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  1. 100% SBCG4AP Episode 1-5 Recently played through the five Episodes of this old Telltale game. Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People has great humor and many cool characters. The graphics are not that pretty though and phew, is there a lot to miss! I really enjoyed Episodes 1-3, but the last two were more annoying than anything else. Some of the Arcade games were just tedious. That damn Trogdor's 3D-ungeon in Episode 5 took me two hours to beat, while Gel-Arshie Pro Fruitboarder only took like 10 minutes.
  2. Lot of interesting games on sale. Still need the Resident Evil 7 DLCs as well. I wonder if it would be better to buy the Season Pass for 23,99 (what is still a little expensive) or buy the Banned Footage Vol. 1 & 2 for 14,98. Hmm, maybe I'll wait til December to see what the price for Zoe's DLC will be.
  3. Backup Ain't Coming Completed the "Rogue Signal" side mission. Wait For It... Killed an enemy using an Ambush. Taken Saw a chilling vision. This game is so good and I'm just on Chapter 4 right now!
  4. Here are my predictions: Kickoff - Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks Winner: Sasha Banks - apparently Nia Jax was scheduled to face The Boss, but either walked out on WWE as Neville did, or wanted some time off. Whatever may be the case, the writers dug out the Crazy Fox Gimmick again to give this Matchup a reason to take place. Let's hope Sasha makes it quick. Jack Gallagher & The Brian Kendrick vs Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann Winners: Jack Gallagher & The Brian Kendrick - Cedric & Swann had the upper hand on Raw and 205 Live, so I'm picking Gallagher & Kendrick to take the victory with some dirty tricks. There's a lot of potential in this Duo if they get booked the right way. Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt Winner: Bray Wyatt - Finn has won the last two matches. Now it's time for Bray to become Norma Bates, because if you can't beat a Man or Demon the old fashion way, you put on a gown and call yourself Sister, it's that simple. With that, both characters drift into nothingness. WWE Raw Women's Championship Match - Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James Winner: Alexa Bliss - from Piggy James to an Old Lady, poor Mickie always gets the worst Storylines. Suddenly the Women's Revolution went back to 2009 and that's a shame. The Match could be a real showstealer though, if the two get enough time. WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match - Kalisto vs Enzo Amore Winner: Enzo Amore - The Beatdown on Raw was foreshadowing of what might happen at Survivor Series. Enzo, who bought himself some friends, against Kalisto and the rest of the Babyface Cruiserweights. But we're not quite there yet. First Enzo will win the Championship back, to reverse the "On The Fly" Booking a couple of weeks ago. Asuka vs Emma Winner: Asuka - The Empress of Tomorrow will finally have her debut on the main show and Emma is going to be her first victim. No surprises here, just a simple Squash Match to give Asuka a good start. 5-on-3 Handicap Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match - The Shield vs The Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro, Braun Strowman & Kane Winners: The Shield - honestly, I would've preferred a 3-on-3 here. The Shield dominates The Miztourage on Sunday and because of that The Miz starts to recruit better guys like Strowman, Sheamus & Cesaro for Survivor Series to be more of a threat to them. Instead you have five top Heels that will not stand a chance and then what? Give the reunited brothers ten opponents at the next PPV? Anyway, it's great to see Kane back and it's going to be a great brawl with many spectacular spots.
  5. For anyone that was worried about the Cinematic Feel trophy, PowerPyx has posted a video. Letterbox Mode unlocks after beating the story once. Then you can switch it on, start a new game, the trophy pops, and that's basically it. So, no full playthrough needed.
  6. Yeah no doubt about it. He could follow Cody Rhodes to NJPW and be a member of the Bullet Club, or have matches against Cody and Kenny Omega. Still alarming when your talent just walks out on you that way. A couple of years ago everyone was afraid of being fired. Now guys like him or Cody wanna get released to wrestle on indy shows.
  7. I'd hate to see Neville go. He showed his true potential since turning Heel and is one of the best bad guys right now. Smackdown was quite enjoyable this week for the most part. The Usos delivered a great promo as usual and to give Benjamin/Gable the No.1 Contenders Spot is at least consistent booking. Sami's explanation was decent, but he isn't in Heel Mode yet. Working with Kevin Owens will hopefully get him there. No matter what, it's cool that they are on the same page again. Looking forward to see Harper and Rowan as The Bludgeon Brothers. The Division needs every Team they can get, so better use the former Wyatt Family as a Tag Team, instead of not using them at all.
