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  1. What I like about the story is that it involves multiple people. That's a rare case these days. One week this guy is in the spotlight, the other week it's that guy. Buddy Murphy finally got some airtime. Rowan as well. They even teased a face turn for Samoa Joe, but it looks like he's no longer part of this whole mystery. For now at least. Remember when Steve Austin got hit by a car? Rikishi was the culprit and no one saw it coming. Come to think of it, he did it for The Rock back then and Vince really wants to have this Rocky vs Roman match. Could it be good old Fatu?! Nah, they wouldn't do that…I wonder if Rikishi would still be able work a match. Drew McIntyre is my pick too, though out of the 16 scheduled competitors, pretty much every single one of them deserves to be crowned the new King of the Ring. It's such a star studded tournament that WWE can almost do no wrong here. Now that is something we can all agree upon. Might be healthier too, if we try to talk about the positives a bit more. Not all of it was or is bad. Not all of it is good, but on the other hand, when was that ever the case? I recently watched some of the early RAW episodes from 1993 to take a trip down memory lane and was baffled. Sure, there were some rivalries featured, The Mega Maniacs vs Money Inc. for example. Others like Razor Ramon/Bob Backlund or Shawn Michaels/Tatanka never even had anything to do with each other on the RAW shows, which lead to WrestleMania. As I child, you just watch these shows and don't question anything. As a side note, I don't think that anyone around here complains just for the heck of it. There is always a reason and an explanation right behind it. Just wanted to point that out. Thank you for your response. Maybe comparing them wasn't realistic. However, I believe Tom Phillips mentioned Hogan and The Rock during the event, since their match also took place in Toronto. As a total package, Charlotte is one of the best, if not the best female performer WWE ever had. 10-15 years ago, it was Trish. That's why I saw a similarity there. Regarding Finn Balor, I sure hope he will join The O.C., when he comes back. As far as I know, he asked for some time off from WWE, so we will have to wait and see. Sasha got her wish granted and turned heel. I bet Finn would benefit from a heel turn as well.
  2. Well, not too long ago, you complained about everything. Then you complained about the fact, that no one else was posting anything anymore. Now you complain about us criticizing parts of the product? Make up your mind dude. You want a discussion and a place, where everyone can share their opinions and feelings, or are one-liners and posting pictures suddenly that much better?! Enlighten me, what was so good about Oldberg squashing Ziggler? They both suck and shouldn't even be on television. Or why did the crowd almost fell asleep during Bayley and Ember Moon? Oh, and should I be happy with a double count-out, after Orton/Kingston was one of the few matches with an intriguing build up? What Hogan vs Rock was for the men, Charlotte Flair vs Trish Stratus should have been for the women, but it wasn't. It was good, but not as great or memorable as I hoped it would be. That being said - yes, there have been some improvements in general. WWE slowly but surely is getting back on track. The Roman "Whodunit" Storyline is very good. Sasha's return was awesome. Some outstanding matches as well, such as Drew McIntyre vs Cedric Alexander and Roman Reigns vs Buddy Murphy this week. Plus, a King of the Ring tournament got announced. Other stuff like the wild card rule, still needs to go.
  3. While I did enjoy NXT Takeover as usual, The Street Profits ruined my excitement early. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Dawkins & Ford. They are entertaining as hell and I love what they are doing on RAW. I just wanted to see The Undisputed Era with all the gold. It's still possible of course. I read somewhere that every title could be on the line in the next WarGames Match. Either that or The Undisputed Era goes to war with Imperium. SummerSlam was mediocre at best. Charlotte vs Trish could have been so much better (especially the build up). Whoever decided this silly double count-out finish for Orton and Kingston should be punished. What a stupid way to end an important match like that, just to extend their rivalry. I don't mind Seth Rollins winning the Universal title again, but where do we go from here? Drew McIntyre has been in Shane McMahon's shadow for too long, to still be a credible contender. Bray Wyatt doesn't really need a championship, though it would be a logical move to push the guy immediately and put him in the main event spot. The Fiend definitely is the hottest thing right now.
