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  1. do the the Vault of Nine quest. The final boss is a beholder. You maybe need to level up to around 70 before the quest will be available. Also you probably not seeing the Skirmish cause you haven't activated in the quest line. At level 60 I doubt you are over item level 14K, which is the requirement for Skirmish queues
  2. You have to play from Chapter 6b, this will unlock the 12c and d endings
  3. Thief Cedric, Skeleton Key Team doesn't work so well on Explore 12, but its a great team for PvP. The goblin team I use that can beat any Explore 12 - LEVEL 100 TITAN with Doom Codex (need the last Titan ability at level 100), 2 x Gobtruffes and Forest Troll. Insane loop team but not as quick as Shield/Rowanne or Scorpius /Euryali teams
  4. Level 12 Explore 40 second battles TITAN Mountain Crusher, Scorpius, Leprechaun, Euryali - ALL Mythic. Biggest problem for this team is you probably going need to get Scorpius and Euryali from the forge. Loads of diamonds, and they not available all the time. Very quick team. Basically Euryali poisons all troops on 4 or 5 gem match, and Scorpius does lethal damage to all poisoned troops. Another great team is Shield of Urskaya and Rowanne combination - this weapon and troop is really easy to get. The Shield increases Rowanne's armour. Once she is 500+ armour you can one shot all the enemy troops as her magic ability is boosted by her armour stat. Use Leprechaun, Harpy mage or similar for mana generation Will take level 1000+ daily player ?
  5. https://www.xboxachievements.com/game/forma-8/guide/
  6. Does this trick work on Old Blood ?
  7. This is by far the most grindy trophy. K-DrivenRide 1,000,000 meters on a K-Drive. Everything else, even the fully unlocking a focus tree you get from just playing the game, and keeping your eye on the trophy requirements.
  8. 77 out of 201 😬 Trophy Whore 😂
  9. Does it ever get reset ? I have been banned for the last 2 weeks.
  10. Ascend to continent level and then transform into the the type of planet you are on - Nested Worlds will pop
  11. Can't seem to find a definitive answer. Can you play online co-op in the story/campaign ?
  12. GTA V Los Santos Legend (2,02%) Never thought it would happen, till I found a great bunch of guys to grind out the MP trophies