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  1. Yes, they both count. I played them during the THL season
  2. Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay and happy hunting
  3. I've finished two games for this month. Both also count for the hardcore requirement. First, Soul Axiom, which is set in the future where deceased souls get transferred/uploaded into a virtual reality. During one specific level, you can even travel through time. The second was Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus. Very fun as well, although I had to do three playthroughs instead of just two, to fully upgrade every weapon. Here is the plat image along with my updated stats: Challenges: - Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event. - Complete a game that fulfills the Hardcore requirement of that month. Stat changes during the year: Platinum trophies: +59 100% completed: +4 Completion: +0.17%
  4. Thank you guys! Although the season was a bit shorter this time, it was just as much fun as the last one, if not more. I'm already looking forward to next season. Keep up the great work, it is really appreciated! @Mesopithecus Yes, my 300th platinum will be Nier: Automata. The game is amazing and beautiful in every way. Plus, the plat name "Final Words" is a perfect fit for my milestone list.
  5. I started planning my milestones pretty early. At first I picked some of my favorite games, such as Assassin's Creed 2 or Heavy Rain. By the time I got my 3,5000th Trophy, I began creating an ongoing milestone story so to speak. Because of the milestones, I keep one F2P game hidden, otherwise it would mess up the whole list now. Going back to the old system would do the same thing, so the only way to please everyone would truly be an option to customize them.
  6. Thanks man. That was intense, not gonna lie. You have put up one hell of a fight! I don't know how you managed to play on three consoles simultaneously, but kudos to you
  7. Sorry for the late response. Good luck to you as well @Tearraven @Kent10201 I'll try my best @cjshaitan I'd say most of the mini games are doable and shouldn't be hard to figure out. Answering some of the quiz questions could be a bit tricky though, but you can play the whole game with two controllers to make things easier. If you decide to buy it, try to get a physical copy (maybe on amazon or ebay), because one trophy is bugged with the latest patch, and another one only unlocks when you have the patch installed. To answer your second question – no it's probably not worth 50 bucks Regarding Windstorm, have you searched for Ostwind on the german store? That's the one, it costs 40 euro
  8. Smackdown was very good, the crowd not so much, except when Daniel Bryan showed up. No one cared for what poor Renee had to say, no matter how hard she tried. Styles and Nakamura arguably had their best match so far (inside a WWE ring), which is great. I'm also happy that Becky Lynch won. It probably won't happen, but she would deserve a big push. The MITB ladder match should feature the best women. That being said, either Billie Kay or Lana will be one of them. Not Asuka, Peyton, Sasha, Bayley, Ruby, or even Sonya...
  9. I heard it's either going to be a Last Balls Standing Match or an Iron Balls Match. Could be just rumors and innuendo though...Too bad that the match won't take place at Great Balls of Fire. The PPV name would've finally made sense.
  10. Toogie's going to need a vacation after he created like a hundred badges and the event is officially over .
  11. Yeah, it's way too soon for Ronda and the worst thing about it is that they did the angle during NBCUniversal Upfront, instead of just booking it on Raw. Why exactly do we need to tune in, if storylines like these start outside the wrestling business and rather get announced on social media?! It would've been much better for Rousey to team up with Nattie and face the Riott Squad or Mickie James and a mystery partner at MITB, but WWE likes to rush things.
  12. @Lucas and @Kent10201 thanks guys! I love it when a plan comes together
  13. Come Take a Look! Emil's shop used for the first time. Animal Rider Any animal ridden for 5 kilometers. Desire Without Emotion At least 100,000 G in possession. Cherish Our Resources Have 100 bodies collected. Those Who Love Humans Complete the copied city.