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  1. Shadows of the Damned for starters, Binary Domain was underrated, although the multiplayer was a slog to get through, except for Invasion mode, which I had a lot of fun with assuming you can find 3 others to play it with.
  2. Have not read all the posts so this may have been mentioned, but really enjoyed Mars Horizon. Always liked reading about space exploration and this allows you to try your hand at exploring our solar system.
  3. Just curious how Mirrors Edge is possible to platinum. Has been awhile since I played it but I thought you had to upload scores and that feature was no longer available. Awesome game though and maybe I would go back and try it again.
  4. I remember this level on the original for ps2 took me forever and that would have been normal difficulty. This version I played on normal, guess I have something to look forward to...or not on legend.
  5. ?

    Thought I should add this; Spider-Man Web of Shadows was a really good game. I remember Rainbow Vegas games being good in their day, but not sure how they hold up today. Remember FEAR being dated when I played it probably couple years after it was released.
  6. Have not gone through this whole thread but even now, I still go back to; Max Payne 3 Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Splinter Cell: Blacklist
  7. Not quite the worst game I have played this gen but definitely a disappointment. On the plus side I got it with the Spider-Man PS4 Pro so that was worthwhile.
  8. In the final battle are there jobs that are better to use? Still grinding but was planning on Kasuga being Hero, Eri the Matriarch, Saeko the Idol, and white haired guy the Hitman.
  9. ?

    Condemned 2 was awesome, too bad they did not continue on with the franchise.
  10. Enjoyed Aven Colony quite a lot, as it had different scenarios to play through. Tried Skylines and Tropico 5 but never quite reached the same enjoyment level. Been trying Frostpunk but have not gotten into it much but does seem like an interesting premise and will be going back to it sometime.
  11. I remember there used to be an issue where you had to play with someone from USA or you could never join anything. That was maybe a year ot two ago so doubtful EA would have fixed this. Can not remember if the player from USA had to be on your friends list or not to be able to join them.
  12. I checked for the guy behind Sunshine at least 50 times with no luck. When I got to Kamurocho I did some stuff, went back to check again and boom there he was. Went back to Kamorocho and there she was for the last one. Talk about annoying, but not as bad as trying to stay awake for the last movie, just can not do that one.
  13. The way it is going, not sure I will get anymore trophies. I count 8 that have not come up, including the ones listed above as well as others. Last one I got was few days ago, and now nothing.
  14. I would have to think long and hard for worst game I have ever played but worst one I finished was Wolfenstein Youngblood. Campaign was ok, but the grinding to get high level and max out weapons was ridiculous, tedious and boring. Developers should have been ashamed of themselves..
  15. PS! Medal of Honor played this so much trying to get all the medals PS2 Syphon Filter The Omega Strain great times in co-op PS3 Max Payne 3 this story and the ones for 1 and 2 were my favorites of all time PS4 Resident Evil 6 guilty pleasure, just fun trying to do the missions different ways