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  1. Hi all, I'm playing the handsome collection on PS4 and was able to get this trophy on split screen with a second controller. I've seen people saying that this trophy doesn't pop in split screen (for example, see http://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/borderlands-2-the-handsome-collection/trophy/108494-Friendship-Rules.html), so I figured I'd pass the word along as to how I got it to pop. With my second controller I made another account on my PS4 (note: on the second account you do not need to sign up for ps+). I even made "Notnt1-ez8" as the secondary account lol.. Then have your main and secondary accounts join eacothers friend list. Now playing on split screen co op, let the secondary account person go into fight for your life and use the main account character to revive. The trophy should then pop for you, like it did for me.
  2. I just have one-- have Final Fantasy VII lol I was soooo close to FFX but then realized I had missed a missable Al Bhed Primer... Once I got to that point I just said the hell with the Chocobo racing one... One day I need to go back and just grab those two last trophies I'm missing for the Plat !
  3. I thought I heard HaserPL, but I guess it was A Symphony of Horror Trophies (Until Daw - Latest Platinum)
  4. She's Out of Her Mind by Blink-182
  5. Shin Godzilla
  6. #22 Life is Strange -- "What If" Very fitting name for the Platinum in this one. I enjoyed the game for the most part. It's an episodic point and click adventure game similar to the Telltale games but with its own little twist. At first I didn't think i was going to like this game, but the story ended up drawing me in by episode 2-ish. I thought the dialogue was sometimes terrible, but overall the story isn't bad. The trophies are almost entirely for collectibles in the form of "optional photos" (also loved the photo-theme names for all the trophies). Generally they weren't terribly hard, but collecting got somewhat tedious. Every now and then there would be small puzzle to activate the opportunity to take a photo. I'd recommend the game to anyone who likes these point and click, "you choose the adventure"-kind of games (like the various Telltale games).
  7. Just finished Blue Exorcist and moving onto Seven Deadly Sins
  8. Life is Strange Not hard at all... the trophy list was almost 100% collectibles in the form of "optional photos" that were typically relatively easy to find, provided that you take the time to look around and explore. Some required one or two actions to be taken to trigger the opportunity to take a picture. Also, the list was almost completely made up of bronze trophies (59 bronze and one gold).
  9. Absolutely hate everything Chocobo-related in this game... Catcher and Remiem are such pains...
  10. Maybe not the best game song, but still gives me goosebumps LOL...
  11. Figured out the answer to my own question..If anyone else wanted to know-- you can check this in the gallery.
  12. Hi! Is there a way to in-game track what ranks I have achieved on objectives for the MardÄn fu MardÄn trophy? I played through the story mode without paying attention to ones I missed S rank on