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  1. i NOW replay the game on daymare, and at the end of chapter 3 i have take the ID Tag and the doors trophy, but the other 2 not..... i hope can i unlock that on chapter 4 or 5 .....
  2. Hi, today i finish the game on easy, and taken ALL collectibles , ID TAG , Documents and Audio Log , but no one of this trophies as popped. Someone know how? (only the deer statue has poppen but Only when entered in the extra Menu not when i shoot the last one).
  3. Hi, i hope are not the only but i think the trophies for spend cash are little buggy. I have spent 25K for the gateling Gun before reach 10K and i have unlock the trophy for 25K But not the 10K. I notice this only when i'm die and reload a previous back up.This time i buy SMG, Shotgun and other ammo and the 10K unlock.
  4. I have reported a "glitch" in the 15Th level. i have take the trophy of complete the 15Th level not at the end but at half level, at the check point. Plus the first coin i take (a little distance) i have take the 300th coin collect trophy. I'm sure i've not reached that numer of coin because i take 12-13 coin for level. I don't know if the 2 thing are correlated or not. But its strange. I think other people can do that and maybe help to not farm the coins.
  5. Hi all. i open this topic to advise that i found a New bug in the trophy list of this game. If you try to unlock at the same time the trophies for complete every events with gold metal on twisted difficult and TMA (for not dying in story mode) of you not take in another difficult the trophy "we buy gold" Will go buggy. Fortunatly you can replay any mission and take gold on it and the trophy Will be unlock. I hope this post is usefull for the future. Byee