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  1. Sekiro isn't a souls game, if you approach it the same way as the previous games, you'll have a terrible and unnecessarily difficult time. Demon Souls is super dated but great. Dark Souls is clunky but really great. Dark Souls 2 is the black sheep of the series, but still good enough. Bloodborne is a masterpiece, it operates more on aggressive weaving in and out of battle rather than the same formula every Souls game has. Dark Souls 3 is the the most polished and well rounded Souls game. Regardless if you start with Souls/Bloodborne or Sekiro, you'll have to learn to adapt to each one either way, so pick whichever interests you more.
  2. Mortal Kombat is allowed because it is arguably the single most gory and graphic video game out there, hence why it even caused the need for ESRB in the first place. If they couldn't entirely censor or get rid of Mortal Kombat in the 90s, they don't care by now since all the blood, gore, and sexuality is kinda the point of the game. Not to say this is right or Sony/developers aren't being hypocrites, but it would be simply absurd to "censor" a game that was made to abolish censorship.
  3. Oh yeah my idea is by no means perfect, however I do think it would be a great system if implemented properly without excluding anyone. One can hope!
  4. To answer your question, yes, and there's dozens of smaller fixes I'd make in its current state. Things like the leveling system, 100% games opposed to platinums, etc. However, I think it should be overhauled. I've always seen trophies as a bit of a flex, which is why I think having hundreds of platinums and thousands of trophies is far less impressive and noteworthy than one person with a handful of commendable platinums. Nobody really cares if you hit your 500th platinum or how high you are on the leaderboards when 95% of your trophies earned are the most brain-dead, easy stuff on the planet. So what I'm thinking is two things: divide trophies into both trophies and points/score (like on XBOX), and have specific game developers prove themselves to become "verified" and earn enough credibility to actually have a trophy list. Allow these small, insignificant indie games created with the intention of whoring themselves out to trophy hunters to have a scoring system where you can get 500 points, or something. This will appear completely separately from trophies and will serve more as an example of how many games you play, rather than how hard you worked for your trophies. Then, with those verified game companies (take Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, select indie devs, etc), they make incredible games with usually adequate or superb trophy lists that have hours of effort put into creating and balancing them around gameplay. Earning trophies from developers that can prove that they actually give a damn about the trophy community and gamers in general would be much more of a flex than the former. What I'm saying is, make trophies actually feel like you participated in something, and did well enough, to earn a real ass trophy. Let the smaller and more plentiful games accumulate your score/points that are clearly separated from the trophy side of your own accomplishments.
  5. I nominate this for top 5 thread titles on this website
  6. Since I couldn't find any records of it still being around, I'm going to (hopefully soon) be working on both a trophy and gameplay guide for Divinity Original Sin 2.
  7. What are some of your favourite games that recently came out? Looking for suggestions!

    1. LucianaRosethorn


      I love Chocobo Dungeon and can't wait to get my hands on Zanki Zero, The World Is Ended and Death End re;quest. ^_^

    2. Yrva


      I had a few of these in mind actually, thank you!

