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  1. Fun little video I made for a Polish indie record label. Not finished yet, as I still have some Post Production to do, but it was decent enough to upload.


  2. Can confirm. Here's the link to the US PS Store: I seem to be having troubles logging into the PS Store on my laptop. Mobile works fine for me. Just an fyi.
  3. Can this be confirmed by someone? I did not subvert the Oasis Gold Mission and I don't know if I have a save that goes back that far.
  4. Realized the other day that I never finished my Submerge guide. Resuming it again and almost done.
  5. *cough cough* OKAMI *cough*
  6. There's a difference between pushing the hardware to its limits, and straight up obliterating those limits. This really seems like it should've been a sole PS5/Xbox Series X remaster, as it would've given them an extra couple months of debug development time, or more time for anything really. Ultimately this not only hurts the Crysis brand (even if only slightly), but also deflates interest in people paying money for this, or possibly upgrading. It also can deflate interest in the new consoles, as if people who are currently undecided on upgrading may look at this and see just how underpowered the consoles are and need further convincing of the new hardware's capabilities (while I'm sure the opposite reaction can happen too, as in "My PS4 is so underpowered, I NEED to upgrade). Just some possibility thoughts
  7. What type of shooter is this? Based on imagery and style, as well as the categorization, looks like Mass Effect-style sci-fi mixed with linear FPS-style gameplay? Fun game? Worth getting?
  8. Man, trying to play Far Cry 2 in more than 20 minute chunks is awful. This is a really tough game to get into.

    1. DamagingRob


      Yeah, it's pretty terrible. Still need to finish the single player for the Plat someday, myself. :/

    2. Charizarzar


      Took me a while but I did get more into the single player towards the end. I remember really disliking the map mechanic of never being able to pause and look at the map, but it eventually became second nature. What really sucks is the respawning enemies, annoying af.



      I'm stuck on this one Outpost Checkpoint thing in the road. I scope it out with the monocle and can never find a green ring instead of the red one, after approaching from 5 different angles. I try going in guns blazing and clearing it out, I try to be stealthy but the AI is so aggressive and aware that they know somethings up almost before I even enter the area. I read that sometimes the cache or whatever can blow up or be destroyed in a firefight, so I try to be extra careful with my shots, or even just go in with the machete. Still nothing.

  9. This is what I want to know. I own 9/18 of these games, and they're the only ones that interested me. Separate trophy lists would be grand, especially because I have a few of those games plat'd already.
  10. Anytime I have a video I make or something that I want to share here, I do it as a Status Update. Maybe promote that feature more and see if there is a decrease in thread creations?
  11. Hoping someone has a seed to drop into to trigger a Pillager Raid and then be able to trade for the Best Possible Price. Map Room is a bonus if you could help me out, but not necessary as I've already started making some progress towards it. PSN is BIOHAZARD-R-US, send me a message or friend request about Minecraft. Thanks in advance
  12. Wait so this copy-paste tile that's the same for every trophy is the NEW trophy list image? That's really lame. I looked up the orange image from beforehand, and yeah sure this new one looks a lot better with more detail and a lively feel, but why still copy-paste the tile for every image?
  13. Is there a submission in place for a PSNP Updated Trophy List? I'd like to see these new tiles
  14. This implementation would affect me, and I must say it would be nice to have timestamps on those trophies, but it makes my head spin before even beginning to think how this could be implemented. I got my inFamous 2 PS3 bundle in November of 2011, but did not connect my PS3 to the internet until January of 2012. This time span affected quite a few of my games, and again, while it would be nice to see those timestamps there rather than "Platinum with missing timestamps", the logistics behind this change is to gargantuan, especially compared to how many players it affects and even more so with the urgency of other PSN issues still unresolved/under-performing, or just other requests in general.
  15. I'm still having this issue with the Mojang screen, but I'm also experiencing every once in awhile getting to the main menu with The Nether in the background circling, but the menu options never appear. Only fix seems to be deleting and reinstalling the game. I tried 5 times to launch the application last night, and all 5 times it hung on the Mojang screen. Restarted my PS4 three times, even tried launching it out from Rest Mode while it was on that screen. Once I reinstalled the game, I still got stuck on the Mojang screen, before making it past it only to get stuck in the circling Nether loop. Finally the menu appeared after the third try then. Has there been any further word besides that patch from July?