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  1. Nah don't care, I'm pretty sure people going for completion rates just do it for themselves, let them have it if it brings peace of mind. I know it does because I used to and still am stressing about games I have bought and want to finish but "don't ever have the time". Those endless unfinished entries are reminding me whenever I see them. πŸ˜€ I don't really even check completion rates on profiles when I'm looking at someone's and if anything, a 100% profile is really boring to watch because it does not show what kind of games the person in question did not enjoy playing and stopped midway so you can't really get an idea what kind of person he or she is. I just check the trophy cabinet and rarest plats sections because they usually tell what kind of player is in question, they tend to show which kind of games they enjoyed or had the required drive or craziness to complete. 😁
  2. Games that store progress on the server side might work. Only plat I have done multiple times (and wanted to access my old "save") is PUBG. There my character and cosmetic stuff carried over from EU to US version but trophy progress for kills etc. however did not.
  3. FF7 is by far my favorite. It's also among the least stressful Final Fantasy games trophywise because you can cheat at will, just a couple missables to check beforehand. It's got top notch graphics from 1997 too. FF12 is my second favorite of the series gameplay and storywise and it's pretty doable if not for a couple fights that force you to learn the system inside out which is not entirely a bad thing now that I think about it. It has one stressing RNG trophy as well though. Both are from older generations though as the PS3-PS4 era hasn't been that great in my opinion except for FF14 (MMO game with a monthly fee), it's currently in a really good position and most of the playerbase, me included, love it! Got like 2500 hours in by now. All the FF13 games are awfully long-winded trophywise and many consider the gameplay and story garbage so if you don't like those games that much I wouldn't touch those first. FF10 and its sequel are favorites of many, not me though but they also are about 100-hour projects with grinding and RNG included. FF15 is an easy platinum but it's just really different in every way and and not much like what Final Fantasy have been. Hope they don't continue that road too much with their new games. I fear they will apply too much of that new garbage stuff for the FF7 remake too.
  4. Yeah was pretty hard for me too, got stuck on the trial mode level 100 and quitted the game for many months before returning and finishing it. Wasn't prepared at all and that fight basically forced you to find cheesy tactics...
  5. Witcher 3.... oops my bad, I did it twice. Skyrim... oooops same story here. πŸ˜‚ On my second platinum runs I ended up skipping most dialogue because not enough time had passed between those runs so I remembered most stuff... 150+ hours well spent right there. Well certainly wouldn't do those plats a third time no matter how good games they are! Just Cause 3, the game wasn't bad or anything, quite funny to be honest but liberating everything was so freaking boring I almost gave up midway through. Also a couple wingsuit races made me damage a controller which is really rare for me. πŸ˜ƒ Kinda haven't even had a glance at Just Cause 4 because of that although it's probably same crazy fun stuff storywise. Another really frustrating plat was Kingdom Come: Deliverance with all of its lovely glitches and save file corruptions. Love the medieval theme and setting of the game and even have some DLC that I haven't touched but my god was it unpleasant. A game that is strict about autosaving (autosaves can be a few hours apart) that does not work properly.
  6. Used to stress a lot about completing games to 100% but realized that I have no time to be a completionist with the rate awesome games that I want to play through at least once are being released. That and my main games League and FF14 being on PC I just don't have the time even tho I play 10 hours a day most days. Pretty sure I have a decade worth of backlog and unfinished games if I wanted to 100% everything...
  7. Man wish I had looked up that I have to play this multiplayer part for that long... I mean I'm not half bad at it and it's fun I suppose and was happy to get the couple MP trophies out of the way quickly but my problem is that I have been having seriously unfair games most of the time. They start when it is like 1v2 or 2v3 and won't be filled until half way through the match, what's up with that? Probably gotten less popular already or I'm not playing during prime time enough. Oh well the xp is rolling in regardless of tryharding or taking part at all for that matter in those pointless matches.
  8. Yeah still haven't found the time to go back to that piece of shit "10 levels without dying" annoyance with all the new projects i've been starting... That plat was the most horrible 2 hours of my life, thank god I managed it in one go. Sounds Shapes had some tough levels for sure! Color Guardians wasn't all that bad to be honest excluding the one trophy where you had to beat the last boss level without dying but you can exploit your way and glitch the boss so it doesn't pose that much of a threat. Well the game is just horribly boring but it's not super long. I see you still haven't completed it, go back and finish it so it doesn't haunt you! I don't know what people think about the difficulty of Overcooked and Overcooked 2 but I absolutely sucked at them when playing co-op with 2 and 3 players...
  9. Not sure about AAA statuses but the bigger budget ultra rare plats I have completed are: Skyrim VR (If you can sit through 100+ hours in VR mode 😬 ) For Honor (Ultra rare even after being in PS plus) Mortal Kombat X (Really hard unless using a save cheese) Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Not 100% AAA and your worst enemy is how glitchy the game is and possibly getting your saves corrupted.) Deus Ex Mankind Divided (Not a 10/10 game but love the universe and setting) Thief (Not sure why this one is ultra rare? Didn't find it that challenging or time consuming.) Just Cause 3 (Gets repetitive and boring as heck after a while)
  10. Yeah quite liked that one too, shame it ended right when it started to get interesting and a bit challenging. But the good news is that Devious Dungeon 2 that the PC and mobile devices have had for a good while is coming to PS4 too! Nothing to be super hyped about but definitely gonna play it once or twice depending on stacks and prices. 😁
  11. Alright thanks, feared something like that... Oh boy another disgusting xenophile run... I just wanna purge all the πŸ‘½ filth!
  12. Great news but tried to boot my old xenophile save after installing the patch but couldn't get the trophy to pop even after trying to break all 6 migration treaties and re-establishing them so guess it has to be in a new game if it is indeed fixed.
  13. Sorry for being late to the party! While grenade kills are definitely boostable, they really are the best items you can find in this entire game when you learn how to properly cook them. Hold R2, tap L1 so you hear the clicking sound and wait 2-3 seconds. If you throw an uncooked grenade, it won't kill anyone with ears. I'm almost at double platinum with about 200 grenade kills now total, they are really lethal and satisfying when used properly. πŸ˜ƒ Molotovs do not count, neither do knockdowns. Only grenade finishes on players you yourself have knocked down. The most efficient way to get grenade kills is to play squad mode, knock someone with a gun, equip grenade, press L2 to switch throwing mode, hold R2 and press L1 to cook the grenade for 2-3 seconds so your opponent won't have time to crawl away and throw it at the knocked player. You might take some damage if you cook for a too long time but hey who cares, need those grenade kills. πŸ˜€ Just posting this in case someone is struggling with grenade kills and thinking about boosting them, practice cooking them, it will quadruple your performance and satisfaction in this game!
  14. Personally I don't mind since I will do a playthrough or two when we get access to Utopia and can mop up the remaining trophies then but I hate to see how this game that I have loved from the beginning gets negative attention like this that could be fixed quickly... Especially so since some of the requirements could take a really long time like Deus Vult did for me when I attempted it and then I didn't even see it pop the legit way, had to cheese against an awakened ascendancy for ages...
  15. New songs are definitely all harder (but 10 times more fun to play if you otherwise like the game) than the original ones so this pack did not make plat any easier.