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  1. thanks, that did it. I waited a bit until the guard wan't looking then pressed R3. I stayed in stealth and the kills registered.
  2. still no luck for me. I tried the location in brother 1, stealth kill ubersoldat, run to underground and repeat. I was using the knife and de-clocking before I killed him. I wasn't getting spotting beforehand or during. also tried this method, I am cloaked when I press R3, I do see yellow triangles when the stealth kill animation starts. Still nothing. EDIT: it looks like only 6 out of the 30 I have done have registered. I will have to keep at it and hope it pops soon.
  3. For the panzerhund section I started the beginning bit by shooting, on foot, from behind the fence at the start of the level until I had killed all enemies including the commander. This clears the entire first area I think until the tunnel and the panzerhund takes no damage. There may still be enemies at tunnel entrance. At the tunnels, shoot a burst of flame from around corners, edges and pull back. Going through slowly. I was able to get through this way with minimal damage to panzerhund. Texas and the courthouse after that! Courthouse is not too bad with the right tactics. There are some good ones in this thread. At the courthouse, once the gates opened, I ran left but instead of throwing greanade in corner to kill dog I crouched behind box and shot it, then sprinted up.
  4. Keep at it, with enough patience and practice you'll get it. Probably one of the best feelings I've had in gaming when I did it. My wife can proudly say she is married to someone that has finished Woflenstein 2 on the hardest setting*. A few tips based on my experience: Some of the tactics in the longer videos are super risky and can ruin an entire run. Practice on I am death incarnate making saves at the troublesome areas and practice them until you are comfortable with them. If using stealth, make sure you know an area to run and hide in and shoot from in case you are spotted. I found stealth too risky for the end of the game so would always go loud from a good spot (except for the final part of venus), leaning behind cover. Break up your attempt over a few days. Personally, after 2 hours my concentration would start to drop so would leave it for the next day. *: she doesn't say that but I like to think she is proud.
  5. Towards the end of the game, after you have gotten the "Hold on Tight" trophy, when you go to crater lake, there is a side mission where you have to fight three of them. Accept all side missions in Diamond Lake Camp and Wizard Island camp and you will do it eventually. I can see from your trophies you are not yet in the southern regions? I did mine, on Survival difficulty, on the breaker boss fight. It took way too long as I kept killing it or he would one-hit kill me. You should be much stronger by the time you reach the rager boss fight.
  6. I'm about 3/4 through my survival play through. It is also my first play through for Days Gone. It stated off hard as you are very weak compared to anything more than a few freakers. Here are some tips based on my experience: Stealth if your best friend early for freaks and camps. If you get spotted in camps, roll to the nearest cover. Watch out for people flanking you. If fighting 3 freaks or less use melee to save ammo early in the game. This matters less as you upgrade your ammo capacity. Remember to repair your melee weapon. Hit once or twice then roll away. I upgraded Focus and stamina first mixing upgrades between the two as I want to keep as much distance between me and enemies and do the most efficient damage. Skills upgraded first were Ranged skills and Melee to dish out as much damage as I could. Heal as soon as you get hit, as two hits will kill you may have to restart area or horde. There are plenty of resources to craft bandages. Start on the 'Horde Killer' story line once you have a decent primary weapon and skills in the ranged category. The reason why is that after defeating a few hordes you get access to some great weapons which makes things a whole lot easier. SMP9 (Side-arm SMG): Complete 15% Of ‘Horde Killer’ Storyline - great for clearing camps and dealing with single enemies. Auto Shotgun (Drum Mag Shotgun): Complete 25% Of ‘Horde Killer’ Storyline - excellent at crowd control. 16 shot clip that fires full auto and has a fast reload. SMP9 Mag Upgrade (Magazine Upgrade): Complete 35% Of ‘Horde Killer’ Storyline - magazine size increases to 50! My tactics for hordes were attack them during the day in their caves, throw an attractor to get them to bunch up, throw a few molotov or pipe bomb in the middle of the group, unload on them with machine gun or auto shotgun. Sprint back if the horde gets close, unload on them, repeat. Remember, you can climb up and down things faster than freakers so use it to your advantage. Try to use choke points to your advantage too. The hordes in the Cascade region are very small compared to those later in the game. I tackled them as soon as I got the machine gun (about 1/3 of the way through the story or by getting to L3 trust with tuckers camp but I could have done it sooner. The machine gun decimates hordes. Initially it has a clip of about 55 bullets. Once you get to L3 trust with Tucker you can upgrade it to 95 bullets! Hope this helps.
