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  1. I agree both were really good single player games, but multiplayer was their downfall imo. Had a lot of fun in the Binary Domain co-op horde mode though.
  2. Homefront was a dull hand holding piece of garbage, and yet I really liked Homefront the Revolution. For multiplayer it has to be Singularity. Tried to play it legit looking for games but never found any so had to boost, and it was a terrible boost. Binary Domain would probably be up there too but had a great group to play with so that helped immensely.
  3. I really enjoyed this game and never really found any bugs that affected gameplay. Trophy list is not overly difficult, except maybe finding others to play MP.
  4. Played Kane and Lynch 2 a while back. Guy had 4 consoles and 4 copies of the game. Was so helpful to only need 3 people to do the multiplayer. He could not self boost the game but so close.
  5. Just to confirm, I bought Syphon Filter 3 for the PS3 back when, when it was released last week I bought it for the PS4. Should I have had to pay for it? Just wondering as the price was not going to break the bank anyways.
  6. Both Fear Effects, but particularly Retro Helix Max Payne 2 Spiderman 2 Syphon Filter The Omega Strain
  7. All 3 Syphon Filter games from PS! now out, could this mean The Omega Strain might follow? So many memories and hours played on that one. Although how the multiplayer co-op aspect would be handled would be interesting.
  8. Nier Replicant was an incredible game, considering I played the original and just never really got into it. Plus played Nier Automata and never really got into it, but now will be going back to try it again. Replicant drew me in with the stories and characters and I would have to put it in my top 3 of all time.
  9. Tried the CN tutorial many times but it never allowed me to proceed and complete the level. Think there may have been others but like the responder above me, lost interest as some things never got fixed, despite patches coming out. Was not really interested in grinding the 5000 mile trophy either, so eventually deleted the game to free up space. Sorry, 10,000 mile trophy, now I am really glad.
  10. Always heard BO2 was bad for multiplayer hacks, is this one not the same? Never bought 2 but never wanted to do MP on this one for that reason. Thanks for any info.
  11. Only problem I ever had with this game was when I was grinding for the other stuff. Was hardwired and every now and then would disconnect. Went to wifi and never had a problem again, sorry do not recall what settings I used.
  12. Problem I found in the past was you needed at least one player from the USA playing in the match. And if I remember correctly they had to invite you? maybe...has been long time since I played.. But one American was key to having successful matches.
  13. I used a character who could become tiny when flying and made it so much easier. Wasp perhaps?
  14. Been over 2 years since the last comments so am wondering in those 2 years has the game improved? On sale now so would be interested in buying it if it is more enjoyable than when first released.
  15. If this is anything like the original PS2 version, I remember after leaving the first island and going back the mafia would mow you down so fast, even before getting to the rampage icons.
  16. Just finished Sniper Elite 3 and 4 and really enjoyed them and would like to continue with the sniper type gameplay. Reading reviews for SGW3 many reviews talked/complained about the bugs and glitches in the game, but most of these reviews were when the game first came out. Has the game improved with patches? Is it playable now with few problems? Is it a fun enjoyable sniping game? The Playstation store has it on sale for a good price so would be tempted to buy it if your responses are somewhat positive. Thanks.
  17. Shadows of the Damned for starters, Binary Domain was underrated, although the multiplayer was a slog to get through, except for Invasion mode, which I had a lot of fun with assuming you can find 3 others to play it with.
  18. Have not read all the posts so this may have been mentioned, but really enjoyed Mars Horizon. Always liked reading about space exploration and this allows you to try your hand at exploring our solar system.
  19. Just curious how Mirrors Edge is possible to platinum. Has been awhile since I played it but I thought you had to upload scores and that feature was no longer available. Awesome game though and maybe I would go back and try it again.
  20. ?

    Thought I should add this; Spider-Man Web of Shadows was a really good game. I remember Rainbow Vegas games being good in their day, but not sure how they hold up today. Remember FEAR being dated when I played it probably couple years after it was released.
  21. Have not gone through this whole thread but even now, I still go back to; Max Payne 3 Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Splinter Cell: Blacklist
  22. Not quite the worst game I have played this gen but definitely a disappointment. On the plus side I got it with the Spider-Man PS4 Pro so that was worthwhile.
  23. In the final battle are there jobs that are better to use? Still grinding but was planning on Kasuga being Hero, Eri the Matriarch, Saeko the Idol, and white haired guy the Hitman.
  24. ?

    Condemned 2 was awesome, too bad they did not continue on with the franchise.
  25. Enjoyed Aven Colony quite a lot, as it had different scenarios to play through. Tried Skylines and Tropico 5 but never quite reached the same enjoyment level. Been trying Frostpunk but have not gotten into it much but does seem like an interesting premise and will be going back to it sometime.