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  1. Is the PS3 version of the game even still active? Checked it out from my local library awhile back for the zombies trophies but that was it.
  2. 😁
  3. Not sure about starting from scratch, but hacked trophies will get you banned from the leaderboards here
  4. Just curious as to why this isn't a status update?
  5. Don't they stack if you redeem two at the same time?
  6. The website never works for me, just loads a blank white page no matter where I'm at. I see this posted of gaming pages on Facebook all the time. This really isn't a scam?
  7. Can I start a guide for Sniper Elite 4 DLC Trophy Pack 2: Deathstorm 1 for PS4? I was able to do all the trophies (except the replay challenges) in a single playthrough of the mission, and was going to put up a couple videos to my Youtube channel when I saw there was not a guide here for it. Guide submitted and published
  8. If this video gets 15 likes, I'm buying this horrendous game and streaming it


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    2. starcrunch061


      Don't do it, man. No way am I liking this. Not because it isn't a good video, mind you, but I wouldn't wish this piece of crap on anyone.


      I'm pretty sure you can't beat the game, BTW. I couldn't, at least. Maybe it's worth watching a stream to see if you can.



      Lol my cousin watched this and said that even Satan wouldn't allow this to be used as a torture device in Hell, and that she too would not be liking the video in support of buying it 😝

    4. Masamune


      ...I liked it, guess I've got a bit of a sadist side, huh? 😅


  9. What multiplayer trophies does MW have? I'm looking at both the MWR list and the MW19 list, and am not seeing any DLC or separate lists?
  10. Added to my library of games I'll probably never get to playing
  11. What was your fix? I can’t progress past the balance beam in Case 3 - Henry, after getting the nail bat and Jigsaw Box puzzle Forgot to edit this earlier. Use a PS4 controller, since it doesn't allow the use of SixxAxis. If you get on the balance beam and start moving once Michael's arms are perfectly level, he will remain level. Only caveat is that if you're not perfectly level and start swaying to one side, you won't be able to correct it.
  12. Someone know what the question here is?
  13. Premiering a new video to my channel in about 20ish minutes. I must say I rather enjoyed the dark humor in this, and right now we all need a bit of a laugh


  14. These trophies are easier playing offline with an unpatched version of the game anyway. They added a few different challenge waves that made the mode a lot harder some few months after launch. Made it to Wave 50 with 1 other person no problem first try without error, and then after the patch barely made into the 40's because of the difficulty. If you're having difficulties with the mode, and especially if this game breaking bug is occurring now when it didn't before, then I would uninstall the patches and play on a v1.00 game, solo offline.
  15. Shelter in place goes into effect here at 5pm. Stay safe everyone, be smart, keep clean, and as always, happy gaming 💞

    1. Dr_Mayus


      Stay safe 🙂