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  1. Which videos did you watch? From my understanding, the issue is that regardless of your setting, holding or pressing L2 to aim locks it into place without returning to hip fire, extremely slowed movement in and out of aiming, Guns For Hire HUD issue, and lack of response when trying to aim. Is that right? If so, I haven’t experienced anything like that, and neither has my friend whom I’ve been playing co-op with for both Far Cry 5 and this game. The most I’ve encountered is certain building edge lines having larger hitboxes than the line itself. Like I was trying to snipe from the church in Falls End (The Chip Shop outpost), and sometimes it wouldn’t let me shoot despite having a clear visual on the enemy. Moving off to the side a few inches helped remedy that tho.
  2. Have you tried toggling your Settings in the menu for button toggling?
  3. I wrote a trophy guide for this game. Did use a group of 4 to help get the online only mp trophies. Certain ones can be done solo, too. The mp trophies won’t take too long, if I recall correctly, especially if the group collaborated and knows what to do and where to go. I think the servers might be P2P, but I’d hafta look it up to be certain.
  4. Besides any TellTale game and the Life Is Strange games, the only one I know of is Republiqué, which got mixed reviews. A google search doesn’t result anything?
  5. It was the same exact way on PS3. It unlocked eventually, but took way more than 25 times. Just keep at it till it pops. In response to the OP, the only issue I’ve noticed is that the frame rate isn’t steady at 30FPS. Here and there, it can chug a bit, dropping to maybe 20FPS, maybe slightly less. I’m playing on a PS4 Slim. Only thing different between a Fat/Slim model and a Pro is that the Pro plays the game at 1440p, while the other two play at 1080p. Both are locked at 30FPS, and while the resolution is higher, there hasn’t been hardly anything else has been done to the game. Shading is still pretty bad, as is some of the foliage. Mountainside textures are quite blurry too.
  6. Does anyone with the game know if having (or not having) a save file on the system affect anything in New Dawn? I know this is a standalone sequel/spin-off, but being the first time the Far Cry has had this, I didn't know if something like what TellTale did with The Walking Dead was implemented here. I just 100% Far Cry 5 and am eager to get it off my system, but didn't know if deleting it also deletes the save file from the system storage. Wanted to ask this before I acted upon my eagerness.
  7. Trophy is probably bugged. It popped about an hour or so after I completed 2 hours for both characters. Started as Gat and played for about 2hrs 15mins, swapped to Kinzie for another 2 hours. Challenge popped but no trophy. Saints Row games are notoriously buggy, so it didn’t worry me. Sure enough, popped an hour later. I must say that surprisingly the PS3 version runs so much better than the PS4 version. I’d experience crashes or freezes all the time on the PS4. But on the PS3, the only issue I’ve had was this one trophy popping late.
  8. Must've been a lucky glitch for you then, cuz both my friend and I tried it and it didn't work until we actually had just plain fists.
  9. The desktop computer I tested to get 120Mbps is a couple feet further from the router than my PS4s. I have an iMac late 2013 21.5" desktop, and tested at speedtest.net. 3 tests on the site warranted a Download of 119.1-120.8Mbps and Upload of 11.9-12.4Mbps. No other devices were powered on and actively using wifi at the time of every test across PS4s and computer. Network is password protected with a 16 character password of the whole gambit of characters allowed, WPAS-2 64-bit I believe. Don't see any unauthorized devices in the connection history.
  10. So prefacing this with the knowledge that the PS4 internal network antenna is kinda trash and incredibly outdated even before launch, with no support for 5Ghz wifi. My internet connection speeds for download is about 120Mbps, and upload is 12.2Mbps, with Ping to the nearest test server of 11ms. I have 2 PS4s, one from launch and the WW2 Slim. The launch model gets 40-48Mbps Download and 7-12Mbps Upload. I chalk this up to the crappy antenna, but then my WW2 system only gets 24-30Mbps Download, and at most 100Kbps upload, with some rarities around 500Kbps. The two systems are right next to each other, and never running at the same time. I did 2 connection tests between both systems, one on first system, one on second, again on first, again on second. Unfortunately I don't have the ability to use an ethernet cable, cuz my router is about 50-60ft away down the hall. Signal strength after all 4 tests was 100%, and never drops below 98%. Anyone guess or know why theres such a difference between the two systems' connection speeds, and why the much older one is getting way better results?
  11. Now that the Variant XP bug has been fixed for Heroic Variants (not sure if the Division Ability glitch still negates the bonus XP though), I still have a question on Variants in Zombies. Can't seem to find an answer anywhere online, so I'm posting here. Does anyone know if the 10% Epic Variant XP, and/or the 15% Heroic Variant XP that is in multiplayer is also granted in Zombies? I know some variants have their own Zombies perks like Headhunter and Center Mass, but I'm just inquiring about the XP bonuses
  12. So the promo for getting Stick of Truth Remastered with a copy of The Fractured But Whole ends on 1/31, since the remaster comes out as a standalone release on the 13th for $19.99. Right now the game is $38.46 new on Amazon, and everywhere else it's $59.99. I have a PS3 copy of The Stick of Truth, but haven't played it. My friends all say its a great game, but none of them have played the new one. So I'm asking you all here what your opinion on this deal is, and if it's worth $39 for both games (minus whatever I sell my PS3 copy for). Thanks in advance. Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZJBSCJQ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&th=1 Original Posting: https://southpark.ubisoft.com/game/en-US/buy/index.aspx?ncid=244-4918---1-odsocmed-16-22-SP_SOT_FinalOffer-FB-17-2--0118-6-3---SPTSOT_C2W_Post__SP_SOT_FinalOffer_ID53631#sot
  13. I'll be waiting for a sale. It definitely should've had separate lists, as it for sure would've helped sales.
  14. So glad I didn't purchase this as a PSOne Classic
  15. I think OP was referring to number of points, not trophy count