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  1. Before you delete profile save etc, try some of the other traps. I got the trophy after around 10 traps that I shot only a few day ago.
  2. I found myself being surprised at how smooth the game and the controls felt - I thought, years after playing Revelations, that to play the Ezio trilogy would be like reading a book in a foreign tongue I hadn't used in years. I found it to be quite the opposite. The controls are better in the newer editions, sure, but I think the Ezio trilogy has aged well. I might be slightly blinded by my love for the setting in the games, though. Enjoying the story and the world probably makes me overlook and be contempt with certain issues and shortcomings.
  3. I also suggest camping. On Somme, I was camping in some of the sleeping quarters (in lack of a better term) in the trenches between C and D, and waited for people to run by. Most of the time they didn't stop to look inside. A lot easier than running around in the open being visible from all angles. Camping is only allowed for this purpose, of course. Once you've killed five people with bottles, get back to the frontline, soldier!
  4. I'd say yes. Haven't encountered any glitches yet, not anything close to game breaking at least, and I found the game quite enjoyable. Not as good as the other AC games in my opinion, but still worth a go for those who enjoy the AC games. Quite a lot more difficult and time consuming than I remember the other games in the series to be, due to the fact that all side objectives in the missions need to be completed in one go to achieve full synch, not to mention the encyclopaedia trophy that took some time. And that damn trophy for winning those board games, that was pure agony. Other than that, though, the game was quite enjoyable.
  5. Dark Souls Dark Souls II Demon's Souls Dragon Age: Origins (with all DLCs - they're pretty great!) Uncharted-trilogy
  6. Do people make such assumptions? Well, I guess they do. I've hidden the dazzling amount of 1 - one - trophy, for the sake of completion. Realized that despite unlocking the platinum for Uncharted 3 on PS3, it would still only make up about 50% of the game's trophies - and I would have to pay around €10 for the online pass in order to get the online other online trophy required for the plat. Nah, I thought, I'll rather platinum the Remastered edition. If people assume I'm a cheater for having that blue H, then so be it. Completion over reputation, that's what I always say (from now on...).
  7. Top ten: 1. Dark Souls 2. Skyrim 3. Assassin's Creed II 4. Dragon Age: Origins 5. Demon's Souls 6. Dark Souls II 7. Red Dead Redemption 8. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 9. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag 10. Gran Turismo 6 Bottom five: 1. Conflict: Denied Ops 2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 3. Operation Flashpoint: Red River 4. Quantum of Solace 5. Far Cry 2
  8. Yes, I attempted to go for it earlier today, but failed. Although you can use whatever tool at your disposal. I tried with frags, but was rarely able to kill more than one enemy at a time. I also attempted to use my K-bullets to destroy enemy behemoths and tanks, but never got the kill. I'll try more later. I guess you could also use stationaries to get it, i.e. destroying a tank with a cannon or a plane with the AA (assuming the vehicle in question houses 3 or more enemies).
  9. Yeah, and after then fight when Wow, this is a good game. I want to play it again too!
  10. Sounds like a good plan. The first chalice dungeons are going to be easy, as they're meant to be played on fairly low level. A couple of bosses right before the Defiled Dungeon might be a bit tricky, but I think you'll do just fine. As for the bosses in Defiled, I think a few levels won't really do much difference - the bossfights are unforgiving regardless, and it's all about really learning their attack pattern (to a larger degree than many bosses in the main game). By playing through the DLC and the chalice dungeons up to Defiled you'll get enough blood echoes to level up several times, and then you should just go for them. You should consider farming some blood vials, both for the DLCs and the dungeons. I sure needed a lot of them. As you said, the DLC bosses are hard, but personally I found the Defiled bosses harder. Which weapons do you use?
  11. Yeah, who would care about a new FromSoft game. They only created this Bloodborn ... Bloodborne? ... thing that a few obscure people here talk about. And yeah, that Soul-y thing. Black Souls? D... Dank Souls? Nothing to see here, people.
  12. I first played it on normal, and then on DM. Enjoyed the DM run more, but I think one of the reasons was that I'd already played through the game once. The first time it took a little while for me to sync to the game's rhythm, so to speak, and I skipped several side missions to progress the story, as if I was a bit anxious to just get to the end of the game. On my second go I loved the game from beginning to end, and I really did most of what you can do in the game, except for a few treasure hunts and some questionmarks I didn't visit. In my opinion DM was also more fun as it forces you to learn the combat system and use the various tools at hand. On normal I didn't see any purpose in making oils and different potions and decoctions, because I had swallow, thunderbolt and quen which was all I really needed on normal. On DM though, I had to invest into the alchemy skill tree to get the skills that raises Geralt's tolerance due to the different potions and decoctions I was using for different fights. I also had to learn to time my dodges mor efficiently. However, if I'd played my first playthrough on DM I'm not sure if I would love the game as much as I do now. If you feel up for two playthroughs, which you probably will want to at the end of the game anyways, I'd say: go for medium on your first playthrough, play through the game and have fun, and come back a week or six months after your first playthrough to kick ass on DM while making some different choices and doing everything you can do in the game. It's absolutely worth it.
  13. All of the new content was added for free, but the in-game prices for new stuff are quite high now. The only type of microtransaction is to purchase GTA dollars for real money, so nothing is hidden behind a microtransactive wall. The free content came at the price of more grinding required to buy new stuff, unless you buy money through the Shark Cards. I guess for people with little time on their hands (work, children etc) buying Shark Cards is the only viable option. If you only have an hour a day to play, you'd have to play for weeks in order to buy some of the new stuff otherwise.
  14. I agree that Shark Cards are much better than lootboxes, it's something that I and many others haven't bothered with. The big downside with the Shark Cards though is that it drives the prices for everything up, meaning much more grinding required for those of us who do not want to buy in-game money. I remember when GTA V came out and the Bugatti Veyron was the expensive car. 1 million dollars. That's pocket money compared to some of the new stuff added later.
  15. Was about to buy Uncharted 4 last Sunday, but decided to wait to see if it would be on BF sale. Lucky me! I'm also considering buying Life is Strange: Before the Storm.