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  1. I thought Aven Colony was quite good, Tropico 5 was ok, but never got too in depth with it, but does seem like there would be lots to do if you wanted to.
  2. Was looking through someones profile and most of the platinums earned said were missing timestamps. What does that mean? Probably was mentioned in a forum post on here previously but did not find anything recent about this, thanks.
  3. Have to agree with the OP, worst post game grind ever. What a waste of time, just glad it is over and I can now delete it.
  4. I am in the same boat as you, as I will require level 92 to get all abilities. Have to farm coins anyways so just more practise for this terrible grind of a game. Can not wait to finish it and then delete it and never see it again.
  5. Could always resell them in a few years when their value has increased. I have some PS2 3 and 4 games that if I do not get around to opening and playing, I may sell them.
  6. One of my favorite games of all time is Max Payne because of the story and I still replay it to this day. The graphics are very dated, but so long as the story and control is there, I am and always will be a fan of the game.
  7. Remember years back joining a petition to get Yakuza 5 released in the West, 3 years after it was released in Japan, Sega finally released it in the West, which I think was helped by the continual petitions. Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Blacklist had 2 trophies that were unavailable for a few years, but my understanding is that some determined passionate fans kept going to UbiSoft until they finally fixed the issue so the trophies can be obtained again. My examples suggest years will go by before anything MIGHT be fixed, not sure you want to wait that long though.
  8. I have a big enough backlog that I can shop around, wait for a sale in store or online and buy at the right time. Examples would be RDR2 for $30 and God of War for $20 at Walmart, or watching flash sales for Sniper Elites 3 and 4 for about $15 each. Personally prefer to have the disc in my hands but not a game breaker.
  9. Have not read every post on this topic but some of the early ones have had their wishes granted. Not see if these were on here but would like a Max Payne 1 and 2 and the Syphon Filter series remastered.
  10. This was weird, but someone was looking for help so I responded. He was not downed but free roaming. We did a few control points and maybe a territory control, and eventually he was hurt and had to be revived. I revived with square and maybe 30 seconds later trophy popped. Should the trophy read...respond to call for help...and eventually when the player needs to be revived do it?
  11. Got the Spiderman PS4 Pro with the game, PS4 is awesome, the game not so much, so one purchase was my best and worst of the year. Was not a year I bought a lot of games though.
  12. Resident Evil 5 pro difficulty, do not want AI on my a.. the whole time and not really look for online partner Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City pro with S rating, have few levels done but not interested in bullet sponges and poor hit detection right now Someday I might go back but not too tore up about not getting them now
  13. So many choices but will have to go with; Yakuza great atmosphere and story Max Payne super protagonist Syphon Filter start of my love for shooters and great online friends found Far Cry always an interesting and new location to explore Sniper Elite slo mo cam never gets old
  14. Late to this party but I liked finding the Riddler trophies in the Batman games, and figuring out how to reach them. The Division had collectables only for trophy purposes so they were a pain, except for maybe the drones, which required you to figure out how to get them after you shot them off the parachute. Another Ubi game on the worst list, big surprise.
  15. Just finished Sniper Elite 3 and 4 and really enjoyed them and would like to continue with the sniper type gameplay. Reading reviews for SGW3 many reviews talked/complained about the bugs and glitches in the game, but most of these reviews were when the game first came out. Has the game improved with patches? Is it playable now with few problems? Is it a fun enjoyable sniping game? The Playstation store has it on sale for a good price so would be tempted to buy it if your responses are somewhat positive. Thanks.