  7. I have a day 1 PS4 Pro and it can get very loud. RDR2 was super loud as I was playing it in Spring & Summer in Australia. My brother has a newer PS4 pro that has a quieter fan and there is a big difference. Days Gone hasn't been too bad as it's now winter and I am also wearing noise cancelling headphones. Hopefully only one more summer before a quieter PS5 (I hope) comes out in 2020.
  8. By "Autosave feature" do you mean destroy 4 vehicles, suicide then re-load?
  9. I'd recommend a Solid State Disk. It very easy and fast to set up. They are a bit more expensive but: - they are quieter as they have no moving parts (PS4 pro fan will drown out any noise anyway so this point is moot). - more reliable and durable than a spinning hard disk and should last longer. - booting up and loading time are much faster. About 10-20% faster in my experience. This might only be a couple of second per loading screen, but if you game a lot, like I do, those seconds add up to a lot of time saved.
  10. @liaddroriits relatively easy to set up. I had to play around with network settings on my PC (had to repair connection) but I got it working without too much hastle. You're already in the most active area for the division last stand. When I was playing North America was dead pretty much any time of day. I managed to get a few games on the weekend but the bulk was played in Europe. Asia is also dead. So you may not need VPN. I found your nightime was most active. When I first started playing the last stand at the end of February I could find games in UK morning time. By the time I finished ( end of March) I only managing to fill up lobbies in UK evening. As for waiting for lobbies to fill up...Unfortunately you will spend a lot of time doing this. Hopefully once in match players stay around so you can get multiple in. Yes there were many waits of 20-30 min. I won about half of my matches I think so there was a lot of time waiting. I was playing my PS3 while waiting in lobbies for last stand. Re boosting, I was part of a group on discord that tried many times but couldn't get 16 people together to boost. For a game this old I think that will be next to impossible to get that many coordinated. Best bet is legit I think. If you team up with people you may hurt your chances as if they have low gear score they may be a burden as some players in last stand have ridiculous gear and will wipe the floor with you. If you have lower gear focus on getting shd tech and activating boosts. I recommend using combined banshee predator build with assault rifle and smg. The house smg seems to best best gun for this mode of you have it. When I started my gear was terrible but I focused on the above build and was able to help a bit in combat eventually. Discord is chatting app specially for gamers. Many of the gaming sessions in PSN link to discord servers that have many gamers on them. Much better to chat than PSN messages and can have more than 8 people for voice. It's doable if lobbies are still full but will take a while. Aim for 2-3 wins a day and you should have it in a month or so. If you have a switch or a good tv show to watch it will make the waiting in lobbies easier. With patience it will be possible. Good luck.
  11. Re, the longevity of the console, the wear and tear caused by leaving it on standby is negligible I believe. I think the planned obsolescence (how long until something is redundant or it breaks) of a console is much longer / non existent compared to a PC. Phones and PC's have planned obsolesce of about 2-4 years. Consoles are designed to last much longer based on my experience as you will spend much more on games over the life of a console than on the console itself. So if worried about wear and tear it will be fine. My PS4 pro was bought on the day it released and it has been on standby most of that time and runs without any noticeable difference. I agree, the trophy should have been gold.Trophies seem like an afterthought to the developers a lot of the time. I think you are right re sales. In this case it would have influenced the sale of the game amongst certain circles. Comparing the number of players on PSN profiles for DOOM and Wolfenstein 2 you can see a big difference. About 3.3 times more people player DOOM than Wolfenstein 2. Both shooters using the same engine (I think), DOOM was released 18 months earlier but the difference in number of players is huge. I suspect the Mein Leben trophy had a lot to do with that. I'd take a trophy like Mein Leben any day over those long super grindy, RNG trophies. I own all the Yakuza's on PS4 but don't want to start as they have these long grindy trophies for platinum. Same with Monster Hunter World.
  12. you can pause and put your PS4 in rest mode and do it over multiple sittings. Many of the videos do it in 2-3 hours which was too risky for me. My final run took 6 hour approx. in three sittings. I highly recommend it just for fun. It's a great game.
  13. Me and my group got it with 6 people on a team on one of the push the payload maps. The whole team was at the door and at the very start of the round the enemy starts shooting into our spawn. Our Baptiste used the ability and it worked. Some trophies have been slightly glitched since last updated. I got requirements for huge Rez and the pharah concussion blast but neither popped.
  14. Take a few days off, play another game or spend some time away from gaming. I found that helped me calm down and reset. I died at the 2nd last area of the game once on Mein Leben and I was so frustrated I kept dying in Acts 1 and 2 for the next few attempts. After a break I was finally able to do it. I also had the game on PC so I would practice problematic areas over and over then do them directly afterwards on the PS4.
  15. Keep at it, the muscle memory will come back in no time.