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  1. I don't often say this about a game and trophies but this is utter ridiculous.. having to play the DLC so I can finish the game.. and get what I've been playing for? Incredible.
  2. Damn kids, calm down.. As said before indie developer that did some marketing but wasn't expecting this at all. After they beefed up the servers it's a whole lot better for me and haven't had heaps of problems. One of the first games where caring about the trophies is coming second by the fun of just playing the game.
  3. Do you need 5 characters on level 60 at the same time to get the trophy? Accidently prestiged Storm and not looking forward to doing another run with a character for no reason.
  4. The easiest way of getting higher gear at the moment is to get all the boosts enabled via the store which should start getting you the SHIELD Loot Boxes. They could contain some Cosmic loot drops. After opening 5 of these boxes I'm fully equipped with Cosmic level gear and haven't even started the trials yet.
  5. Having the same issue with "Pure Class". Did this twice on Kick Off mode and both times didn't unlock, saw that on other forums more people have this problem and no solution yet. Just keep trying I'm guessing or wait for an update from EA.