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  1. You can heal with the swallow potion and by consuming food and drinks (you should pick up plenty of food while looting). You can also buy a perk that will heal you automatically during the day, not during the night though. And to refill potions, just meditate for an hour. I always have something like water equipped alongside a few potions so I can take a sip while out of combat to regain health, or if I'm taking loads of damage during a fight I will drink swallow and water/eat dried fruits at the same time to get more healing per second.
  2. Keep going, Ubisoft, I'm having a blast with this game. Let's try to reach 120 trophies!
  3. I support it. This doesn't seem to be a sudden impulse, but something you've been thinking about for some time, and as others have written: what's the worst thing that can happen? If it really grinds you down, just take a break and play new games and games you've avoided on your main and then offer a different type on blog post than the usual that follows in the wake of a 100% completion of a game. You've already got a lot of games, and you'll probably have a great time replaying a bunch of them on your new profile. Good luck. And what's the name of the new profile? Would be nice to check it out every now and again to see how you're doing.
  4. In 2019, I have bought the following games: Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Croft Edition - 358 NOK Battlefield V - kr 309 Deus Ex Mankind Divided season pass - kr 28 The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - kr 29 Kingdom Come Deliverance - three DLCs - kr 115 God of War Digital Deluxe - kr 256 Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gold Edition - kr 499 Cities Skylines season pass 2 - kr 318 For a total sum of: 1912 NOK (€191) That is more than I anticipated.
  5. Agreed, that's a game worth its price. A brilliant game for casually playing while listening to podcasts as well. I don't like sales on main games alone, like the case with Fallout 4 here. If I were to buy that game I would buy a type of "gold edition" with all the DLCs included, because a season pass is likely to cost as much as the main game on sale anyway. Fallout 4 with season pass was on sale in the summer sale, so I can't complain, but principally speaking I prefer when the upgraded versions of the games are on sale in addition to, or rather than, the main game alone.
  6. 850 right now. After completing and hopefully reaching 100% in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, AC Odyssey and Bioshock Infinite, the number will be lower. Also have other games I've started and earned some trophies in that are on the back-burner, like Dark Souls Remastered, Kingdom Come, Dishonored etc.
  7. Is boosting cheating, or using glitches, bugs, cheeses etc?
  8. Agree with @sephiroth4424 - big grinds that you can't track. It typically plays out like this. I need 1000 kills. I keep killing until I think I'm in the ballpark, so I pay extra attention in case the trophy pops. It doesn't, so I attempt to sync trophies fairly often in case I missed the trophy pop. It's still not achieved. Could there be a glitch? Checks online to see if others have had the same potential glitch and if others have, curse and keep trying just in case. And then, once I'm about to give up thinking I must have killed double the amount, it miraculously pops and in a state of borderline Stockholm syndrome I give the game mental praise, thinking that it decided I was worthy of the trophy and hands me the glitched trophy, even though it isn't glitched and all of this would've been so much easier if the game had an in-game tracker (or if the PS4 tracked completion % like the Xbox). EDIT: Posted before post was finished.
  9. As the Faulkner quote GRRM likes to recite goes: The only thing worth writing about is the human heart in conflict with itself. If they gave her a sensible, tactical reason to burn down the city with all the innocent people in it (whatever could that be anyway?), wouldn't that negate GRRM's ethos? I'm not a know-it-all on this matter, so I'm open to change my mind here, but isn't her clear goal to free the people from the firm grip of the tyrants? In which case, wouldn't it be far more sensible for her to actually become, without realizing it herself, a tyrant? Mad like her father, but this time, we get to see it unfold. Somewhat meekly told, as the pacing of the show is through the roof, but still? If they were to make her a sensible queen, she would probably not burn the city down, and the foreshadowing would be moot. And the conflict leading up to a confrontation with Jon, Tyrion, The Onion Knight etc. would be devalued. As things are right now, maybe Jon gets to stab her through the heart and become the Prince that was promised (even though it's a tad too late now that the Night King is killed anyway). At least we'll have our Azor Ahai when we can no longer have our valonqar. EDIT: P.S. As I stated in my previous post, I'm not loving this show like a lot of the people who haven't read the books do, so I ultimately agree with you guys that there are many ways this show could've turned out a lot better. But even though there is much to be desired, I think the show is far better than a lot of the other shows I watch, and I really am looking forward to see how they end this show.
