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  1. Don't know for sure but Full Master trophy description says you need ALL (15+12) of them and A True Master specifically says "part 1" (first 15) so I'd say you are right in what you were already speculating.
  2. Didn't test this trophy before going on an indefinite break (until they fix the game) but it should not have any hidden requirements. Are you sure you started as the correct character and what main title kingdom do you have instead? When I last played this it was impossible to switch primary title so you could destroy other titles because there just wasn't an interface button for that while PC version does and the console version implies as well that it should be possible, no idea if it has been added since then... However this trophy / achievement has specific decisions available, kind of like a small campaign, here's a small detailed guide someone at trueachievements wrote: https://www.trueachievements.com/a308059/almost-there-achievement
  3. After learning the immediate basics from the tutorial the next best advice I could give for a beginner is to learn how to control who is going to succeed your character and how to groom your heir because generally the better your character's stats are the easier time you will have in this game. If your successor is a useless piece of heck you will run into troubles very quick unless your realm is already much more powerful than the neighbours but even this doesn't save you from your vassals if your ruler is weak. If you don't 100% need alliances try to find spouses with congenital traits for your children, (preferably genius or herculean, you can search for people with these traits in the character search menu.) Having these traits will make your game significantly more easy because your characters will live longer and they will be better at everything and almost everyone will like them more. The dynasty perks relating to blood will help greatly in achieving these traits and so unlocking "easy mode." For Christian faiths controlling who is going to succeed you is a bit harder than some other because you can't really access succession laws until very late game so to get rid of your eldest sons you have to play around the disinherit button, the become monk option or sending them into battles but the two latter ones won't always happen. The real challenge in this game is that everything you achieve on a successful and loved character can turn into a disaster really quick once a trash character takes over.
  4. Nah they just released some useless patch a week ago just to show they are working on the bugs in this game but honestly doubt there's more than a couple people doing anything related to this game. The save corruption seems gone on Xbox now but almost none of the listed few fixes were on PS5...
  5. https://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/news/detail/129e6f441f38e4d22d67461e39aaab310f1fd17e Should work as intended, they made a post about it today.
  6. Yeah should be normal, got my first set very near the end of Branch B and the other two after completing Branch C.
  7. Great to hear! Sure took a while for them though... However on Paradox forums people are saying saves started before the patch are still crashing hard on Xbox so might have to start a new game to have a smooth experience or something. They are also saying the patch broke the "build holding" interface button so I'm not totally sure how well all of this was tested. 😂 Doesn't look like they fixed the unobtainable trophy yet either so gonna keep waiting for another update on this game but anyone active in this game please let us know if the save corruption is gone or not!
  8. So I got close to restoring the Roman Empire last night but today when I started the game up it just had an error that said "Your save file was removed due to corrupted data." or something similar, don't remember the exact wording. Now my Ironman save I played for all day is just flat out gone. I tested the game a bit on non Ironman before that and those saves are seemingly just fine, just the Ironman save was removed. Just a heads up if any of you are playing this on Ironman, might wanna upload your saves in case the same happens. Anyone else had the same? Don't really feel like starting a new game either until hearing more about that or seeing a patch.
  9. Pretty late but saw nobody replied here yet and you seem to be still active in this game. I was wondering if mine was bugged too since the description of this trophy is so weird and it didn't pop just by going into 4BC mode. However just got this and the platinum and you are supposed to get this trophy from beating the Hand of the King on 4BC. Did you quit your run after beating the Giant on 4BC (after getting the 5th boss cell)? This trophy can and should be done right after the Giant on 4BC.
  10. Yes it works, I did it a couple days ago just fine but I'm guessing you are doing it wrong. Place the energy kit from reserves into inventory and go to augments and spam HP related augments, do not touch any energy augments that will set your energy to a fixed amount because doing so will undo the glitch, after this go in a game and you should see your energy being as high as many times you spam clicked HP augments, even one energy kit made my energy go over 10000 after a minute of spamming.
