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  1. What is the deal with this extreme Manhunt trophy? I joined a group where the world difficulty was Challenging, we completed the Keener-mission on Story, but my trophy did not pop up. Other people say they got it that way. So what was wrong with my approach? That is annoying
  2. Sent a request as well an will leave as soon as I get the trophy. Thank you in advance
  3. Finished my Hard 2 playtrhough on NG+ and that went kinda fast, because of being super overpowered. Now I can't wait for NG++ mode and Hard 3/Survival 3 difficulty
  4. This challenge was a blast. I just wanted to get the gold patch, but ended up having too much fun, running around and killing freaker. Had a score of over 1,1million and global rank is 8. This will very soon change, but damn. That was really fun
  5. The mayority is fixed, but for me I had problems with the Equipment Enthusiast trophy. I recommend getting the tenth Armor set during solo play, because as someone already said. It does not correctly count your armor pieces, when you are in coop or not the host? The cause is not really known, but I had every armor except for one last and I luckily got the Armor trophy with the last set playing in solo mode. So be careful with that trophy
  6. Like mentioned before somewhere, you can get the trophy "Dolla Dolla Bills, Y'all" now ith the seventh Challenge, I can't believe, that someone in the leaderboards got this trophy one second before me
  7. That actually helped. Thank you
  8. I mostly enjoyed the horde challenges. The first one was the best and I hope there will be another endless horde, because this is where the game truly shines in my opinion
  9. Sadly it is the same for me and I even tried the method from above, but it is not working for me and that is kind of annyoing. But I guess I just keep playing and praying, while going for a survival and hard run
  10. Had the same thing happen to me, but you can still buy and use them. I wrote that in this thread: I put the characters in an spoiler, if you want to find out for yourself, who these characters are.
  11. Now I really think that the maximum Rank is only Rank 6 (total of 90000 points), because that is the highest rank you need do to buy things and upgrade stuff. The description of the trophies just might be a little bit wrong. And a funny fact regarding Rank 5 is, that there are 4 characters you can buy when you reach that rank and all these are black right now. But you can still buy and use them. Put them in a spoiler if you want to find out for yourself.
  12. I think you should try to get as much sub challenges as you can. As far as I have seen, headshots gave the most points.
  13. Just tried my third attempt and I got gold in everything except for the headshots. Seems like there are a total of 100 enemies. So it is easier to try sub challenges in differend attempts.
  14. Finally made it. All these other sub challenges beside the combo one are not that useful, because maintaining a high combo is the key to success
  15. But how do people get like 500k+ points? There is even one who has over one million an someone close to a million. Would be great if these people could share their wisdom with us. It is not that i want to achieve these scores. All I want is that 120k for the gold medal and my highscore is 78k