  4. RAW had some cool moments. What happened between Strowman and Lashley made the whole rivalry more intense, although I still don't care much about either one to be honest. The whole story with AJ Styles, Anderson and Gallows is great. I'm truly invested in the characters and where it leads. The heel turn was perfectly executed as well and it looks like The Band is finally back together. Maybe it's time for Finn Balor to pay his old friends a visit. Drake Maverick and R-Truth continue to entertain me. There is not much to it, but sometimes, all you need is some funny shit like this. The Street Profits also made me chuckle. The New Day vs The Viking Raiders looked good on paper. Too good to be true, since they had to involve Joe and Kingston somehow, to go to a commercial break. One of the many terrible ideas, Vince McMahon recently had. No wrestling during commercials. Everything about it feels forced and unnatural. Matches getting restarted, talents losing twice in a row. Stipulations without any kind of explanation, like these horrible 2 out of 3 Falls matches. This literally does more harm than good. I know, wins and losses don't matter in WWE, but they should. It should be important. Samoa Joe has lost so many fights and he lost the US Championship. Why on earth does he deserve a WWE Championship match? Just because he attacked Kofi? Why is Shinsuke getting an Intercontinental title match, when he did nothing for it? Why can Dolph Ziggler show up from his comedy club and immediately get a title shot? Where are Buddy Murphy, Rusev and the other guys? Why don't they attack a champion, if that is all you need to do, to be in the title picture? They need to explain stuff like that. Congrats to Maria & Mike Kanellis on signing a new multi-year deal with WWE. I hope it was worth it. And one last thing, I really miss Stone Cold Becky Lynch. She completely lost her magic, since she won both belts at WrestleMania and was "traded" to RAW. Becky was way cooler and edgier on Smackdown. Being stuck in this downward spiral with Lacey, Corbin, and Seth, isn't doing her any favor.
  5. I agree, this is definitely a step in the right direction and I'm really excited about the announcement. Although both have to report to Vince as well, like Bruce Prichard and all the writers. So, we could still see last minute changes to the script and terrible ideas such as the wild card rule, when in fact a brand split is needed, now more than ever. But I have high hopes for Bischoff and Heyman. They know the business like the back of their hands. They are both creative geniuses. If Eric and Paul can't help the WWE, no one can.
  6. WWE is slowly but surely digging his own grave and it seems to me that they won't stop anytime soon. Super Letdown was a disaster. An absolute trainwreck. The Usos and The Revival could easily have 5-star matches, yet their Kickoff fight was mediocre at best. Like WWE put them in straitjackets or something. No cash in, after Lesnar was basically forced to do so by Stephanie a week ago. He didn't do it on RAW, for whatever reason. Then Super Showdown happened, and again nothing. Seth is still the champ, Kofi is still the champ. This is getting old pretty fast. Balor and Andrade with an excellent match. Here's hoping that Almas can beat Finn in two weeks, but the way Vince books Smackdown these days, they will probably not even be on the card for Stomping Grounds. Shane is still the Best in the World! Roman fell victim to Shane-O-Mania as well! Now, this wouldn't be bad, if Reigns wouldn't face McIntyre in two weeks, which means Drew is going to lose, because we all know that The Big Dawg needs to get his revenge. Lars Sullivan (hey, he still has his full name. That's a start, right?) with a DQ victory. A monster, a freak, couldn't get a clean win over three cruiserweights. Randy Orton vs Triple H was good. Both are still awesome, so it was cool to see them go at it one more time for old times' sake. 50-Man Battle Royal - terrible Battle Royal. Titus eliminated the War Raiders, only to get eliminated by Shelton Benjamin, who botched every move. The Revival eliminated The Usos and were eliminated a few seconds later by Matt freaking Hardy, before Cesaro threw Hardy out of the ring. These are just some of the spots I remember off the top of my head. Where is Pat Patterson, when you need him? And in the end, a hometown hero makes history. Good for Mansoor, I guess. I didn't expect much from The Undertaker or Bill Goldberg. As a matter of fact, I never liked Goldberg very much. Back in the day, his wrestling skills were limited. I'm sure Bret would agree with me. Two years ago, those skills already were non-existent. Yesterday? Oh boy… Goldberg busted himself open during his entrance, yet again, because he just had to bang his head on the door. Then he busted himself open even more on the turnbuckle and almost bled like Dustin Rhodes did at Double or Nothing. Apparently, he suffered a concussion, but they just kept going and it got worse. The Undertaker with possibly the worst Tombstone in history, since he dropped Bill right on his head. And later on, Bill returned the favor, when he dropped Calaway on his head and neck area, in an attempt to deliver a Jackhammer. Looked more like a failed Hip toss into a DDT to be honest. As that wasn't enough, Goldberg even went for a Tombstone, though he stumbled backwards. Thankfully, Taker finally had enough of this crap and ended the match quickly afterwards. It's a miracle, that neither of them is sitting in a wheelchair right now. It looked like they were trying to kill each other. I get it, the Saudis paid good money to see these two veterans. But is this shit necessary? Was the money really worth it? I don't think so.