  8. Great list with lots of possible milestones. Happy to see that there is a Classic Mode. Would've been wrong to completely get rid of Akumu. That was such a unique idea to put in.
  9. Such a beautiful cover, one of the best in recent history. I hope this'll play before the game and during the credits
  10. 1. Styx: Master of Shadows - 2.58% 2. Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS4) - 3.66% 3. The Evil Within (PS4) - 3,68% 4. Samurai Warriors 4 - 4,71% 5. The Evil Within (PS3) - 4,80% 6. Alien: Isolation (PS4) - 6,07% 7. Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS3) - 6,55% 8. Prey - 7,09% 9. Batman: Arkham Knight - 8,34% 10. Assassin's Creed III Liberation - 8,55%
  11. Damn, no Akumu or they don't call it that way anymore. All in all it's a cool list though. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to play it this weekend!
  12. Just a lucky guess, cause Sami was involved in the story and Shane told him to stay out of their business . But I'm happy that he really turned and hope they don't ruin it right away. Zayn can reinvent himself now to play a huge role on Kevin's side. I'm excited to see where it goes. Hell in a Cell was a hell of a PPV. The Tag Match was intense and had the right winners. Baron as US Champion will be cool as well. Interesting to see, that there are only Heel Champions on Smackdown now. Raw was good too. The Shield Reunion might be a little forced, but it was great to see them back. The powerbomb against Braun Strowman was amazing.
  13. Decent list in my opinion and I really like the trophy images. They got very creative there.
  14. My predictions: Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs The Hype Bros Winners: - Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin - WWE will either split The Hype Bros or turn them heel. My guess is the latter and to do so, they have to lose to Gable/Benjamin again, before they finally snap. Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler Winner: Bobby Roode - probably the safest bet. It's Bobby's first PPV Match and Ziggler seems to be annoyed by the story himself or perhaps wrestling in general. Randy Orton vs Rusev Winner: Rusev - After Orton won at SummerSlam and had the upper hand a couple of times since then, Rusev is going to crush him this time to get his revenge for the ruined ceremony and all. WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Match - Natalya vs Charlotte Flair Winner: Charlotte - it's time for Charlotte to be the Champion and hopefully lead the Women's Division back to greatness…or lose the belt right away to Carmella. WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship - Hell in a Cell Match - The New Day vs The Usos Winners: The New Day - this is the type of Match that The Usos normally should win, because of their Prison Gimmick, but I don't think it will happen. WWE United States Championship Match - AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin Winner: Baron Corbin - strange that it isn't a Triple Threat. The Perfect 10 was a big part of the story, but he can still show up. I assume Tye will get involved somehow and unintentionally cost AJ the title. With that, Styles could move on to the WWE Championship, while Dillinger & Corbin continue their rivalry. WWE Championship Match - Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura Winner: Jinder Mahal - I hope this feud will be over after the PPV. It didn't do them any good. Jinder can't act and got worse on the mic. Shinsuke has been cooled off completely. It's surely not even going to be the main event of the show, plus the india tour is coming up in December. Hell in a Cell Falls Count Anywhere Match - Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon Winner: Kevin Owens - the Falls Count Anywhere rule does give away parts of the Match. They will beat the living hell out of each other in and outside of the Cell. Though I believe Kevin will win, it wouldn't surprise me if he loses to Shane. Sami Zayn is likely going to play a big role here - to either help Shane or shock everyone if he suddenly turns Heel and helps Owens.
  15. Rumor has it that Kevin Owens will go back to Raw after Hell in a Cell and a big name will be drafted to SD. Maybe Strowman or Joe. Would help both of them. I'd pick Braun and let him beat Jinder on his first night in 10 seconds to become the new champion. Kinda like Diesel won the Heavyweight title from Bob Backlund. All I gotta say about Raw is...Kalisto? Really? It took them over a year to realize that Kalisto would fit perfectly into the Cruiserweight Division and Kurt announces him like he's a big star. He even gave him a second contract, since Kalisto was already signed to Raw after he the Superstar Shake-up. Angle's a genius! Who needs a Rey Mysterio, Jushin Thunder Liger, or Kenta Ibushi for a short program, if you can have Kalisto to save us and put the Cruiserweights on the map.