  11. Yeah didn't really enjoy the limited ammo and consumable stuff either but if you are not in a hurry could just complete the daily challenges from alt accounts and wait on the tougher missions as it all gets much less troublesome once you luck out that one energy kit and buy the stealth augments as you can just walk through most levels in permanent stealth (with the glitch) and hit circle to take the normal soldiers out with melee takedowns without even taking your guns out. Most heavy guys can be ignored but a few have to be killed, I actually have no idea what weapons are even good against the heavies because I just spent all extra money on the nanoblade ammo and it was enough against them. Also I think most if not all extra data or speedrun etc. objectives can be ignored, won't need those for trophies. This mode seems like lots of trouble and would be without the glitch but stealth is so overpowered so just try to hang in there until that. 😄 Shame they didn't make Breach a standalone game or something, I put the DLC on hold for over 5 years too even though I loved the actual game a lot. 😔
  12. I'd guess energy kits drop from every 4 packs or so, at least it did for me. The glitch is done in the augment section by activating HP or energy related augments. For HP you have to put one HP kit in your inventory and spam activate - deactivate energy related augments, for energy glitch you have to equip energy kit and spam HP related augments.
  13. Ehh, if you mean the bugged trophy tracker yes but I was answering to someone that wanted to prepare for when it's fixed so they could have it ready. I did this trophy by picking Saboteur from Nosferatu, just avoid all combat at any cost, get inside the area as quick as possible and hide in a corner with sewer bombs around to discourage anyone trying to come close. The most important thing is to ignore your teammates if they get in trouble. 😈 Sounds really awful but that's how you survive and because of how this trophy is bugged you must outlive your teammates... also they can't have stealth if you do and will give your position up in the late stages of the match.
  14. I just did these DLC trophies last night and got all 6 needed small energy kits from the Enhancer packs that cost 15k each, they were just fine to do the glitch and breeze through everything I had left although I had previously done the platinum (up to level 4) legit so can't really say if 200k packs are worth it for someone just starting. I just ran through the levels in stealth and spammed nanoblades against bigger enemies when it was needed and ignored all other weapons. 😀
  15. I guess nothing much to be done about it except run around all your matches like a crazy person, the in game mastery page shows your travelled distance and I'd believe they will eventually fix the trophy so it would be tied to that statistic. It's quite a grind however if that in game tracker is accurate, I was nowhere near the required 836 km according to that mastery page after getting the plat.
  16. Have they done anything to the AI since then regarding Colossus ships? Tried this a year ago but couldn't ever quite make them move it at all and gave up. Any changes after a few expansions?
  17. Not sure if others had the same experience but I only got small increments every time I survived to the end meaning I only got progress from that individual match in question. I believe all the matches where I died before the end were worthless regarding this trophy, had to survive till the end about 25 times.
  18. Right now this is heavily bugged and I think we can use abilities and jump around and the trophy is probably tracking this stuff because the in game mastery page is so much behind that people here believe that's the one that doesn't count jumps and abilities but the in game mastery page is not tied to the actual trophy right now. If they decide to fix this trophy and they really should, it will most likely roll back your progress to what the in game mastery page is showing but this wouldn't really be a huge issue because right now it is the most skill dependant trophy in the game but will become a grindy trophy instead. I was at 833/836 and it didn't pop during the game even though I ran around a lot hoping it would count but only after surviving till the end the trophy popped so it only adds progress to the last players meaning the surviving winners and the last one to die on second place team. However stressing about it right now is probably not worth it because it will become much easier once fixed.
  19. I had one game where I died and was resurrected a bit later and didn't really travel all that much but still ended second place and I'm pretty sure the tracker only went up by about 10 kilometres. Haven't finished this yet but my in game mastery page says 347 kilometres traveled but the trophy tracker is already at 637/836... 🤔 Definitely super bugged on many levels.
  20. Never tried solo mode but for me it's updated in trio squad mode by these conditions so far and I'm at ~520/836 now. 😔
  21. You have to be alive or the last player to die when the match ends so unlike the "place top 3 as X" trophies this one doesn't count even if your team finishes first or second for you.
  22. Yeah i don't know, and even if your team gets second place you have to be the last one dying or it doesn't count so you shouldn't even draw the attention on yourself if your teammates engage in the final battle and instead just let it play out before joining the fight... It kinda ruins the fun in this game.
  23. Try the Saboteur class from Nosferatu, I think it's the best class in the game if your goal is just rank 2, you don't even have to engage in combat because of the insane escape and stealth perks this job has, just hide in the shadows and let others do the fighting. 😀
  24. Yeah it has awesome fire rate so you can down people very fast with R2 tapping and it's usually game over for anyone on the street if you can catch them from the rooftops. I think it's one of the strongest weapons in this game until someone gets close to you with a katana... 😀
  25. Yep the sniper rifle is almost worthless, you hit them for 80 or 160 damage and then they are gone the next shot you could do. The marksman rifle counts for this trophy as well and I found it much easier to get kills with from mid range.