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  1. At the very start,I hid behind the fence, leaning out and killing enemies form there with my rifle. I would let the alarm start and slowly killed all enemies and the commanders as they came to me. The commanders come last so once they are killed there are no more enemies in the starting section from memory. This way you start the second bit with full health for panzerhund. Grab the panzerhund and once you get to the factory take it very slow, let the enemies come to you, pop out around the corners and shoot the flames then pop back.
  2. I want to play this but am hesitant to start. The Frontlines trophy should be doable in 4 days but I'm worried about death from above. If the community games don't go back to 4 people to start it will be hard to get 16 to boost. That one seems like a bastard to do legit. Are jack of all trades and elite still glitched?
  3. Can anyone confirm that the servers are busy for Frontlines? Also what region are you playing in and time? Thanks in advance.
  4. To get the accessory from Pride and Joy you will need to: 1) Finish all Battle Intel reports to unlock the Bahamut fight in Chadley's VR simualtion. Beat Bahamut in the VR simulation. 2) Finish all Colosseum Fights. A few of them only unlock on Hard I think. So you will need to replay Chapter 9 on Hard, beat the Hell House to access the last few Colosseum fights on hard. 3) Finish all VR simulations in Hojo's lab at the start of Chapter 17. I did 2) and 3) first but had not done 1) as I was missing all upgrades on my Revive Materia. So the Pride and Joy fight was not unlocking. Once I finished 1) it unlocked. I will try beating him tonight. I have played a few chapters on hard and found that I didn't need to farm upgrades of materia. Playing the chapters on hard should cause them to level up quickly if they are not at max already. Upgrading of weapons when your character is at max level (L50) only occurs when you get the Manuscripts. This is done by beating bosses on hard mode so bascially progressing through the game on hard. You can play easy chapters on hard and do all side quests (I did 1-4) to level up your weapons then try the harder chapter 9 for example. You hard playthrough can be done in any order via chapter select. When you finish the chapter it will say on screen "Chapter 1 finished on hard" and you will see it stated in the chapter select. You might not be able to breeze through it on hard. Some bosses may prove troublesome but overall, its not too hard.
  5. yeah it felt like they did. I guess the thinking was to use all weapons depending on the enemies weakness and all abilites to take enemies down.
  6. I used the Hori Tac Assault Commander Pro. It has worked better on this game than any other PS4 games. I assume they have provided some support for it, or considered the Hori Hardware in the development in game as they have a licensed DOOM Eternal version of it: https://stores.horiusa.com/tactical-assault-commander-pro-tac-pro-m2-doom-eternal-edition-for-playstation-4-and-playstation-3/ The main issues you face with the Tac Assault Commander is selcting weapons with the weapon wheel (as it is done with the mouse). It was impossible in RAGE 2 so I played with the controller. It was jitttery in Wolfenstein but it worked. It works perfectly in DOOM eternal. The other issue is realted to inbuilt acceleration and dead zones. Controller aiming has acceleration built into the movement (hold aim in on direction and it moves faster longer you hold it in that direciton). When playing with a mouse can cause undersired behaviour, cursor jumps across the screen for example. Other than the battlefield games, there arn't options to adjust the in game settings. You can adjust it via the Hori app using a PC but takes a bit of playing around with settings to get something optimal. But yes, not quite as good as PC keyboard and mouse as the devs typcially only consider controllers for console. However, still highly recommend it.
  7. I just finished it on nightmare which was very tough. I kept getting stuck in the earlier parts of the game until I mastered the combat loop, gameplay mechanics. Once I did, I was getting through without too much difficulty and it was very fun! Bosses were very tough as I did them without the sentinel armour boost. Here are some tips / Observations: Stay airborne as much as possible: there are usually so many enemies on the ground that you will die quick even if running. Their aim is crazy good on nightmare and they will hit you almost every time even if you are strafing. So, stay airborne and change direction in air with dash, double jump. Use flame belch as much as possible to keep getting armour boosts. Chainsaw as soon as ammo for any gun runs out. Each gun is effective against different enemies so you want it with ammo in case that enemy is around the corner. Unlock mastery for double barrel shotgun as soon as possible. Flaming meat hook makes them drop armour, you can meat hook out of tricky situations and you can control your movement mid-air even when meat hook / zip lining. Use the games tips about weaknesses against enemies. It makes them much easier to kill. Plasma Rifle with heat burst upgrade was very effective as you unload with plasma, heat burst which stuns enemies. I found it easier to get enemies stunned state with this compared to others to get glory kills. Effective against most enemies and shields. Best weapon against Doom Hunter I found. Chain gun with shield upgrade. Very effective against hell knights, baron of hell. Plasma rifle before that. Freeze grenades on whiplash and revenants then unload on them. Lock on misses against prowlers. Ballista against pain elemental, cacodemons. I would use super weapons against the Cyber Daemon and Archville. Marauders are the hardest enemies. Super shotgun is the best against them. Clear the room of all other enemies first (except fodder). Don't shoot at them until they start their attack (eye light up green). One direct hit will stun them. If you have the quick hands upgrade you can get another shot in. Meat hook away to surrounding zombies to get armour and ammo, rinse and repeat.
