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  1. Hi @BlackJudas, did you get any chance to have to try it out? network capture may still give some insight if upon "giving a rating" the game tries to connect to any specific IP.
  2. Hi guys, anyone aware of the dlc pack? Can't find anywhere.
  3. Interested in boosting this. How many ppl needed to start a race?
  4. Was wondering if the servers are still online. The last online trophy is like 10th nov. but then recent player list also shows last guy as 1 month back. If anyone could confirm would be great. Cheers
  5. anyone interested in online trophies for Sniper Elite v2. please post your psn id. would like to play co op.
  6. Anyone interested in getting the only online trophy for platinum? Let me know, we can help each other to get one.