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  1. Finally got this trophy and my game looked like this in case anyone wants to see how the bait other people here described should look like. I had previously weakened them a lot in my independence war because there was no way I could have blocked all three of the paths out of Zosma/Sym against my overlords, the FE fleets start to scale so hard once you start building your own fleets so don't feel bad if you don't get the trophy in the first war against them. I also destroyed their colossus in the first war but they built a new one so if they spawn with a colossus they should probably always have the means to build another but not sure. For the second war they were a lot weaker and couldn't have taken any of the three massive 170k+ Citadels and one full 140k fleet stationed in each Havensky, Riadore and Dristmak, the only ways out of their own system or Zosma so their only option was to try to neutron sweep Zosma.
  2. Which boss did you try it on? Did you have a full group with you? I think Shambler, Collector, Fanatic and the Thing from the Stars might not count as a "boss" because they might be in the mini-boss category, someone also mentioned they didn't get it against Brigand Vvulf. I got it against the Swine God encounter.
  3. Looks like this has become much more RNG based trophy now if you don't have access to an earlier version of the game where this event was cheesable through making science ships patrol in and out of black hole systems, it had a small chance to trigger every time you entered one with a science ship. From what I understand it's now actually a 5% chance for the event to be possible in any given game and not 5% per black hole you explore so yeah, it might actually require dozens of games now to even have it possibly hidden in your game and then you would have to explore all the black holes as well in case it is there. I'm afraid no DLC will make this guaranteed to spawn but I'm not sure which version of the game is on the physical disc, installing from that and keeping it unpatched might be the easiest way now if it has some of the earlier versions. However if you ever decide to try the DLC's you will have to do quite a few games and possibly see this event at some point anyway.
  4. It's rare but it should happen like maybe 10% of the time I think? For me at least but these two are the worst trophies ever really. I've tried both quite a few times and it's so RNG dependant, even if they spawn with a colossus they will NEVER use it if there is unsecured hyperlanes leading out of their territory and into yours, a system with a fortress world must literally be their only option out of their territory or the colossus will just idle there doing nothing or patrol around like a headless chicken and you won't have the fleets to block all of the routes if there are too many. I might give this another go with lowest possible hyperlane density soon and try to reroll the galaxy 1000 times for a perfect layout for that, I suspect that's the most important thing in getting this after seeing a few failed games where the AI would rather go around the whole galaxy instead of using the colossus. Humble Pie you almost certainly cannot do against Fallen Empires because they will only enter Supremacist stance once awoken and you can only declare the "end threat" war which is a "total war" and not a humiliation war against them and pre-awakening the FEs don't ever seem to be in supremacist stance so no way to get it before that either. I got this trophy in a 1v1 galaxy against Fanatic Militarist / Authoritarian with Nationalistic Zeal / Warrior Culture civics. Then it is just about preparing the infra to quickly build fleets after staying far below their power, they 99% of the time must be the strongest non Fallen Empire AI empire in the galaxy to pick Supremacist. You also need to give them time to pick all the supremacy traditions, took 94 years in my game before they swapped to it. Edit: This Thread is not about Humble Pie but since I wasted a lot of time trying to get this trophy in the exact same scenario along with Stay on Target, here's a tactic that was far quicker and actually is possible.
  5. Just delete the level based leaderboard. It would help the addicts stop mass buy these game as they wouldn't have to "rank up" anymore and if barely anyone had the need to buy this crap they would soon stop releasing the games paid trophies too. Can leave fastest completion and first achiever leaderboards for the people interested in them.
  6. They worked fine for me but I think they have removed the ability to check how many rounds / wins you have played with each pathfinder since the making of the guide so I kept track in notepad which characters I had done.
  7. So those 3 are the only trophies this DLC will have as they seem to now have been listed here? Not super excited about that as I'm pretty sure that two of them are done in 30 seconds and the garbage one might take a while but doesn't sound too complicated, just some AFK on fast game speed. I know I didn't wish for super hard trophies but could have come up with something more engaging at least. Well hope it has cool mechanics though for the people not so focused on trophies or still actively playing this game, I know my cities would have loved this as they were all so... unsightly. 😃
  8. Every time I get 100% there's more, never ending DLC for this game... Well at least it doesn't take more much more than 10GB disk space. Those 3 trophies look like they'd be done in less than an hour with just a bit of garbage manipulation. Just praying they don't add any more nightmare level trophies like Chirpnado and Education Nation to this game.
  9. Don't know for sure but Full Master trophy description says you need ALL (15+12) of them and A True Master specifically says "part 1" (first 15) so I'd say you are right in what you were already speculating.
  10. Didn't test this trophy before going on an indefinite break (until they fix the game) but it should not have any hidden requirements. Are you sure you started as the correct character and what main title kingdom do you have instead? When I last played this it was impossible to switch primary title so you could destroy other titles because there just wasn't an interface button for that while PC version does and the console version implies as well that it should be possible, no idea if it has been added since then... However this trophy / achievement has specific decisions available, kind of like a small campaign, here's a small detailed guide someone at trueachievements wrote: https://www.trueachievements.com/a308059/almost-there-achievement
  11. After learning the immediate basics from the tutorial the next best advice I could give for a beginner is to learn how to control who is going to succeed your character and how to groom your heir because generally the better your character's stats are the easier time you will have in this game. If your successor is a useless piece of heck you will run into troubles very quick unless your realm is already much more powerful than the neighbours but even this doesn't save you from your vassals if your ruler is weak. If you don't 100% need alliances try to find spouses with congenital traits for your children, (preferably genius or herculean, you can search for people with these traits in the character search menu.) Having these traits will make your game significantly more easy because your characters will live longer and they will be better at everything and almost everyone will like them more. The dynasty perks relating to blood will help greatly in achieving these traits and so unlocking "easy mode." For Christian faiths controlling who is going to succeed you is a bit harder than some other because you can't really access succession laws until very late game so to get rid of your eldest sons you have to play around the disinherit button, the become monk option or sending them into battles but the two latter ones won't always happen. The real challenge in this game is that everything you achieve on a successful and loved character can turn into a disaster really quick once a trash character takes over.
  12. Nah they just released some useless patch a week ago just to show they are working on the bugs in this game but honestly doubt there's more than a couple people doing anything related to this game. The save corruption seems gone on Xbox now but almost none of the listed few fixes were on PS5...
  13. https://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/news/detail/129e6f441f38e4d22d67461e39aaab310f1fd17e Should work as intended, they made a post about it today.
  14. Yeah should be normal, got my first set very near the end of Branch B and the other two after completing Branch C.
  15. Great to hear! Sure took a while for them though... However on Paradox forums people are saying saves started before the patch are still crashing hard on Xbox so might have to start a new game to have a smooth experience or something. They are also saying the patch broke the "build holding" interface button so I'm not totally sure how well all of this was tested. 😂 Doesn't look like they fixed the unobtainable trophy yet either so gonna keep waiting for another update on this game but anyone active in this game please let us know if the save corruption is gone or not!