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  1. Make sure you're jumping off the tallest part of the hole so you can maximize your chances of getting it. If you jump at a really low point, you might not unlock the trophy. But there are plenty other places/points in the game where you can get it as well.
  2. I swear I only see these kinds of complaints on this forum, where these extremely small scale complaints, for some reason, entirely dictate whether you like it or not. I completely 110% disagree, I think this game is phenomenal, as does just about everyone who has ever played it, and it has one of gaming's best stories in ages. This is why I implore everyone to play games on their own regard and not succumb to hype culture, because practically every post made about this game where they complain that is either overrated or disappointing went into it with the utmost highest expectations, or simply played it because they heard a lot about it, despite it not being a game for them. - If you're playing on easy mode where, the game tells you before hand that it practically plays itself, and then you play hard and feel the difficulty increase significantly, and you call it unbalanced? What? I mean, by that logic, you should very well just play on normal. Maybe I'm just good at video games or something, but hard mode was trivial for me and the only legitimate challenge is very hard. - The game is beautiful, I can assure you. I've played it dozens of times on both PS4 and PC, and I'll admit that the PS4 version is lack luster in comparison, but it looks absolutely fabulous on everything else. And besides, I don't think it looks bad at all, it's probably just the colour pallet that makes it seem more "ugly" than it really it, in my opinion. - This game was created for an intriguing and immersive story through and through, not for trophy hunters, so "backtracking" will naturally piss people off. Not saying that you're only in it for trophies, but I am 99% sure that most people who play this game and complain about it on here only do because they care about how quickly and efficiently they're earning trophies over how much they're getting sucked in by the wonderful characters, soundtrack, writing, and environments. And I can totally understand some of your complaints about how each character's arcs played out, but I personally adored the entire game's story the whole time because the game did such a fantastic job at making these characters feel more than simply intentional stock characters in a world much bigger than the surface. In my opinion, this game is extremely damn close to perfect, and the "flaws" most people talk about are more like personal preferences. Especially this right here. There is quite literally PLENTY special about this game, and it is far from overrated. Nier went from a underselling Japanese niche game to one of the best selling single player RPG's in forever, the fact that it won several huge awards for the stellar soundtrack, and you're saying there's nothing special about it? Lmao, like I get it's your opinion and you're absolutely entitled to it, but at least try and think about things objectively.
  3. What is your favourite, and least favourite aspect of being a member of the Guide Team?
  4. I'm in the process of making a trophy guide for this game. Most people who platinumed the game used various Japanese forums/posts of the game, from decoration drop areas to sub quest stuff, but there isn't a definitive side quest list out there yet (to my knowledge). If it means anything, I'm 99% sure that you don't need to complete every side quest, just a specific hand full. If it's possible, I'll create a comprehensive list of every side quest and their details if one doesn't surface by the time I finish the guide. Otherwise, I'll just list the necessary ones.
  5. You're letting your hatred for mainstream music blind you if you genuinely believe that most of these immensely popular artists are talent less. I absolutely hate Taylor Swift and her music, but I cannot discredit her ability to make catchy and relatable music to the common (usually female) listener. An incredibly popular artist like Drake has mainstream appeal because he applies both (usually) great production with, again, incredibly relatable lyrics. That in itself is a talent, whether they do it alone, or has a team help them. With that being said, most of these artists are about as deep as a puddle; not in a sense of exposing underlying themes and all that, but rather the depth of the literal music production. Now take an artist like Kendrick Lamar and compare it to one of the genre's biggest contemporaries, Drake, and Kendrick outclasses Drake in every single way possible, except for perhaps the mainstream radio appeal. Kendrick's music has incredible instruments, story telling, and all around fantastic as a piece of consumption. Drake on the other hand, might lack the depth that someone like Kendrick has, but he still has such a great formula to combine fun/relatable lyrics and great production to create songs that people can mindlessly put on to enjoy. Both of these, while are not in the same lane, both are arguably the best at what they do, and neither should be dismissed because one is "mainstream" and the other not so much. Another example is Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen. Taylor applies the same methods that Drake does in making, to put it simply, great radio music with an extremely broad appeal. Carly Rae Jepsen on the other hand, which is essentially just a more fleshed out and developed Taylor Swift, makes just as fantastic music, but isn't anywhere close to as popular. This is particularly due to Taylor Swift being America's sweetheart among all other things, but Carly Rae Jepsen's music is genuinely fantastic, and just because it is pop and borderline "mainstream", doesn't make it any less credible than another. The bottom line is that, unless a particular kind of music/artist literally hurts people's ears, the words talent less should not be applied simply because you don't like it. Music is considered the universal language for a reason, it's not something that should be entirely dismissed, although can be viewed purely objectively; a mix that is rarely ever done properly. You shouldn't let other people change your opinion and taste on music, nor should you try to change anyone elses. Accept that other people will have other tastes, and not very many artists that most people label as not talented are actually untalented. Limiting yourself to any specific genre, or completely cutting off others is simply closed minded, and people will probably just feel bad for you if you do this to yourself.
  6. In game it says to visit Mt. Ankaa to find Blood of Cerberus. The only Mt. Ankaa key I have is the lesser level 3 one, but I have ran through it at least 25 times now, and haven't found anything. Am I doing something wrong, or is this pure luck? I'm on the quest where you have to create the binding glue. Edit: Ignore this post, I'm an idiot haha. I already had the ingredients for summoning the UFO spirit, I just had to go to the school grounds at 10:00 at night to get the real Mt. Ankaa key.
  7. its game of the year already the trophies are very self-contained it seems, none are particularly missable i imagine, considering the game operates on a very small time loop, with only a couple things acting as literal progression. I doubt any true missables, and the other trophies seem to come naturally if you play the game for the most part.
  8. I can see why people think he doesn't deserve one considering the characters he usually plays are either very similar which can be boring or simply one note, but personally, I think he does a great job and deserves one.
  9. Why would he not deserve an award? He is clearly one of the best voice actors in the industry, countless memorable roles and fantastic game series. I mean, he of all people definitely deserves an award for his hard work.
  10. Decent list of games there, but I certainly think you should try to platinum The Witcher 3, or Nier: Automata first. They're easily two of the best games to come out in the last decade. The Witcher 3's platinum is significantly harder than Nier: Automata though, assuming you don't use the trophy unlocker that is built into the game.
  11. I'm gonna be working on a guide for Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time as soon as it is released in North America on May 15th. Not sure if anyone else is working on one already, but I am pretty sure people already are playing it.
  12. Yeah, it has plenty multiplayer trophies. On the bright side, they're all easily boostable. But I would recommend at least playing the story on one of your accounts, as it is one of gaming's best.
  13. Red Dead Redemption, Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and 4 are a couple good ones. Not sure how many of those are on PSNow though.
  14. Ya, they're worth getting imo. In terms of enjoyment, they're pretty quality additions to the game. In terms of trophies, they're pretty standard aside from Mein Leben, but even Mein Leben for the DLCs is significantly easier than in the base game, obviously.
  15. There's no downside to it. Allowing users to create their own content within a game simply allows creative types to try their hand at whatever tools are provided. Obviously, developers shouldn't neglect their own designs and make sure that their own content in the base game is up to par, but allowing user generated content is just a good idea all around. It's a fantastic practice that more developers should implement into their games.