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  1. Even with searching for xp shrines should take under 60s with good gear. This is assuming you have rolled the map so you have a decent shrine layout close to DClone's spawn.
  2. A Smiterdin should be able to do DClone in about 50s (PS5). I'm at L97 and just respeced to a Fist of Heaven Paladin. I’m clearing Chaos sanctuary in under 2 min (P/8). I haven't timed anything or taken averages but from last nights session I am under the impression it is slightly faster than doing DClone runs with SoJ duping (P/2). Its a welcome change of pace after doing DClone 7,500 times over the last few months on and off. I'm using Act 2 Merc with Insight for the Meditation Aura but may switch to Act 5 Merc (barbarian) to see if he can make finishing off Diablo even faster. Build is as per the standard build shown in link below. Except I’m missing Magefist and Griffon's eye. Using Chance Guards and Harlequin's Crest instead, respectively. https://d2.maxroll.gg/guides/fist-of-the-heavens-paladin
  3. Thanks for this. I may try switching to FOH paladin for the last two levels. DClone on L97 gives about 61k XP and takes about 50s on PS5. According to your post should be slightly faster. At the very least will be a welcome change from smiting DClone over and over.
  4. Basically all still accurate except as of the most recent ladder patch the fist of heaven smiter paladin is now a viable build. So it may be a bit faster at clearing hoards and farming items needed. The bulk of the time if doing Uber diablo runs after SoJ gets duplicated. Farming for an SoJ is also particularly brutal. As far as I'm aware the dupe still works on PS5.
  5. https://d2.maxroll.gg/guides/fist-of-the-heavens-paladin On this site under > Build Variants > Tri Bryd it claims it combines the best of both the Hammerdin and Smiterdin. I think this build would have been much faster for farming Elites and Hell Andy, Meph and Diablo (saving hell Baal until L98 for hell ancients). The main question is, can it kill Diablo Clone faster than a regular Smiterdin?
  6. Do the trophies that require complete all task & challenges, explore all watchtowers, and own all vehicles include the expansion content? I see some have popped for some people but based on timestamps it looks like a partial auto pop. I am hoping these trophies include all of the new areas and vehicles. I got the plat at release when there were only 3 regions, looking forward to doing it all again, plus more!
  7. @Vextens you madman, going for the D2R platinum stack! Should be much faster now with player 8. I got the glitch working for me as of the latest, ladder, patch. I have done this once. I will try again tonight to double check. ... EDIT: it still works for me Everything you have described looks good. Sometimes it still takes me a few attempts (2-3) to get the glitch working. Once it's working, it's fine. I just repeat from step 1 of your "Duplication" section until I get it working. Details below. My comments: "Preparation" - the goal of this step is to have the character that is to be performing the dupe active (the first character that appears in the main menu when you open the game) and all items you want to dupe in their inventory. "Duplication" - everything you do looks good. Things you can try to see if it gets it working. - Save pentagram in step 2 (pentagram count #1): change the player count to 1. This will force the game to save rather than running around town until you see one. Then save and exit as per step 3 and continue. - Save pentagram in step 4 (pentagram count #3): I have found that when I create the glitch, if im like a sniper waiting for this pentagram to appear and I press to start a new game a millisecond after the pentagram disappears the glitch doesn't seem work consistently. In this step if I wait a full second or so after pentagram disappears, then go step 5 and generally it is ok. - Steps 5 and 6: after I transfer last item when duplicating, I don't touch the joystick or make any input on the controller. When pentagram disappears, press options, R1 to navigate to end, save and exit with joystick. I suspect there may be a timing window with the save pentagrams when creating the glitch.
  8. I did this a while back when the game came out so unsure if things have been nerfed. I also did it before they released the b-wing. If skilled, the interceptors are good for ship to ship combat. If unskilled or have a lot of lag, use support ship and just drop mines and turrets and fly around them. You can drift too while doing this to get drift kills.
  9. You shouldn't be too far off, this timing for S-10 is quite lenient. My advice, even if you mess up the earlier corners or arn't perfect on them, keep going so you can practice the later ones. The video guide embedded in the trophy guide is quite good and detailed for S-10. There's a corner where you don't need to brake, one near the start where you break much earlier. The videos guide explanation of the last few corners is great. That's what put me over the top.
  10. I love the controller, when the haptic feedback is used well it's great ( GT7, Returnal). Initially I wasn't blown away by the graphics as I was playing on a 4k monitor as the PS5 isn't powerful enough to run games at native 4k, 60fps. Once I got a new tv and used the TV's resolution upscaling features the graphics looked way better. The SSD and load times are great. Hopefully once supply chain issues are resolved and there are more PS5s out in the wild we will see games fully utilising the extra power the SSD can bring. Most games are still being designed with PS4 in mind so I think it'll be a few years until we really see the full potential.
  11. They just started ladder season 1. They also readjusted some of the classes making some builds that were previously unviable for hell now quite good. One or two extra runewords. But like you said, small changes, nothing major. Playing the game again just to experience hell difficulty with a fist of heaven paladin may not be worth it.
  12. I can confirm that this dupe method is still working as of the latest patch.
  13. Ah ok, thought so. I'm at just over 60s per run on Player 3 but my Smiter is bascially completely decked out (minus Guilliams Face which never dropped). I spent a lot of time farming Mephisto before my SoJ dropped.
  14. You really start to feel the grind once you hit L94. You need over 1000+ runs per level at that stage. Im at L96.3 at the moment. Once we're at L97 we're only half-way! That's with saving Hell ancients as well. Does Uber Diablo's XP cap out at player 2 or player 3?
  15. They have released 3 upgrades since this was discovered. I'm hanging onto hope it doesn't get patched. In the case they do patch it I have seen on YouTube (via dubrunski) that farming hell Diablo act 4 is faster than baal runs. It still takes about 200-250 hours however to get from L98-L99 this way. The most recent patch also changed level of all of act 5 to L85. So all of act 5 should reward more xp if doing legit.