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  1. Is the Birbman a typo or on purpose? I know there's Birdhouse Skateboards, founded by Tony Hawk himself, and the trophy is for doing the 900. Not sure if Tony has the nickname Birdman, but Birdman for this trophy would seem the more suitable name?
  2. This is what I would do if I cared just a bit more about this. I care, but not enough to go out of my way for it. I feel like cropping the trophy pop in the corner and pasting it onto your own preferred image would be a lot faster and have better results than the switcheroo method.
  3. Never played a Crysis game before, but I've seen graphical videos and comparisons to other games that came out years later, and I must say from a technical standpoint it has me quite intrigued. Maybe an end of year purchase for me, if reviews of this are good. What games does this really compare to though in terms of gameplay and story?
  4. But I feel like the PS3 pop was still a faster time than this.
  5. Only thing I can think of as to why they submitted so little trophies is that they do need to deliver the trophy list to Sony for approval, and I'm sure there's some financials involved in that process. Once the trophy list is approved, a patch needs to be put in to not only update the game to accept the DLC, but to add the trophies to the list. Maybe with a smaller DLC trophy list (and theoretically smaller patch size), they're not paying Sony as much for that part of the DLC launch operation?
  6. You couldn't be more wrong, lol. Rise of the Tomb Raider had 125 total trophies, 66 in the base game, and 59 across 5 DLC packs. Every Call of Duty since Black Ops II has had usually 4 DLC packs with around 10 trophies per pack, with Black Ops III and Black Ops IIII having 5 DLC packs. I do remember hearing something about a trophy count cap, but what gets more commonly talked about is base game trophy points. For a game to have a platinum, I believe it needs to be between 1140 and 1260 points. For a game to not have a platinum (usually smaller digital games), it's something like 285 and 315. The second part I'm not as sure of as the platinum part.
  7. Maybe depends on what type of kill you get, or what game mode? I would say hop into a different game mode and use some different weapons than you were using beforehand.
  8. inFamous: Second Son has a beautiful rendition of Seattle. I swear it looks like a late-gen PS4 game, despite coming out in 2014. You get Neon powers in the game and about half of it is set at night.
  9. Premiering in a little under 3 hours! Had quite a lot of fun putting this one together, mainly because of Super Troopers


  10. The problem with that would be testing. During play testing, trophies (should be) tested to make sure that the coding was done properly and that the trophy pops upon meeting the correct requirements. Once that is done, they would need to add new code to disable trophies, which would then require further play testing not only to check all the trophies to make sure none pop, but the rest of the game as well. How many times have you seen a developer push an update to fix certain problems, only to break the game even more? Once that new code is fully tested and the game still functions, then a patch has to be created to re-enable trophies, which would also (theoretically) need complete testing. This trophy patch then would get lumped into the ever-growing size of Day 1 patches. If you couldn't tell, that would be a very expensive process in terms of labor hours, crunch madness (presumably, just based on general time frame), and more back-and-forth with Sony, also costing them money too. And say one of these things actually does break the game, now the game might be delayed to fix the issue, which then it will need some form of re-submission after even further play testing. The hardcore trophy community is not as large as the casual gaming community, or even the community that enjoys getting trophies, but by no means actively seeks them out. To put in that type of time, effort, finances and other resources into something that prevents a few days worth of early trophy popping, it's not worth it under any context.
  11. I have yet to play this game, but my 2 cents on video game film grain in general is that I haven't seen really any examples that I can recall a game having too much film grain. I find it quite an uncommon filter actually. I thoroughly enjoy film grain, and the biggest example of that is Resident Evil 5. Between the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game, I have played through the campaign at least 200 times, and playing it without the Grain filter activated actually hurts my head. Whether or not that's because I'm so used to it and anything else is jarring, I'm not sure. But even when an older movie with film grain gets rereleased and gets an IMAX Mega Ultra 69K Super Deluxe Technicolor XtraColor remaster, and they clean up the grain, it's bothersome for me.
  12. Anyone have advice for a new parent of an 8 month old daughter on how to get game time in while working a more-than full time job?

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      Playing one game was what i was doing between April and May, doing the remaster of Borderlands and then going through trophies for Sniper Elite 4. Haven't played in over a month though. Hell I've barely been home, lol. I don't have a Vita, but I do have a 3DS that I've also been interested in picking up again. That platform comes in spurts of interest. I'll be playing it often for a couple months, and then just one day I'll have no interest and it will sit abandoned for half a year. 


      My daughter Aurora is always my priority, and when her stomach isn't trying to gobble up all the food and formula in sight (she's got my bottomless stomach), she's great and entertaining herself with her toys and Disney+, and we can sometimes get things done when she's awake.

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Man that backlog is gonna get huge! best of luck.



      I have something like 340 games in my PS4 library alone, not counting physical copies, but only 75-80 actually on my profile. PS3 games I have probably double that between disc and digital, with only 185 games on my profile. Overall my backlog is already at somewhere pushing 700-800 games, lol.

  13. This is exactly what I did. I waited till either 8 or 9, but I believe I got this with a random spawning Bomber, got the Jack In the Box, and as soon as I had pretty much the entire round's worth of zombies, I threw Jack onto the bomb, popped the insta-kill and then shot the bomb.
  14. Easiest, yes. But frustratingly boring. Only reason I didn't mind it as much was because I played the Armory DLC first and the endless driving was skullbashingly tedious.
  15. What's with the "NB: very difficult to acquire" part of the Top 1% trophy?
  16. You mean ten hours of tediousness and frustration, not to mention BRAAAAAAAAAINS
  17. We all know that Blood Dragon takes place in the country of Val Verde 😝 As for Far Cry 6, I won't be getting the game unless it's stupidly discounted. Far Cry 5 was a chore to get through, and the DLCs were some of the worst DLC I've ever experienced. New Dawn was interesting in the story and concept, but gameplay was so minimal and repetitive it destroyed the experience. Primal was amazing in its setting, but weapon selection was pretty weak (not really much they could've done with it, so I actually expected it to be), and the story was kinda meh. Not bad by any means, but entirely forgettable.
  18. Is the PS3 version of the game even still active? Checked it out from my local library awhile back for the zombies trophies but that was it.
  19. 😁
  20. Not sure about starting from scratch, but hacked trophies will get you banned from the leaderboards here
  21. Just curious as to why this isn't a status update?
  22. Don't they stack if you redeem two at the same time?
  23. The website never works for me, just loads a blank white page no matter where I'm at. I see this posted of gaming pages on Facebook all the time. This really isn't a scam?
  24. Technomancer is on sale 50% off, for $29.99 until November 8th. This is probably for US only, not sure how to check.!/en-us/games/the-technomancer/cid=UP4133-CUSA03803_00-THETECHNOMANCER0