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  1. Mad feat dude, congrats! Really hope its not supposed to be a HC only trophy, I've died about 1000 times so far on my Sorceress on Hell in softcore... ūüėā
  2. It's the only one with PSN rarity of 0,0% which probably means that they did not test it like all the other trophies that have 0,1%, not really a good sign... Were all the characters in the same category, softcore online etc.?
  3. Kinda feels bad as a late starter of the events (played a lot years back but never touched the events) to get another chance on this trophy on you guys' expense so to say... I have a question tho, are most of the weekly events free for everyone with just the base game or do most of them require DLC's? I remember checking a few when I played this way back but couldn't figure out how to take part but guess they needed DLC's like someone said earlier in this thread. Also, are the "On Demand" events still playable when you scroll the events towards the start of the list? It doesn't say on those that the event is concluded so kinda puzzled how that works.
  4. That's awesome news if we can trust Rod on this one... Offline HC character with backups and the command sounds far better deal to me now.
  5. The party finder is completely useless. I saw maybe 2 other players in the very first days and since then tried about a 100 times to create games with different settings and seen nobody else.
  6. Worked for me too, thanks! What I think happened at one point down the line is that they decided to delete all the ghost data from entry 31 down and not to keep any further entries past 30 to save server capacity and without a workaround like this it would have made this plat about 9/10 difficulty. Tried without deleting my old save file at first but the time did not register on the leaderboards at all.
  7. Nah it's probably devs that tested something and unlocked it on some account that doesn't show here, it happens quite often I think? I checked quite early after the release and it already said 0.1%. Some trophies that have always been unobtainable have the same 0.1% showing like Master Chef, unless that's a hacker or something.
  8. Yeah sounds like a classic Blizz release alright... ūüėā But at least we got to play a bit on the first days unlike when D3 launched.
  9. Yeah I had the same happen, it gave me the same 2 textboxes you mentioned on that character. I tried another character too and it gave a black screen instead when I tried to join a game. I haven't checked back in a few hours but these are server side issues so nothing we can really do about it.
  10. It's the typical awful Blizzard game launch, pretty sure all you can do is wait until they fix it eventually. I had the same problem earlier today but guess it's still going on. All the data seems to be saved but not showing up in the character screen all the time, I saw my characters 4 levels below what it should have been when i quit my session but it updated after a while.
  11. Played softcore a good deal way back but never touched hardcore, any veterans have ideas what's the safest class for HC?
  12. Hey, I am also looking for someone for Swap Meet (trade one item) trophy! Would appreciate a certified item with an easier stat to track than my current "Sniper" one. I think it would be better for everyone if I could stop ruining games for others trying to afk on our side of the field waiting for those long shot opportunities... ūüėí Any item is fine tho if somebody else is still needing this trophy too. I believe I have a tradable Ion Rocket Boost in case someone is still needing one. Nvm done with the game now.
  13. Didn't play Fl4k myself but played with one in co-op for the whole game and I think he can get rid of the doggo by resetting skill points and not putting any points anywhere. That's what we did after it seemed to killsteal from Deathtrap.
  14. It's about making 5 different routes with the tool, the amount of people using them doesn't matter at all. It can be done in a few seconds by just spamming routes near each other.
  15. Finally 100% done with Cities Skylines! Almost all of the DLC trophies were relatively easy to do in the needed scenarios and one trophy city but Education Nation was close to giving me grey hair... Thankfully the forums here had great tips to prepare another city for it. :)

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    2. AvariceInc


      Thanks! Oh right I had forgotten about that one already, read many horror stories about it not unlocking for some players in hundreds of years of gameplay but I got mine in about 43 afking years in a horrific looking mess of a city, please try to unsee it. Just slapped something in there to make it survive destroyed¬†streets and powerlines...¬†ūüėĀ¬†Tbh it took quite a few disasters as you can see from the sinkholes¬†and I was prepared to afk another evening doing other things on the PC but came back from fetching my coffee from the kitchen to this. Guess I was pretty lucky with it as it was the only city I ever played with disasters enabled except for maybe one of the scenarios.





    3. dmland12


      Cool.  Gives me hope to keep trying.  I've been going for this one recently, but I'm still waiting to luck out (at around year 2230 right now).

    4. AvariceInc


      Oh man it's the only one left for you... That's the worst, otherwise done with a game but being held back by one luck based trophy. For later starters of the game after the DLC's were released it's a bit less painful I guess since you can combo the 1001 nights with another afk grind but yeah,  hope you get it sooner than later!