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  1. I got one yesterday (Elite Guerrilla on Ghost Recon: Breakpoint) after noticing the issue and synced my profile after that (the trophy shows up on another trophy site). I can try again later tonight with another game and report back. Edit: Got a few trophies on Twin Robots and that seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks a bunch.
  2. For some reason my profile is not showing up and cannot be updated. When I try to do it, it says "It Aww, no trophies here 😟 This profile is probably private." I noticed the issue for the first time yesterday. I checked my privacy settings on my Playstation and they should be fine. I used another trophy site and my profile there worked just fine. Don't know what the problem is. I didn't get any notice and I haven't cheated (scout's honor), so this is baffling and could use some help. Only thing comes to mind is that I deleted Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection from my trophy list earlier this week, because it has 0% (only my kids play it), but that shouldn't matter, right?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I guess I'll go through them once more, but I need a few days to cool off. So frustrating to spend 5 hours collecting 99% of the collectables and then 5 more to try to get the remaining 1%.
  4. It looks like I'm shit out of luck and in need of some help. I've managed to collect 99/100 stashes with the help of the guide here. I've checked every location twice and I cannot find the missing one. Does anyone remember any of the stashes that did not beep when you get close to them or has my game glitched? I've also had an issue with the flyers. I've got 14/15. I'm missing Art Dealer Flyer and for some reason it hasn't spawned even after robbing over 80 stores and 100+ houses. Apparently the flyers are completely random, but since I've gotten every other flyer multiple times (I've kept score for the past 5 hours), it looks the game is broken. This is so tiresome. When do shitty game developers stop making people collect 100% of the collectibles? If they insist on doing that, they should at least check, double check and triple fucking check that the collectables aren't glitched.
  5. Any way to get this and On A Roll anymore (besides playing, that is)? "Are u silly" got me Conference Champions and League Champions, but not else.
  6. Still looking for a boosting partner.
  7. Same thing happened with me. It was during a mission against a guy swinging a sledgehammer and I was the only player. I did get the "Armor Breaker Distinction", but not the trophy, so it might be glitchy.
  8. If you want to boost this, add me. UK time +2.
  9. I'd say the difficulty is about 3 or 4/10. There's no missables.
  10. Until Dawn if you ain't a scaredy cat.