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  1. As far as the Proven Leader trophy goes I have found that I can gain a bunch of them for reviving, healing, and repairing squad members (repairing MAX squad members seems to be especially lucrative for this). I have earned far less for just being in the same area as squad members so I think the requirements for these ribbons may be broader than the initial description. Also a tip for starting a squad easily is that you can invite yourself to a squad and start a one person squad whenever you want. From there just switch the squad settings to auto recruit and you should have people joining within a few minutes. Anyways hope that helps!
  2. Hey just wanted to start this thread to confirm if a bug I have been experiencing is a problem for anyone else and if anyone has found an easy workaround. There are some times that when I try and start this game with other players, when the second or third player attempts to input their names our preferred control scheme the game does not register any input and we remain stuck at that screen without being able to proceed. I have experienced this on multiple consoles (at my own and a friends house) but it didn't happen all the time and sometimes the first player can cancel out of it and reset the process and everything works fine. Other times even when I close and restart the application the same thing happens. Anyways any help would be appreciated, I see that some people have already 100 percented the game, but this bug is making it especially annoying to grind the Stabtacular and Stabsational trophies. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for posting this! I picked this game up when it was first on sale and haven't had time yet to really feel my toe in, but I have been really curious about what the actual gameplay is like as there isnt an enormous amount of press coverage in it. Great video, thanks again!
  4. Hey guys, so I have been playing this game for awhile now and been working slowly towards getting each of the game's trophies. However even with close to a 100 hours of gameplay I have only managed to net about 7 Squad Leadership ribbons out of the 500 required for this trophy. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in starting an outfit dedicated to gaining these ribbons/ trophies? Most of the other big outfits seem to more inclined towards gaining sheer numbers of unorganized players or towards intense competitive play. I figure if we had an outfit that regularly took turns at who was squad leader or made bigger platoons and just made sure we stuck together as support classes we could get some of these ribbons a bit quicker. Anyways if you are interested send me a message here or on PSN and maybe we can get organized.
  5. I found this guide on a steam forum discussion for this game, not sure if this technique will translate over to the PS4 edition but could be worth a shot. I think I am going to give it a try on my Vita and just try it over a longer period of time, leaving the Vita plugged in to a power source and in standby between attempts when I get frustrated. I will post later on if it ends up being successful. though if anyone can deny or confirm this method that would be helpful too,