  7. I really enjoyed Double or Nothing. Jericho vs Omega was great, The Young Bucks vs The Lucha Brothers tore the house down, and Cody vs Dustin was storytelling at its finest. The overall presentation was also very good and Jim Ross was on fire. Especially during the main event and when Moxley finally showed up (Good god, almighty! The referee's down…). He is still the best commentator out there. It can be so simple sometimes. None of those matches needed complex storylines with twists and turns to be exciting. Basic booking, let the characters do their thing, and enjoy the chants from a more than thankful wrestling crowd.
  8. When you think RAW couldn't get an worse, they come up with a whole bunch of new shit. That electric chair segment was absolutely awful. Baron Corbin as the new No. 1 Contender seems like a good idea (since he's gaining heat), but it actually doesn't. He is just missing something to make fans really care, including me, and I once was a big fan of The Lone Wolf. But now, he's just a boring and terrible character. Shane McMahon does some great heel work, though he and WWE as a whole deserved those AEW chants during his match. Literally the best part about RAW was right at the beginning, when Brock Lesnar showed up and started dancing. That was shades of the old Lesnar, when he was funny and cool. I still hate the fact, that they sacrificed all these talented wrestlers in the MITB ladder match, only to give Brock the briefcase, but man, he's entertaining.
  9. Wow, crybaby Dolph Ziggler is back and immediately gets a title match at Super ShowDown, because Kevin Owens refuses to go to Saudi Arabia. I know WWE is more like a big comedy club nowadays, but Dolph Ziggler of all people? He quit the company and wanted to do stand-up comedy. He doesn't deserve anything, yet he gets the same treatment as Brock Lesnar or John Cena, every time one of those two part timers decides to show up. Why not give Rusev, Nakamura, or Mustafa Ali a championship opportunity? Man, Ali would actually make sense, since it was his spot in the first place. It should have been him. Apart from that, Smackdown wasn't too bad. The 24/7 belt looks ugly as hell, but R-Truth is great as always. Even the little things Drake Maverick does are entertaining.
  10. The things I enjoyed about MITB were Bayley's title victory and celebration, the Universal Championship Match and of course The Men's Ladder Match. Andrade and Finn did some crazy stuff and would have deserved to win the briefcase. Drew would have been perfect. Even Sami Zayn, to make a statement, but he wasn't even in the match anymore. Then Brock Lesnar showed up and ruined everything. Vince is pure evil. He doesn't care about the current roster or if they bust their ass and take high risk spots, that could shorten or end their careers. Vince never wanted to change anything. People were sick of Lesnar, yet here we go again, because Vince just loves that big bully Brock, who doesn't give a shit about the product or his colleagues in the ring. Roman with the usual superman booking and Rey dethrones Samoa Joe, while his shoulders weren't even on the mat. Not really surprised that The Miz lost again. Shane is rumored to face Roman Reigns at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia. Plus, the way Shane won had a bit of an old school type of feeling. It builds up more heat for Shane in the process, which could help Mizanin as a babyface, when he finally gets his revenge on McMahon. Let's see what kinda crap they have planned for RAW. Apparently, Mick Foley returns tonight to introduce a new title, like we don't have enough of those already.
  11. Interesting start for a RAW show. Can't say I was too excited though. Not after the debacle last week. Nothing happened the last time, where Seth pointed out the obvious, so why should it be any different now? If no one really cares about the brand split anymore, why not just pull the plug and finally kill it?! At least until Smackdown moves to FOX. This wild card rule doesn't help anybody. Telling the audience that the McMahons blatantly lied to them, doesn't help. You have to do something about it. Hire better writers, send Vince to the XFL and let Triple H run the place. Vince constantly called himself brilliant and a genius last night, while in reality, he is just a delusional old fart. The quote of the year award goes to Daniel Bryan - There is nothing about Monday Night RAW that is fun. Well, actually, that was a fun line, so I guess even Daniel lied to us. Anyway, I'm not gonna give up hope or stop watching. Never have, never will. But man, the lack of creativity and the stubbornness of this self proclaimed genius is so disappointing sometimes. And the ratings speak for themselves.
