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  1. PSN

    Will your psn account flow over to you ps4?
  2. Is possible, if you play lbp2 with another person (on an other profile and offline) and you do everything exactely how it has to for the trophies. Then you sign in with your other profile on your ps3 and all the trophies will pop-up.
  3. 'Infamous: Second Son' or 'Driveclub'
  4. FIFA Uncharted (series) inFamous 2
  5. Has got a f*cking high completition.
  6. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PS Vita Only that one
  7. Wow thanks!
  8. I'm Dutch so, do you know British cars?
  9. What's the best car you can have in GT5?
  10. Highest number of platinums Tomb Raider or Uncharted
  11. The five best or most played not in direction: Gran Turismo 5 Professor Laton (All, much much hours on the NDS) Uncharted serie Call of Duty MW inFamous 2
  12. PS1! MW3 or BF3?
  13. May 2011, 320GB Slim
  14. Kit Kat FIFA or PES?
  15. Haha, OH