    3. mako-heart


      I haven't played any of those, but I'm interested in the same ones lmao

  8. I tend to play most of my games on PC nowadays, but I still love and appreciate consoles like the PS4 very much. I understand the awkward feeling of transitioning, though. Games off the top of my head I would personally recommend: - Divinity Original Sin 2 if you want a slower paced, super immersive RPG experience. One of my favourite PC games for sure. - Terraria is a game both on PS4 and PC, but I recommend checking it out on PC if possible, since it's the best "minecraft-esq" game on Steam, in my opinion. - Final Fantasy XIV is another game on PS4 and PC, but it was intended for PC useage. I love this MMO with all my heart, and it definitely helped me get better at micromanagement, reaction time, and juggling lots of combat rotations. All around great experience! - Ori and the Blind Forest is a really nice and cozy, beautiful 2D adventure game. Very pleasant experience with that game.
  9. I'd kill for a Persona 3 remake with Persona 5's level of detail. I really hope it's true!
  10. Hey, I just saw this. But I am still definitely interested! I'm surprised nobody has started yet, honestly.
  11. I'm not 100% sure, but I think you have to make your way back there from the Dilapidated Temple since there are no available idols on the way there.
  12. Basically title. I want to try and tackle the challenge but I'd like to know if it's impossible, or very unlikely that you can actually still even get the plat. Anyone know?
  13. The primary reason it was closed is probably because the topic you created with the suggestion regarding boosting session safety came to a conclusion. The other reason it was closed was probably for the sake of not having people piggyback onto attacking you any further, or turning what was a fairly harmless suggestion into a thread filled with unnecessary drama. You're entirely free to defend yourself if you feel you've been wronged, but the thread wasn't closed to make you feel like you aren't allowed. If you really wanted to clear your name, you could PM the person who instigated it and apologize, etc. I don't think most people are going to remember that thread or any accusations made a couple hours from now.
  14. I do not think it's better than Bloodborne, but the comparison is disingenuous and doing a disservice to both games. Sekiro is barely a Souls game, you have fundamental similarities and that's it. Design philosophy, ideas, goals that FromSoft wanted, they're all vastly different. Sekiro is an absolutely wonderful standalone IP like Bloodborne (even if Bloodborne is far more similar to Souls). I do think Sekiro nails its own theme a lot better simply because of how not vague at all it is. It's very clear that the game is influenced by Japanese folk lore, historical accuracy, and previous FromSoft experience. Bloodborne on the other hand, it in concept is literally a nightmare that is as mysterious as it is captivating, and I don't think you can really take the two and argue one is objectively better than the other. Sekiro is a game about the individual and with its high skill ceiling, it allows a good player to be as good as they want. Bloodborne does the same, but with the repetitive formula of dodge and hit. Both are amazing as neither are poor or boring, because both fit their respective games properly. You're a hunter in Bloodborne, not a Shinobi, and vise versa. The worst thing I keep seeing people do is try to aimlessly compare Sekiro to the other souls games, or Bloodborne. It's just not similar enough to make the comparison, and the difficulty is probably one of the only single solidified shared mechanic that would fit just as perfectly as other games. It's not harder, or too hard, it's just different. It's a fantastic video game, as is Bloodborne, but view it as its own instead of comparing it to another game that achieved just as much as Sekiro might in the distant future.
  15. It's not pointless at all, it incentives the player to just be careful and not be so reckless. Making the effort to keep the unseen aid at 30% instead of 5% makes a world of a difference when it comes to the later areas of the game when you can easily rack up several thousand by just slaughtering enemies. Plus, it also serves as an indicator whether or not you're dying too much, since it decreases the more the disease spreads, potentially hindering NPCs. I've bought every key item/important upgrade through smart play and being careful, no farming at all. It's not a massive game changer by any means, but I don't think it's useless at all!
  16. As any multiplayer, competitive game ages, players rapidly get better. Fortnite is a game that the average person can get a lot better at just by playing, and those who don't play consistently every day are often left behind. I think it was only a matter of time before this was the case, it happens with basically every multiplayer game. Players get exceedingly good, makes it not as fun for more casual players. As for STW, the game is flawed but it has certainly gotten better over time, but it's not worth slaving through the asinine trophy list. It's not even a matter of difficulty, it's just plain boring, and that should be a deal breaker for most people.
  17. Rather than the "coop crutch" discussion there seems to be, I think it'll be a much different game for the sake of narrative. It could totally be harder than the prior games, but I don't think the fact that it's only single player is a direct telling of that. I think it's more like, opposed to the other games, they need to put a lot of emphasis on the accessible lore and get the player invested in the characters, setting, and gameplay, rather than leave everything super cryptic. The new ideas and gameplay mechanics they introduced look really awesome and the game will probably be harder to most people solely for the fact that it's almost an entirely different style of game. FromSoft knows what they're doing, I don't think they'd skim out on the difficulty, in fact they might do some really ambitious stuff when it comes to completion lists. Point is, I'm excited!
  18. That's a shame huh. I remember when you tried to claim you were just THAT good at video games and I was really bad in comparison Hope this is solved
  19. I am so happy to have been a part of the first and third place guide of the year spots. Shout out to everyone I worked with, you're all awesome people, I loved my time working with y'all!
  20. Personal Decorator is pretty much the only trophy stopping me from getting the plat, but I stopped because I heard it was hella bugged and I didn't want to waste time just to find out that I was unable to even get the trophy. I think I was at least halfway done with all the challenges and stuff, so if I were to jump back into it years later and try and finish it, would I run into any issues with it?
  21. Guide of the Year: Stardew Valley - Chock full of important and essential information, while staying easily accessible for the average player, I personally used this guide when playing the game on PC and I wouldn't have it any other way. Reading other guides on other websites, they don't really compare to this one when it comes to Stardew Valley. Excellent on pretty much all grounds, easily one of the best guides to release this year. Exceptional Niche Game Guide: ねこあつめ VR - Perfect guide for a game like this. Unfortunately, both the game and guide will be overlooked because of the language barrier, VR requirement, and just lack of popularity. I think the guide is exactly right for the game, as it has everything you need, with great hand-holding for people who don't understand or know how to navigate the Japanese language. Exceptional Use of Formatting Guide: Shadow of the Colossus Time Trials & Items Guide - Was thoroughly impressed with this guide when it came out, instantly became one of my favourites this year. I really love the general presentation of just all the information, it really perfectly displays what you need to know, when you need to know it, without being either an eye sore or a slog to read through. It is intoxicating in its simplicity. Exceptional Use of Original Content: Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise - (There are two very well done guides for this game, but I'm writing this based off the first one published). I wanted to nominate this for both great use of original content and great formatting, but I should limit it to one at a time. Lots of original content, whether it be videos made by the author or just hand-made bricks of usefulness with their own screenshots, tables, etc. Very solid guide that is both very charming and informative without sacrificing one or the other. Exceptional Walkthrough Guide: Alien: Isolation - Another game I used this guide on PC for. This is definitely one of the most well rounded guides I've seen on the website this year. I don't have much else to say other than just how good it accomplishes exactly what it set out to do. The guide practically holds your hand and guides you through the game with ease, what more could you ask for in this case? Excellent information presented and formatted, all the information you need on even some of the smaller details. I don't necessarily think you need a guide like this to glide through the game, but it sure as hell increases the quality-of-life ten fold.
  22. What the title said. is anyone working on a guide for it, or is there a guide already? Seems kinda odd that I can't find one.
  23. I'll add a link to this thread somewhere under the trophy in case anyone wants to use it. Very impressive, nice work