  12. I smell a Shane vs Roman match. Now it all makes sense. Reigns is gonna defeat The Best in the Woooorld as soon as he is done with Elias. Nice little story between Asuka/Kairi/Paige and Mandy/Sonya. In the meantime, The IIconics suffer the same fate as Samoa Joe. Who needs strong champions anyway. The part with Aleister Black was interesting. Sure, the team of Aleister & Ricochet was fun and their match with the War Raiders was one of the best Tag Team matches in a long time. But there was nothing mysterious about Black anymore. So, maybe this is a step in the right direction. Only time will tell. It's good to have him on Smackdown though, since there are a lot of guys he could potentially feud with (Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Finn Balor, Andrade of course…) Thank God Kevin Owens turned heel. He is way better as a bad guy and wether he wins the title or not, both him and Kofi can benefit from their rivalry.
  13. RAW was pretty decent. Rollins vs Styles is going to be phenomenal for sure. Since Drew McIntyre was screwed out of a victory, he might win the MITB briefcase to get the job done. There must be plans for him. Otherwise there is no other logical reason to leave him out of the Universal Championship picture for now and go with AJ instead. The Glorious One has finally arrived. It's like the last months never happened. Rick Rude…I mean Robert Roode was the highlight of the night for me. The comments by Graves made it even better. If Corey wants to, he can put anyone over. I gotta say, I'm intrigued by this new Bray Wyatt. My initial reaction was "WTF?", but the longer his vignette went on, the more I liked it. If any WWE superstar could play a schizophrenic role on television, it would be good old Bray.
  14. Jesaya815, True Hero
  15. Kiss the title goodbye Kofi. With Roman around, it's just a matter of time before he gets his hands on the championship again. Why they didn't keep Reigns on RAW and give Drew McIntyre that big spot to close the show is beyond me. I mean, why were Drew or Braun even on Smackdown last week, if they aren't part of the Shake-up in the first place?! The Sky Pirates are no more, but Asuka and Kairi have a good chemistry together and you need a strong team to challenge The IIconics, since it looks like The Boss 'n' Hug Connection is history. The depth of the women's division is incredible. Charlotte, Ember, Bayley, Asuka, Kairi, Mickie James, Nikki Cross, Carmella, Mandy & Sonya. Liv Morgan was traded to Smackdown as well. I really hope she gets a chance. Been waiting to see more of her as a singles competitor, because I think she can do great things with that wacky Harley Quinn gimmick and the natural charisma she has. Buddy Murphy, Apollo Crews, and Chad Gable are good acquisitions. Finn Balor is finally on Smackdown too, which makes me happy.
  16. Terrible Shake-up so far. RAW has way too many babyfaces, even if one or two of them go to Smackdown. There is Rollins, Reigns, Styles, The Miz, Balor, Aleister, Ricochet, Strowman, Rey, Cedric… Some of the drafts don't make any sense at all. First and foremost The War Raiders aka The Viking Experience. Man, what a damn shame that is. Vince gutted NXT over the past few months and he just doesn't know when to stop. Stupid decision to send The Miz back to RAW. Cedric Alexander and Eric Young won't stand a chance on the red brand. Meanwhile guys who needed a change of scenery (such as Rusev, Shinsuke, or maybe Randy Orton) are still on Smackdown. The best thing about RAW really was Sami Zayn . I'd also like to point out that Lacey Evans does a better moonsault than Charlotte.
  17. Can't say I blame them for putting on a more or less uninspired Smackdown last night, after a long week and a half with lots of shows. Because of that, I will give them a pass for this particular episode. Something has to change though. As soon as the shake up is over, the brand split must be taken serious again. I don't want to see the same stuff and the same superstars on Tuesday that I saw on Monday. Put Lars Sullivan, Sami Zayn, Aleister Black, Ricochet, that silly buzzard, and Lacey Evans, exclusively on one show. And stop with the cheap pops. Everyone knows what happened at Mania. Everyone is happy for Becky and Kofi. I'm happy too, but I don't need to be reminded every five minutes by half of the roster about it. As far as Drew is concerned, he fits perfectly to the blue brand. McIntyre would have been one of my picks for the draft and I'm sure he is going to win the WWE Championship this year. Strowman vs Joe for the US title will be interesting too. WWE in a nutshell: get ruined on RAW, get pushed on Smackdown.
