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  1. So ive decided to get back into trophy hunting after taking a 10 month brake and just played 14 all the time so im back xD

    1. Dark_Tooth69


      Welcome back.

    2. Aela


      10 months... is erm... quite a big break

      Welcome back

  2. The jokes that were put into Victory really made me kinda sick... they were not in good taste in my opinon. The gameplay was alot like mk2 was hopeing for something new atleast but honestly i got over that fast it was just some of the jokes that were placed in there that i didnt like honestly. Thats really it though there was some parts i did enjoy but i couldnt fully enjoy it due to the bad jokes. And also there was no Cave in it that made me sad >.< i liked her as a character lol... wish i had her outfit too...
  3. I am a bit iffy on this one... i liked the first 2 but hated victory very much... but that is just my thoughs. Im still going to get this one becuse honestly i like the trophy images lol... yes i like all the game trophy images... though i hated victory id have to say its so far my favorite platnuim image!
  4. GOT my 100th platinum just now when i beat turn 5 agin this week!!

    1. JG-Ray


      The hannah montana one doesn't count. You need one more.

    2. Beyondthegrave07
  5. Well i finaly was able to beat turn 5 with my static today as we got the healer legs and spear drop and as i turned on my ps3 to switch over to it to leave the instance on the ps3... i found out i had a 40 min update on it and i was like >.< grrr now i have to wait tell next week to get my trophy lol.

  6. My trys at making final fantasy XIV my 100th platnuim is drawing to a close very soon! Been working hard at Twintania and am up to twisters within a few days of attempts! SOOOO close!

  7. Soooo bored on final fantasy 14 so back to trophy hunting lol... >.> though i only need one more trophy from 14... witch could take awhile just to get it

  8. OH god.. shoot me now.. on my last run of chain of memories for the platnuim and its just that anyoing to go through with it >.<.

    1. Omar


      I'm on playthrough number ONE, so I should just shoot myself now and save the upcoming hell lol good luck!

  9. Back to trophy hunting now ad final fantasy 14 trophies and the in game stuff has slown down alot tell raid dais for coil... witch is why im saveing that trophie for last.

  10. Thank you Final Fantasy XIV! You have made it hard for me to get trophies =p.

  11. It would really just depend on the game for me. Some games are fun to play over and over and some are not. As with the 1.5 remix of Kingdom Hearts both games have difficultys that don't stack but that wont stop me from getting the game platniumed.
  12. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction All 46 Trophies September 9th 2013 (Completed in 22 hours, 3 seconds) S RANK 4 5 36 100% -Shudders- that was not a fun thing to play.... just need 5 more plats tell 99 as my plan is to have Final Fantasy XIV my 100th.
  13. Yes! Everything you do on the pc counts on the ps3. As everything I did in 1.0 counted to trophies.
  14. I Would like to join it as im best at PLD and WHM but im on the Balmung server.
  15. As a person who played 1.0 and enjoyed it a lot and even more at patch 1.23 paying the sub fee was nothing. I mean if you enjoyed playing World of Warcraft that's 15$ a month and people play it still. This game is deffantly worth the price of 15$ a month. As I am a Legacy player I still only pay 10$ monthly but if I wasen't id pay for the game at full price regardless its just that good!