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  1. What about the rest of the zombies trophies? Some of the stuff like upgrading skills I can’t do anymore because everything is maxed out
  2. Black Ops on the PSN Store is still $59.99, lol
  3. After a few years in development hell, the Submerged trophy guide has been submitted for review
  4. It seems like a combination of the longer I'm playing in a single session, and the farther in the game I got. I didn't really experience crashes until I was done with the main story. My bank got fuller after that point too, and I'm wondering if it's a GTAV style thing where the more data is in the file and the more things that have transpired in the game and the gaming session, the more likely it is to crash.
  5. This game crashes frequently for me. I'm on a PS4 Slim, and it crashes every hour or two, usually at least once per session.
  6. I can’t believe no one I talking about this. This is easily the most frustrating part of this game, in a whole boat load of frustrating aspects. The map design is terrible, the performing sections are awkward with the disappearing act. Even the first initial boost jump you have to take right after Tannis comes on the Comm exclaiming about the Eridian Temple, my buddy and I died multiple times because we thought we had to land on the revolving rock. I have successfully completed this takedown twice out of just over 20 attempts, and every single time we failed was because of falling off the map. Except for a couple times where the crystals discharging killed us, which also felt bogus because the time it takes to discharge seemed randomly short suddenly. Seriously, we only just got started on the second one after immediately hitting the first and maybe halfway through that second Crystal we died. Been knocked off the crystal platforms a couple times because of the pouncing enemies. The midboss had a bit of a learning curve to figure out its attack patterns combined with how to avoid them on the map, and required a couple restarts. And then the mandatory downs for the final boss is absolutely bogus. Yes there are always enemies to kill at this point, but it makes running this on Mayhem 10 damn near impossible because of the time to kill with the 10000% scaling. I can’t believe no one has talked about how bad this entire takedown has been designed. Please tell me I’m not the only one!!!
  7. I actually got a good batch of Modifiers, allowing me to keep the Mayhem 10 XP/Cash/Eridium/Loot rates at their highest. The ones that I have are Lootsplosion, Healy Avenger (which the hearts are easily destroyed), Chain Gang (which only damages you if youre in between two enemies), and Dazed & Infused (which doesn't hinder too much when all 4 weapons are different elemental infused). Our biggest issue though was the damage dealt with Mayhem 10 weapons to Mayhem 10 enemies. In some areas there are badass enemies that have not only the 10000% health bar, but also the 10000% shield, under a 10000% armor bar. Takes 5 minutes and most of one ammo type to kill one badass enemy with that set up.
  8. My buddy and I definitely agreed that the Mayhem 10 weapons dealt very little damage to Mayhem 10 enemies. Something definitely isn't scaling correctly here.
  9. Anyone wanna run a few Circle of Slaughters in Borderlands 3 with me?

  10. Fun little video I made for a Polish indie record label. Not finished yet, as I still have some Post Production to do, but it was decent enough to upload.


  11. Can confirm. Here's the link to the US PS Store: I seem to be having troubles logging into the PS Store on my laptop. Mobile works fine for me. Just an fyi.
  12. Can this be confirmed by someone? I did not subvert the Oasis Gold Mission and I don't know if I have a save that goes back that far.
  13. Realized the other day that I never finished my Submerge guide. Resuming it again and almost done.
  14. *cough cough* OKAMI *cough*
  15. There's a difference between pushing the hardware to its limits, and straight up obliterating those limits. This really seems like it should've been a sole PS5/Xbox Series X remaster, as it would've given them an extra couple months of debug development time, or more time for anything really. Ultimately this not only hurts the Crysis brand (even if only slightly), but also deflates interest in people paying money for this, or possibly upgrading. It also can deflate interest in the new consoles, as if people who are currently undecided on upgrading may look at this and see just how underpowered the consoles are and need further convincing of the new hardware's capabilities (while I'm sure the opposite reaction can happen too, as in "My PS4 is so underpowered, I NEED to upgrade). Just some possibility thoughts