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  1. welcome friend, enjoy your stay
  2. I think that as long as you pick it up once it should count, but I can't say I'm positive that's true. Then again you could use the "secret" shop for any trophies you don't want to go back for.
  3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best games ever made, so you should definitely play it at some point, but I'd start with Persona 5 because for awhile after finishing the Witcher 3, I felt like almost every game I played just wasn't good enough for my tastes anymore. However, Persona 5 is an (in my opinion) equal game in terms of quality, so you should be okay.
  4. My philosophy for cheating is that if someone actively uses cheats like hacks or blatantly unfair advantages that other players cannot use to "prove" that they're better whether it be in leaderboards (like PSNProfiles) or any competitive/ranked video game, then it's a pretty scumbag move and I see no redeemable qualities about it. Cheating in single player games where any player has an equal ground to use/abuse any glitch/exploit to give themselves an advantage is totally fine.
  5. there is the story mission in lakeview of new orleans with a scripted event you can farm over and over again, and there is also the underground bunker district in manhattan where you can use battle walkers to reach high points that enemies can't, and just keep throwing back the grenades
  6. Kinda sad it's only USA only, but at least it gives me more time to get platinums before they (hopefully) bring it worldwide.
  7. I'm pretty sure that you just can't level up anymore past level 50, but I'm also pretty sure that other things besides those give skill points aswell, such as Tallneck discoveries and scans. I'm not too sure about anything else, but you should be able to find all your skill points needed through other activities too.
  8. It's not impossible at all, it's just very hard. The more I've come to understand the game, it's mechanics, and it's enemies, the more I see how this is very doable. I haven't attempted it yet, but I have played a LOT on "I am death incarnate!", and I know it will just be a lot of practice. I'd say 90% skill and practice, 10% luck. This difficulty is clearly not for the average person, but I don't think it's restricted to the best of the best either. If people stay committed, I think it will come to them.
  9. Hmm, I see. That's interesting. Strange though, Thanks for the info
  10. How? There was only 21 collectible for me, the 19th being the only one I was missing. So do they carry over through saves? Do they transfer over through saves? I wasn't able to get anymore than the amount needed to upgrade each weapon 3 times. I don't understand.
  11. If it says you have 100% of the upgrade kits collected but you are missing upgrades for weapons, you probably just used a save where you didn't pick it up to progress, since upgrade kits don't carry through saves like all other collectibles. The fix is to simply re-visit every location where an upgrade kit would be, to see which one(s) you missed. It's a bit tedious, I went through each location of them before I found the one I was missing (In the Ruins) but I got the trophy just now.
  12. I'm actually in the same position of this but I believe I know why: Weapon upgrade kits don't transfer across saves unlike collectible items, so there is a chance maybe you accidentally cancelled one out while reloading a save? I feel like that's what happened to me. So I imagine that while it's listed I have every single one, there is still one in the actual game that I need to collect and use. So if I really need to, I'll just re-visit every weapon upgrade kit location to see if I was correct.
  13. I'm fairly sure that there is only one missing collectible, which is the concept to the left of you at the very beginning of the game, after you leave the first room. On my playthrough, I got that one, but I definitely missed some collectibles as I played through it, but I managed to get them all even after finishing the game. So besides that first one, I don't think any are missable. Try to look around for as many side missions as you can while you're at your homebase each time you return there during the story by holding down on the D-pad to let you know if there are any near you with a little marker icon above them. I missed two side quests in my playthrough but I managed to finish them after I had beat the game by going up to the people who give them to you and pressing square to talk to them. Watch out for it being a bit buggy though, sometimes they won't have any marker above their head but you should still be able to talk to them/interact with them to get the quest.
  14. Been hearing it's the best AC game in years, so I'd imagine it's pretty great.
  15. This actually happened to me yesterday, but I got it to work after a few tries. I was playing on "I am death incarnate!" difficulty too, I tried reloading the auto save right before that area but it didn't work, I let the enemies enter the room to see if that triggered something, not sure if it did. I got it to fix with reloading the save I made before entering the second code in the computer. I made my way past the two commanders again, made it back to the same area taking my time making sure I didn't cut off any dialogue or anything by progressing too quickly, and I tried to hide from the enemies but they saw me so I had to kill them. I walked to where Anya wanted me to and it worked.