  18. A Real Grumple Dumpus Complete the Harmony City Level I was talking to the spaceship... Unlock Benny Oodles of Items Collect 100 Items in the Game He's (Almost) Armless! Defeat the Sorting Area Boss Sorted! Complete the Sorting Area Level
  19. Not the best RAW after Mania, but not the worst either with a couple of good matches wrestling wise, such as Sami vs Finn. I was looking forward to the main event and unfortunately The Bar crashed the party. I really thought they would unify the titles soon. At least until Smackdown moves to FOX. Didn't care much about the Tag match anymore. What a bunch of bullshit. I'm kinda glad that there weren't any call ups (yet). The roster is already too congested and there aren't many big names left. NXT needs The Undisputed Era, Gargano, Riddle, and Dream right now more than RAW or Smackdown does. What was that old Gobbledy Gooker in the box? Bray Wyatt's new pet? I hope you're right and this is all just a big swerve, though after RAW went off the air, The Shield got together in the ring to say goodbye to Dean. I don't want to see him leave, however I don't think he will be back anytime soon after that segment.
  20. Time to give my input regarding WrestleMania 35, which was a pretty enjoyable show for the most part. Buddy Murphy vs Tony Nese - it was a good match, but it also felt rushed. I'm happy Nese won. He's such an underrated competitor. Same goes for Buddy of course. I would put Murphy on Smackdown and let him face Rey, Almas, Ali, and AJ Styles. Women's Battle Royal - kind of a stinker. Lazy booking and even a similar ending as last year, where Bayley thought she won until Naomi got back into the ring. The Revival vs Hawkins & Ryder - this was a really cool match and the crowd was into it as expected. Both teams could have an interesting rivalry if the writers actually knew how to write a program for tag teams. Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal - horrible, absolutely horrible. At least Luke Harper is back. Andrade needs to marry Charlotte asap. Maybe they'll push him, if his last name is Flair. Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins - thank god Brock's reign of terror is finally over. AJ Styles vs Randy Orton - decent, but not as great as it could have been. I hope there will be a rematch on Smackdown, because one of them will probably be traded to RAW in the upcoming shakeup. Smackdown Tag Team Title Match - a fast paced spotfest, but very entertaining and the right team won. Shane McMahon vs The Miz - I'm not gonna lie, that was an awesome fight between one of my favorite superstars and good old Shane O'Mac. Reminded me of Shane's battles with Steve Blackman, Kurt Angle, and others back in the day. Women's Tag Team Title Match - the title change was a huge surprise for sure and I think it's not a bad decision at all. Congrats to Peyton and Billie. They might be annoying at times, but that just proves how good The IIconics are as heels. Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston - hands down the best match up until this point and the best technical wrestling match of the whole night. Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio - Joe should always be presented as an unstoppable monster, a submission machine. The squash doesn't hurt Rey, but man does it solidify Joe's standing as a champion. Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns - The Chosen One defeats the former Chosen One and with that, Drew's push was flushed down the toilet. Batista vs Triple H - I loved every second of it. The special entrances, HBK on the announce team, the brutality from start to finish. Remember Orton almost ripping Jeff Hardy's ear off? Yeah, Hunter was like "What would be more disgusting? Oh, I know, I'll use all kinds of tools to mutilate Batista and rip his nose ring out of his freaking face." Baron Corbin vs Kurt Angle - fuck you Vince and thank you Kurt for so many unforgettable moments. Bobby Lashley vs Finn Balor - quick and painless, just like the US title match. Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch - I waited for six months to see Becky kick Ronda's ass…and this was it? A cheap roll up?! It took 20 minutes until they had a brief stare down and then it suddenly was over. Charlotte carried the match for most of the time while Becky looked like the weak link with next to no offense. That screwy finish somehow diminishes Becky's victory.
