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  1. Just bought the 787B, R92CP and XJR9. No trophy.... 787B and XJR9 are both lê mans winners. They should count, no? If so I'm missing only one, since I don't think the r92cp counts. Anyone with the Mercedes c9 and or Ford mk40 buy these new ones and validate please.
  2. I had an already modified tomahawk, so in my case I had to tweak the suspensions as well. Ended up having around 587 PP.
  3. Tomahawk exploit will most likely get patched in 1.13. Use it while you can
  4. We have to look at mileage too? This trophy is too stupid. If they're 'destined' to win, being the right model should be enough. They added today the 300SEL that won the 24h of SPA in 1971. That one HAS to count.
  5. Do you need to buy the story to unlock all trophies, or do they carry over just by opening GTA Online?
  6. You can choose Ray Tracing for this game. Races don't have Ray Tracing either way, so they will run at 60 FPS no matter what you choose. Ray tracing will only affect some menus and the replays. There, you get Ray Tracing and the FPS go to 30.
  7. Since the game is always online to keep progress, can you carry over progress / trophies between PS5 and PS4 (and vice versa)?
  8. Performance. Don't even look at the graphics mode.
  9. Not a bad list. But still to see how the game plays... I didn't enjoy the last GRID's gameplay... If this is the same I think it's a pass for me.
  10. Anyone had problems recently with Trophy Hunter? I got Overachiever but not Trophy Hunter... Edit: never mind, after a third check I was missing one buy. oof. I’m happy.
  11. But can you boost the online wins and 100 races? I'm worried about those 2 trophies, the rest seems pretty straight forward.
  12. Will give it another go later today. Don't want to leave that trophy undone since I've done the rest of them (bar from the Around the Globe one which I've been farming for the last month and I'm like 60% on the way to do it).
  13. I'm just missing the A Wheely Good Time For me it's the hardest by far, I'm missing the time by 2 seconds...