these magnificent beings - perhaps they were just old and tired? Well, except from the Capra Demon - I was better than him. He was just an ugly goat face with a couple of dogs. Glad to see the end of his days. Even fights against NPCs like Havel the Rock felt like something larger than the fight itself. It just felt grand. And it was beautiful, oh so beautiful - the design, the music, the very nicely balanced lore. Don't look at me like that, I'm not that blinded by my nostalgia. I think. On the topic of trophies: they are all quite easy. Demon's Souls isn't too bad, but I think I was lucky with the drop rates. Dark Souls, Dark Souls II and Bloodborne are all quite straight forward, requiring fairly minimal grinding and finishing the games 2 1/2 times for the two former and 3 times for the latter. Dark Souls 3 is quite grind heavy, unless you're good with PvP (which I am not), and you'll also have to finish it three times. EDIT: Typos. Any other typos are left intentionally ...
  10. I really have two favourite games - not at the same time, rather which I prefer changes from time to time, mostly based on whether I'm in a fantasy mood or not. In times of fantasy, my favourite would be Dark Souls. If not, Bloodborne with its more Victorian, gothic feel to it. The games play really well and all that, but the reason why I love those two the most really comes down to the atmospheres in the games. There's something about the worlds that makes the games larger than themselves, so to speak. Right now, Dark Souls is my favourite. But ask me again in a few weeks, and it might be Bloodborne.
  11. Haha, that's a national sport in Norway as well. You know, I just did most of the grinding here the other week, I've only got the NG++ rings left, and in a masochistic way it actually felt pretty good. It was quite disheartening to discover the drop rates for the vertebra shackles, but once I'd farmed all 30 of them I felt a surge of ... well, pride almost. It was weird. Totally worth the hours it took (or so I delude myself). ___ Some people have already mentioned GTA V, and I agree, I can't be bothered with gathering a troupe to power through the heists. The same thing goes with the zombie trophies for Call of Duty WWII. It just seems like a task too great. I'll find some other dragons to slay instead. If this thread had been out while I played through Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain I imagine complaining about that game, especially those side missions (Armored enemies #190582, tank unit #99999999999999) and collecting those damn animals. But in the end I'm glad I pushed through. It was fun all in all.
  12. Before you delete profile save etc, try some of the other traps. I got the trophy after around 10 traps that I shot only a few day ago.
  13. I found myself being surprised at how smooth the game and the controls felt - I thought, years after playing Revelations, that to play the Ezio trilogy would be like reading a book in a foreign tongue I hadn't used in years. I found it to be quite the opposite. The controls are better in the newer editions, sure, but I think the Ezio trilogy has aged well. I might be slightly blinded by my love for the setting in the games, though. Enjoying the story and the world probably makes me overlook and be contempt with certain issues and shortcomings.
  14. I also suggest camping. On Somme, I was camping in some of the sleeping quarters (in lack of a better term) in the trenches between C and D, and waited for people to run by. Most of the time they didn't stop to look inside. A lot easier than running around in the open being visible from all angles. Camping is only allowed for this purpose, of course. Once you've killed five people with bottles, get back to the frontline, soldier!
  15. I'd say yes. Haven't encountered any glitches yet, not anything close to game breaking at least, and I found the game quite enjoyable. Not as good as the other AC games in my opinion, but still worth a go for those who enjoy the AC games. Quite a lot more difficult and time consuming than I remember the other games in the series to be, due to the fact that all side objectives in the missions need to be completed in one go to achieve full synch, not to mention the encyclopaedia trophy that took some time. And that damn trophy for winning those board games, that was pure agony. Other than that, though, the game was quite enjoyable.