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  1. Sorry, I don't remember where to find collectibles, but you could just backtrack every level and see if you missed some ways to go. You have to find all secrets anyways, so you should run through every level thoroughly
  2. Everything possible on the right skilltab: the first 2 abilities to level 5 and then the two catalyst abilities to maximum. All this requires a total of 4050 skill points. And that for every skill you get (7 in total, so 28350 points)
  3. I would say, it depends on how often you die, but it is really not that difficult. My total playtime was around 20hours, so I guess between 15 to 25 hours is needed for the plat.
  4. You don't need to max out both sides. Only the one that you have unlocked. But this will still be a lot of grinding
  5. You don't get any other catalysts on ng+, only skill upgrades which increases the recharge speed and other minor things. They started appearing for me a little later in my second playthorugh
  6. I did run the cemetery in my third playthrough over and over again which got me 500 to 800 points every 7 to 10 minutes or so. But I guess there are better places to farm
  7. You are right. but technically you can refund all skill points of the left tree to use them in the right skill tree. The right one requires a total of 28350 skill points. Have fun grinding!
  8. You can fight him again in new game+, but the backup thingy is the fastest way
  9. I had the same question before. But don't worry. In new game+ you get an upgrade for every skill once again in the dungeons. After collecting the last of them you get the trophy. And for the second trophy I think you need to max every skill in you skill tree and for that you need quite a bit of skill points
  10. At the end of the game you have to choose between two options. Each of them leading to to another ending
  11. What is the deal with this extreme Manhunt trophy? I joined a group where the world difficulty was Challenging, we completed the Keener-mission on Story, but my trophy did not pop up. Other people say they got it that way. So what was wrong with my approach? That is annoying
  12. Sent a request as well an will leave as soon as I get the trophy. Thank you in advance
  13. Finished my Hard 2 playtrhough on NG+ and that went kinda fast, because of being super overpowered. Now I can't wait for NG++ mode and Hard 3/Survival 3 difficulty
  14. This challenge was a blast. I just wanted to get the gold patch, but ended up having too much fun, running around and killing freaker. Had a score of over 1,1million and global rank is 8. This will very soon change, but damn. That was really fun
  15. The mayority is fixed, but for me I had problems with the Equipment Enthusiast trophy. I recommend getting the tenth Armor set during solo play, because as someone already said. It does not correctly count your armor pieces, when you are in coop or not the host? The cause is not really known, but I had every armor except for one last and I luckily got the Armor trophy with the last set playing in solo mode. So be careful with that trophy