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  1. DSIII, already pre-ordered and downloaded.
  2. Create an ID that when you look at the name, it means something to you. I also had another account back on the PS3, but besides having a lot of unfinished games, i didn't like the ID, so i thought a few days before creating this one. Take a few days thinking about your new ID, don't just put some random stuff on it.
  3. Good idea, i'm in. I just have to decide about the game i will plat.
  4. Well, that would make me buy an online multiplayer FPS again.
  5. What was the glitch?
  6. 6-5-4 is a weird launch order. But i will get it anyway.
  7. If it comes to Brazil, i will definitely buy it, i love this game. Everyday there's some time to Rocket League. But if it doesn't launch on my country, i will not import (too expensive).
  8. I find it amazing that Sony maintains the regularity, giving bad games every month.
  9. Monday, 4PM.
  10. Great list! Like TigressLion said, it would be cool seeing your opinion on the games or at least a rating system
  11. Well, with those lazy trophy images, 3 episodes and all bronzes, i have to say it's a Flash Sale material, nothing else.
  12. Well, i played the PS4 version and the only problem i found was the delay to render the world, specially while flying a plane. Other than that, i didn't had that framerate drop you mentioned, not even at a burning house and all. Also, the PS4 version is emulated from the PS2, not from the mobile one.
  13. None, my hope for good PsPlus games is gone.
  14. Well, on my first game, Need for Speed, i managed to get the first place by doing it in 3 days and 1 hour, but when the DLC came it dropped me out of the leaderboard since my new 100% time is 1 month, 15 hours... Now i'm the TOP2 in Rocket League (until a new DLC launches), and TOP15 in Gemini: Heroes Reborn (this one won't change):
  15. #7- Unravel Very beautiful game, although i got a little disappointed with it (easy puzzles and not so great story). I can recommend it to anyone that likes a relaxing game, at least until you try the No-Death Run on Chapter 7.