  10. I thought the last episode was pretty good. Like others, I didn't see the full-blown slaughter coming, and thought as she flew off that she would go and burn the Red Keep to cinder to get Cersei. I was quite stunned when she set fire to the entire city, leaving Cersei to herself. But I also thought that it was reasonably founded in the series - especially in the previous episode and the beginning of this one. Feeling more and more isolated as the closest people who always belonged to her (Missandei, Jorah) died, and subsequently only having Westerosis around her, like Tyrion and Varys. They have been loyal and valuable to her thus far, but they never went on the long journey and remained loyal through thick and thin like the aforementioned people, she wasn't their Queen with capital Q, only one regent they served after having served and left others before her. Not only that, but they also had close relations with the reigning queen in Westeros. She was alone, she'd lost her closest people, two of her dragons and half of the men she brought form the other side of the world. And once the battle she sacrificed so much for was over, she was still not one of them. They were cluttered around the room celebrating with one another, while she felt left out. This could obviously also be due to her personality, but what does it matter when the feelings it left her with were that of an outsider, not a queen saving her people and being celebrated for it. And ultimately the feeling of being betrayed by Jon (and actually being betrayed by Varys). With her lineage and history, I don't think her going on a rampage under these conditions is too far-fetched. I liked it. Of course, I have problems with the show, many of them. I've read the books and became disenfranchised several seasons ago. But I've let go of the disappointment and treat it as a good show (which it is) and a story that'll hopefully turn out better in the books (which they will), as long as the books are ever released. This season is much better than the last one IMO - at least the shit happening is epic.
  11. Nah, it's quite allright. Not nearly as fun as BF1, which is my favourite, but far better than say COD WW2. A couple of changes I really don't like: - Time to kill is much shorter, so often you'll go from full health to dead before you have time to fire back, making aggressive playstyles less efficient than in BF1 - at least the way I play. K/D ratio is not near the one I had in BF1, and I play more cautiously. - The new reviving is quite bad, IMO. Instead of the syringe in BF1, you'll have to lock into an animation that takes a second and a half and can't be done while prone. This means that you'll be quite exposed when reviving. This, in conjunction with the shorter TTK, means that people often seem to avoid healing players who are downed in the open in fear of being shot themselves, which in turn means that we die more often. On the other hand, squad revives are awesome. Unlike in BF1, I really have no favourite maps here. I think they range from decent to bad, whereas I in BF1 thoroughly enjoyed Amiens, Argonne Forest, Ballroom Blitz and a few others. Fjell 762 can sometimes be fun, but other times it's just chaos, particularly if the enemy has got a good pilot. Rotterdam is fun if the B and D flags are shifting, but the area along the train tracks (between flags A, C and E) is just pure shit IMO. All in all, it's a good game, but I still prefer BF1. EDIT: There are a few glitches I just can't comprehend how they haven't fixed yet. Whenever I play with friends, I always start the first round with a black screen and have to spawn, press start, press down twice and redeploy before I get any visuals. And when you unlock a new weapon, you'll have to leave back to the main menu to use it, otherwise a message saying something along the lines of "your class is violating server rules" if you try to use it.
  12. Long time no see, dear thread. -- 63rd platinum Metal Gear Solid 3 What a gem! I've previously played MGS4 and TPP, but never tried any of the pre-PS3 MGS games. I never had much interest of MGS1 and 2, but 3 always seemed a bit alluring. Never did buy it, though. It seemed like a quite difficult game - or maybe complex is a better word - and it was old. It was hard to shake off the classic assumptions in that regard: outdated graphics, crappy controls etc. But I gave it a shot not, and what a blast. The story is alright, but the execution... man, what a weird game, and amazing! Ocelot meowing to call for backup, juggling revolvers in a fancy version of Russian roulette. The cutscenes and the dialogue were just weird and extremely entertaining. Some negatives too, though. Most of the bosses were interesting, but some of them I didn't enjoy very much, particularly The Fury. The flame damage was annoying as hell! I also felt as if the Kerotan hunting somewhat ruined the end of the game for me, and I regret going for them on my first playthrough. Everything was fine and dandy until I had to shoot them from the bike. I probably had to reload the save thirteen times with one of them, blood pressure increasing for every failed attempt, having to wait minutes between each try due to loading screens and the long drive before we got back to where the kerotan was located, only to fail in the two crucial seconds on offer to shoot it. Gah. Overall very happy I decided to play it, though. The platinum was easy following a guide for the collectables, and the story was interesting with the handsome supply of quirky characters. Even though the playthrough only took me roughly 16 hours, the last boss encounter still hit me slightly in the feels. 10/10 would plat again.
  13. I've seen a few quality European shows of late. Currently waiting for the last episodes of the German Babylon Berlin season 2, which is a fantastic show. Also waiting for the rest of the French Le Bureau season 4, which is also a great show. Far superior to Homeland in my opinion, feels much more intense and real. The Belgian show La trêve was also very good, especially the development of the main character.
  14. I suspect you will need it for 100%. Under "total completion" (progress > total completion) mission is listed with a whole bunch of other activities, for me currently 38/??. For you, once you've finished the game it will probably say 106/107 or however many missions there are unless there's a way to replay a mission and make it count without having to load a previous save or start over.
  15. I believe the one you're missing is Pouring Forth Oil - II.