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  1. Yeah thank Todd we had this XP event so the grind got way shorter, it gets so tedious after you are done with most of the quests. Wastelanders was a huge improvement aye but like 2 months of the exact same two daily quests ahead, oh boy.. Hope they add more ways to get the rep later.
  2. Well for example for the new expansion that just came out, Rise of the Machines is far easier to complete if you set the galaxy to be suitable for this purpose. For this you can start the game in a small galaxy with one easy AI and yourself so you can easily wipe them out popping you this one as opposed to trying it in a huge galaxy with 10 AI empires. Some trophies will still require RNG to be in your favor though.
  3. You can do two playthroughs but if you go in blind and play like you want to you will most likely have to do a second full playthrough studying beforehand because it is highly likely that you miss or fail some quests or reputations for King Charming and Completionist . Also on one playthrough method you have to reload a save if you go for the romance trophies or accidentally lose your virginity, it can happen! Remember to still complete them without the romance afterwards. There are a couple combat trophies and they could relatively easily be done after completing the story while travelling around doing the collectible and reputation grind. Personally I think this game is easier if you avoid combat because it is pretty hard at first and will take some time to get used to and you are allowed to do stealth takedowns without killing anyone to knock out opponents, however you have to make sure they don't die on their own and repeatedly check your kill counter because saves can be hours apart with how strict this game is about saving. Keep in mind there is one opponent you have to kill but no spoilers about that one. On the other hand this game doesn't take too long to finish if you know what you are doing and just speedrun through the main questline. I think actual speedrunners have done it in like 2 hours or so but probably 10-15h for a second timer if you don't run into much troubles. SAVE A LOT! Last I played this game was glitchy as all hell and that's a bad combination with infrequent autosaves. Do you have DLC? I'm not totally familiar about them but I'm pretty sure there are a couple trophies that force you to do a second playthrough.
  4. Just did this on PS4 in one sitting in local co-op and all the trophies except for Contributor popped for the other player too. I got everything as the host. Dunno what's up with that one, maybe you have to check the leaderboards manually?
  5. That sure is gonna be quite a few playthroughs but I'm happy about that. 😃 I remember wondering a bit about that colossus achievement because I never encountered an AI colossus on PC but also never actively tried to get it. Is it linked to a certain Fallen Empire? Looks like season pass 3 confirmed already, rip wallet...
  6. Well yeah certainly changes gameplay drastically but at least we know it was successful enough for them to continue updating it. Hope we get Federations too one day, haven't played it on PC yet. 😃
  7. Loved the first game but looks like a hard nope for this corporation. Just when I thought you couldn't possibly handle things worse than Blizzard did a while back. 😂 I'm really thankful for the leaks.
  8. Greetings future Bio-Trophies! It seems paradise will be waiting for you in a couple of weeks! https://console.stellaris.com/expansionpass2 I believe this is a close estimation about what the trophies will be. At least three somewhat long playthroughs including beating an endgame crisis if they will be the same ones as on PC.
  9. Oh right, my bad, got confused there.
  10. Siren Blood Curse was one of the two trophyless games I had on the PS3 way back in 2009. Was a bit disappointed it never got a trophy patch and never really felt like returning to it because of that. Wish they would release it on the PS4 with trophies but since it looks like it's already available on PS Now as PS3 version without trophies so not happening I guess. The original Siren game got released without a platinum a couple of years ago and absolutely loved how creepy it was! Skip this one.
  11. Yeah remember my heart skipped a beat about this too, endured through all the glitching and save corruptions along the way just to see I couldn't finish the game. Man was it a relief seeing doing the DLC helped. Is the game still in such a sad state? Absolutely would have loved this one if it wasn't for losing hours and hours of progress every time some glitch came up...
  12. Oh god what demotivational news. Well guess we kind of got what we wanted, more traditional Fallout style... 😬 Picked this game up again with the update out and aiming to plat it but guess I'll see if I have any energy left for the 100%.
  13. A bit beside the point but instead of straight up removal option I would love to get tools to arrange our trophy lists in different categories for example "in progress", "not planning to continue" and something like the showcase here for PSN too.
  14. I agree it's a cancer for the trophy community but that one in particularly doesn't affect us and our real games if and when we decide to skip that trash altogether (although they have a couple really enjoyable games too). Now that I think about it, does it affect our games? Do devs purposefully make trophy lists easier in hope to sell their game better? In general I feel trophy lists have gotten a lot lazier from the ps3 days but might just be my choice of games.
  15. I have a few hidden games that have gotten on my profile years ago because my relatives played their own games on my ps3 and even though I made a profile for them, they picked my profile the next day when I left them unsupervised with the console and forgot to set a password on my profile. There are reasons to hide games.