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  1. By exploits you mean deleting MAP file to reset falgrim? I can confirm that the exploits are still there for hte PS4 version. It still works.
  2. Hi all, How do you download the DLC for this verison (EU) for PS4? I cannot see it on the game page where you typically see DLCs for the PS4 version. However, I can see it on the PS5 version?
  3. Agreed, not necessarily a bad thing. With great difficulty, I forced myself to stop as I wanted the platinum on PS5.
  4. I started it on PC to see what all the fuss was about when it was announced it was coming to PS4/PS5. 15 hours went by without even noticing. Very fun game. Shame there will be no save transfer from PC or Switch.
  5. The ones that I have played, in order: 1) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 2) Bloodbourne 3) Nioh 1 & 2 4) The Surge 1 & 2 5) Mortal Shell
  6. I am disappointed in myself for getting swept up in the hype and marketing for what was at best an average game.
  7. I highly regret playing this game.
  8. I've been re watching videos on the indoctrination theory mass effect 3 ending, and I'm convinced that is the best ending (despite it being fan made and bioware saying it definitely isn't the ending). Bioware could have owned it and said, yes that is exactly what we were planning all along. I feel it's a much better conclusion than the one we were given.
  9. I would be very tempted to do it again. Life has been getting too comfortable and boring recently. I need something that will cause large amounts of stress and anxiety for several weeks again. Also, Star Wars Squadrons platinum just because rarer than Wolfenstein 2 due to it being released on PS Plus.Very disappointing.
  10. I was really hoping for a new Battlefield 2142 set in the far future. In my opinion 2006's Battlefield 2142 still is the best. It had everything the current Battlefield games do but it also had Mechs, hover tanks and large flying bases called Titans. I still remember landing drop pods on the enemies Titan, fighting your way to the core, detonating it then running and parachuting off the side before it exploded. The Titan game mode was the best and Dice haven't topped it since.
  11. The reveal trailer looked like it was for Just Cause 5.
  12. After replaying one of my favourite series in gaming I'm interested to know what the rest of the PSNProfiles community thought of the ending to Mass Effect 3. Were you happy with it or disappointed? There will be spoilers below.
  13. I had to delete my save and do it all again.
  14. no issues here. I have noticed that the side mission when exploring planets do not count. Returning to the Normandy by exiting the map seems to disband the party and it seems not to count despite member being in party for the mission.
  15. From reading how bad the grind was for some players I suspect that drops have been improved slightly in the latest patch. I did all my grinding in the latest patch and was able to get everything in about 4-5 days grinding 3-4 hours per day. Not terrible, not great. I could have just lucked out with the RNGods this time but based on the fact that there were multiple differnet glyphs and logs people had issue with I suspect drop rates may have been improved. I don't know if it helped but I turned off PS5 a few times over those days and unplugged from power to clear the cache. Before people say im gloating, my sins of the mother bugged out so I am currently replaying Acts 1-3 to get that final trophy. This RNG collectible grind was a walk in the park compared to my worst ever, Uncharted 3 treasures (PS3).