  21. WrestleMania 35 Predicitions WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match - Buddy Murphy vs Tony Nese Winner: Tony Nese It's undeniable that Buddy Murphy is a great champion. However, all good things must come to an end. Murphy defended his title against almost everyone on the roster. I say give Tony Nese the strap and let him be the face of 205 Live for a while. Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner: Braun Strowman or one of those SNL clowns I wish I wouldn't care that much, but it seriously pisses me off when celebrities show up, don't sell shit, take all the spotlight away from the talents, embarrass themselves and the wrestlers, and then leave. The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal should be about tradition, not about such nonsense. Strowman, Andrade, Ali, EC3, Roode, Gable, The Hardy Boyz…so many superstars being wasted. Women's Battle Royal Winner: Asuka I would like to quote Naomi, because what she wrote on twitter summed up my thoughts when I heard the announcement: "Y’all sure this ain’t going to get cancelled too? Btw thank you so much for the opportunity." That was just one of the many tweets she posted over the past two weeks regarding this match and how badly Asuka was treated. Props to Naomi for wearing her heart on her sleeve, but I guess this also rules out the possibility of her winning the Battle Royal for a second time . If WWE wants to make amends with Asuka, she's leaving MetLife Stadium with the trophy. Or they simply fuck her over for the sake of a Lacey Evans or Mandy Rose. WWE Intercontinental Championship Match - Bobby Lashley vs Finn Balor Winner: Finn Balor So, Finn confirmed that he is going to unleash The Demon at WrestleMania. Balor must be desperate if he needs his Demon persona to defeat "The Almighty" Boring Lashley. Anyway, it's obvious that Finn will be the winner. WWE United States Championship Match - Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio Winner: Samoa Joe Rey, Rey, Rey, haven't you learned from AJ's mistakes? Bringing your family to the show is never a good idea when Samoa Joe is around. I can already hear him calling out Dominick (Oh, Niiiiickyyyy ). Joking aside, I wouldn't be shocked if the title changes hands, but Rey is dealing with an injury and Joe's reign merely started. He definitely deserves a longer run. WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Match - The Revival vs Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder Winners: Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder Both Men's Tag Team title matches were added just days before the event. The creative team had weeks if not months to prepare! It can't be so hard to write some proper stories for the champions and their respective challengers. With a little bit of dedication, the division could actually be really exciting. For this match, I'm rooting for the hometown heroes. Yeah, I know, New Jersey isn't New York, where Ryder & Hawkins were born, but it's not that far away either. I called that match back in January, when we were speculating about the card and I'm sticking to my words - the former Edgeheads get their feel good moment. WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship - Fatal 4-Way Match - The Usos vs Aleister Black & Ricochet vs Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura vs The Bar Winners: The Usos Everyone wanted to see The Usos and The Hardyz put on a clinic. What do we get in place of it? A star-studded Fatal 4-Way, which most likely will end in chaos. Since The Usos have signed new contracts with WWE, I see them retaining here. Fun fact: Aleister Black & Ricochet are the only team to ever fight for the RAW, NXT, and Smackdown Tag titles in the same week. WWE Women's Tag Team Championship - Fatal 4-Way Match - The Boss 'n' Connection vs The Divas of Doom vs The IIconics vs Samoan Slaughterhouse Winners: The Boss 'n' Connection I'm pretty sure that Sasha & Bayley take the win. Nia & Tamina are a disgrace to women's wrestling. Billie & Peyton have been booked poorly on Smackdown. Considering that Jim Neidhart got inducted into the Hall of Fame yesterday, Beth and Nattie may have a slim chance though. Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin Winner: Kurt Angle So far, Kurt Angle's WrestleMania opponents were Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Kane, Brock Lesnar, Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Triple H & Stephanie. Sounds like a damn good list to me, which is why I refuse to believe that Baron Corbin will be the last one. Falls Count Anywhere Match - Shane McMahon vs The Miz Winner: Shane McMahon I wanted to pick Mizanin, but I changed my mind when they added a special stipulation. Falls Count Anywhere also implies No DQ, which means SAnitY, Shelton Benjamin and Primo could interfere at some point to help Shane win the bout. Heck, maybe even The Mean Street Posse makes an appearance for old times sake. AJ Styles vs Randy Orton Winner: Randy Orton The build up was simple, yet excellent at the same time. On one side you have the Indy darling. Styles traveled the world and worked his way up to the big leagues. Everywhere he went, AJ made a name for himself. On the other side you have the perfect WWE prototype. Orton is a third-generation superstar. He was built for greatness and handpicked by the men in charge. As much as the McMahons might respect The Phenomenal One, Randy is their go-to guy. Always has, always will. Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns Winner: Drew McIntyre I'm going out on a limb and pick Drew McIntyre. Roman is the odds-on favorite, but he wouldn't benefit much from a win. McIntyre on the other hand has been such a dominant force as of late. I hope the reason behind that is to make Drew the next big thing and what better way than with a victory over "The Guy" on the grandest stage of them all. No Holds Barred Match - Batista vs Triple H Winner: Triple H This will unquestionably be a good old fashioned slobberknocker between two of the very best. Batista has to bring his "A" game, if this truly is his final match. Hunter won't retire anytime soon and thus prove that he indeed can beat The Animal. WWE Universal Championship Match - Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins Winner: Seth Rollins I suppose the match can go either way, although I can't stress out enough how important a title switch would be. Brock Lesnar has held the championship hostage for too long. This unbearable stagnation has to stop. It has to end sooner rather than later - preferably on Sunday. WWE Championship Match - Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston Winner: Kofi Kingston The time has come for Kofi's big moment. Vince has done everything in his power (well, not really) to prevent it, but the power of positivity was stronger. Together The New Day defeated 13 other guys combined. Current champions, former multi-time champions, main eventers, you name it. They put so much effort into Kofi that any other outcome would be a huge surprise. But please don't change the WWE Championship into a Pancake Spinner Belt with Unicorn Side Plates. WWE RAW Women's Championship & WWE Smackdown Women's Championship - Winner takes all -Triple Threat Match - Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair Winner: Becky Lynch I'm glad it's "Winner takes all" and not "Winner takes some", as it was rumored. Imagine how stupid it would be, if both championships were on the line, but only one would potentially find a new owner, depending on who gets pinned. A lot has been said and a lot has been done during the Road to WrestleMania. In the end, the only thing that matters is the payoff - Becky standing tall over Ronnie and Charlotte.
  22. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (PS4) True Hero Attain ''True Hero'' status in any level February 4th 2015
  23. Takeover was fantastic as always. I had to watch the opener twice, because it was so damn good. Incredible performance by Ricochet, Aleister Black, and the War Raiders. Hanson is such a beast. His unique style and agility reminds me of the late great Bam Bam Bigelow. Matt Riddle vs Velveteen Dream - Riddle's best match on NXT so far in my opinion. The sky is the limit for this guy. Dream is amazing in his own right, though maybe he shouldn't "steal" too many famous moves. Not sure if he has done the Code Breaker before, but even if it's his shtick to copy legends, Dream tends to overdo it. Dunne and Walter with the match of the night. Pete was an awesome champion, but it was the right time and the right place. Already looking forward to a potential rematch. The Women's title match was a bit of a letdown. Nothing against Shayna, she's a legit badass. I just thought it was time for her to drop the title and get called up to the main roster. The main event was epic. Both would have deserved to win the NXT Championship. Johnny was the plan all along, so the decision to give him the belt was okay. I'm happy for him and loved the ending (Gargano celebrating with Candice and Ciampa). As a huge fan of The Undisputed Era, I'm just disappointed as well. Still waiting for them to shock the system. Adam Cole is the total package, yet he's basically losing all the time. The WWE youtube channel posted a video with The Undisputed Era arguing after the match. I hope they don't break them up…
  24. Charlotte and Asuka wrestled for about 18 minutes. The match itself was good and worth a watch, but the way WWE is treating the women on Smackdown still sucks. They advertised a Fatal 4-Way No. 1 Contender's Match for a week, only to change their plans on Tuesday in a last minute decision to give Charlotte the title. Most of the time, Asuka wasn't even on television. Her run basically was one of the worst in history. Asuka never got a real chance to be a great champion. As far as the Triple Threat at WrestleMania is concerned, both championships will be on the line in a "Winner take all" match. So, at least the title switch makes a bit more sense now. Me neither. Maybe I'll watch the Kickoff and the first hour live, but not the whole show. Kudos to everyone who's gonna sit through that eight hour event. NXT Takeover will be amazing, no doubt about that. Dream vs Riddle and Dunne vs Walter could really steal the show, though the main event between Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole will probably tear the house down. Both deserve to finally win the big gold. One of them is going to be the first ever NXT Triple Crown winner. I can't wait to see what happens