  8. @Property_Damage I'm a married software developer in my early 30's. Work 50 hour weeks with gym 5-6 times per week. I can get in 2-4 hours gaming on a weeknight and bout 10h in on the weekends. Hours get pushed up and sleep reduced if I'm really loving a game. No kids yet but one is on the way. In response to the original post... 1. Why bother? I was a completionist gamer well before trophies were around. I wouldn't say I have OCD, but I like things neat and organised, am a slight perfectionist and love efficiency. I like to get my monies worth. A triple A game can cost over $100 on release in Australia and some can be finished in a weekend. If you try to go for the 100% this is pushed out much further. Trophies also force you to play parts of the game you necessarily may not have. E.g. finishing on the hardest setting, exploring all already for collectibles, multiplayer and coop etc. Sometimes may be a boring grind, but if the game is quality and the developer put thought and effort into the extra context, doing it all is very rewarding. I don't like starting a game, stopping for a while and coming back to it later. You have to re-learn the controls and the feel of it. This can be a major slow-down for skill based games. Sometimes this is unavoidable with DLC but I try to avoid it where I can. I like to start a game and get 100% before I move onto the next one if possible. 2. How do you motivate yourself to complete the games you didn't enjoy? I try to avoid games completely I wouldn't enjoy. I'll do a lot of research before I commit to a new game. I don't play games simply to pad my trophy score, other than My Name is Mayo. I typically like very hard games where skill is required to earn a trophy. I enjoy the research and learning process and getting better with each attempt. Once you get said trophy its a great feeling. I enjoy the entire process for hard skill based trophies. For the long, low skill, grindey trophies, I try to break it up over a longer time. I try to do a bit each day and chip away at it slowly. Despite a trophy being repetitive, the process of playing the game is quite soothing. I also like to see the slow progress towards a long grindey trophy. Very satisfying. Multi-tasking also helps with this. As long as I am slowly progressing towards a trophy I don't find motivation hard. The hard part is trying to organise gaming sessions for older games with people in other parts of the world as I am in AUS. There have been many hours sitting, waiting for boost groups to start, lobbies to fill up. Thinking about the trophy at the end of the tunnel is the main motivator. 3. When did you start this completion trend? I'll have to give you my life (gaming) story for this one..... I used to be a PC, completionist , gamer. I switched to PS3 as I didn't want to spend $5k on a good gaming PC every few years. At the time my wife and I were saving for an apartment so I also wanted to cut back on my gaming costs. I tried to complete the games I already owned to 100% to not buy new games . Thats when trophy hunting started. At first, I would only 100% games I liked. My percentage was as low as 20% when I joined PSN profiles. I thought there would be no way the multiplayer parts of older games would still be active so I gave up on all my old PS3 games and sold the PS3. At this time I didn't know boosting was a thing! I also didn't have the skill with a controller back then (5 years ago). I had played with a keyboard and mouse my whole life until that point. Over time, as the completion percentage went up, skills improved and after I realised how active the community was for older games I toyed with the idea of clearing the backlog entirely. It started when I really wanted to replay Darksouls 1 so I re-bought a PS3 and started working through the backlog. Slowly over a few years I chipped away at games I liked on PS3 that were incomplete. I would play two old PS3 games for 1 new PS4 game and over about a year and a bit I got through my backlog. About 1000 unearned trophy reduced to about 20 (damn server closures). Last year I polished off the remainder. The Uncharted 2 and 3 were brutal to finish as timezone issues were a bastard between US, Europe and Australia but eventually I got it done. 4. Do you feel like 100% completion is an overall better experience than a normal playthrough (where you don't mind the trophies)? For me, a typically normal play through is a 100%, search every nook and cranny, get all collectibles play through anyway. That just my natural play style, even without trophies. In relation to doing all parts of the game, including parts I wouldn't normally do, without a doubt, yes. The games is played in a much deeper way I feel when you are trophy hunting. A good trophy list will cover all aspects of the game play that the developer has put in. If the developer has put thought and effort into it, it makes you appreciate the game a whole lot more. Trophies force you do do things you may not have typically done, explore areas you may not step foot in and experience everything that a game has to offer.
  9. I followed @ProfBambam55 very detailed guide and got it pretty much first go. Similar to @woggly4 I was using x2 PS3 consoles to self boost for all game modes that required 2 players. I boosted other games modes that required more than two players with another person from my country (Australia) who also had x2 PS3's and we also did the coop together. I also boosted all of the races when the wife was away so there was none else using the internet and I made sure the PS4 and computer were completely off so they didn't download anything in the background and take up my bandwidth. As per the guide, if you mess something up, there is lag or a glitch, the money doesn't add up, re-do that mission/race/mode.
  10. Focus on putting zip lines in the mountainous area or area that are hard / impossible to cross with car or bike. You can also deconstruct the zip-lines you don't need via the map. Once you link up an area with road or zip-lines, try to max out the connections with places as soon as you can to increase your Chiral Bandwidth. Note, some preppers seem to get stuck and take more convincing than others. Rest in the a Private Room, and keep making deliveries to them and sending lost cargo and the connection should increase. If roads can be built, try to build them as it saves you having to make zip-lines in that area. I just maxed out all connections in the central area and I wasn't able to connect the entire map as didn't have enough bandwidth. My ziplines went as far north as the distribution center south of Lake Knot.
  11. Can confirm video works. Delivered an item to the collector after unlocking backpack customisation.
  12. destroying another players structure only destroys it for you.
  13. I've had zip-lines unlocked for a few days now and it seems that other peoples structures, zip-lines included, stay. I am still seeing other peoples bridges, power generators etc, that are older. Its still the same person's bridge as I make note of the name. zip = fast line = line "thus concludes our extensive three week course."
  14. Great, thanks for the info. I still haven't got it yet. I ranked him up well past L2 before I talked to Junk dealer. Looks like I'll have to do a few more deliveries before for the collector and it should unlock.
  15. Does anyone know how to get the backpack cover? I read you get it from the Collector in Chapter 3 once you reach Level 1 connection with him. I am still on chapter 3. I have reach Level 5 connection with him but he didn't give me the backpack cover? I only go the star. I was also skipping through his dialogue, don't if that makes a difference.